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My Ongoing Spain PTR

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Take your time.


I didn't post my UK Tour TR until a near month after it was over, heh heh. Then again, I was using f-i-l-m and a camera rarely seen 'round these parts....


Great TR you're posting, btw.


See ya Mon-dai!


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Hey Kyle,


Sorry you have to be at work today. I'm having a recovery day. Got home around 11 PM last night, so I'm glad I took today off. I've spent the day going through Personal email (316 of them 90% spam), and work e-mails (only 165). Now I'm reading through the Spain updates.


We, the rest of the Pink Panthers, really missed you guys on the Mini Europe trip. You would have really enjoyed it. Although there were far fewer half nekked mens, "I Love Spain" continued as we were really featuring the beauty of the Germans.


This is a great update. I keep looking at the pic, and thinking "oh yeah, I was there". Keep up the good work.



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^I think you need to post something like that in all the non-Robb Spain trip posts!


It might be better to say, "Whaaa, whaaa, it's been 5 minutes since the last update. Hurry up! I want another update! Whaa, whaa!"

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When is the rest of the update coming?


--Robb "I just wanted to bother someone else about posting an update!" Alvey


Shh! You wanna get banned? Oh, wait . . .

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The drive to Salou, and a whirlwind tour of Port Aventura


On to day 3. A late morning, and thank god, because Lou and I stayed up until almost 5am talking in our room. They had kicked us out of the bar shortly after 1am, well they didn't kick us out, but made it very clear we were to go. I've never seen someone get so surly without actually saying anything. The barmaid was slamming glasses down left and right. LOL.


Today was a "drive day" followed by an evening at a park. It was actually nice to have a longish drive, and sit down for a while. More TV shows and TPR clips on the bus, as well as a game of trivia that I lost (stupid SLC question that I got wrong).


We made a brief pit stop at a truck stop, and all the smokers went straight to the cigarette counter. It had been so tough to find cigarettes anywhere, so the smokers all loaded up and just bought cartons, that way it wouldn't be an issue anymore.


Lou sporting her honorary win for the TPR trivia, a child sized red hat.


For all of you that don't know what Spain looks like, here's a sample....


And another, this time with cute hillside village


Ron prepares for Port Aventura upon finding out that they didn't offer child priced admissions based on height alone


Another smooth check-in, and we were opening up the door to our LUXURIOUS room at Hotel El Paso at Port Aventura. It was a really nice hotel, all around.


Lou claiming the top bunk


I claimed the king


I really liked the "table" look to the sink


Making the hike towards the park


My first impression of this park was quite positive. They do a fantastic job of theming along the midways to fully immerse you in the experience. We passed by a closed Baco, and headed into Polynesia, for our first PA Coaster.......Tami Tami. It was a pretty decent little roller skater (I think that's the make)


Dave's head absorbed all my flash


Woot for credit whoring


Ok, what's next, how bout the next thing we see with Express Pass......Sea Odyssey. Ok, this is probably the most elaborately themed simulator I've ever seen. Beautiful entrance, crazy props in line. And the kicker that made this a great ride, the safety video before getting on. It was hilarious. Never mind the fact that sim itself was mediocre..... Basically you're following a dolphin with a translator around shipwrecks and stuff while avoiding a monster.


Chadlyr is excited to see the entrance to the ride (even though we have no clue what it actually is yet)


The queue area


We had a quick lunch (mmm....pineapple topped burgers), and then continued on up the hill. It was really neat that as you came around a corner at the edge of polynesia, the giant palms and ferns suddenly became a bamboo forest.


Welcome to China


And the best part about China.....KAHN


I think we're almost there.....


HELL YEAH....this is the coaster I've wanted to ride for years (especially after getting my first Kumba ride and seeing how good it was)






So what can I say? I loved this coaster. It was better than Kumba, which was holding on to my #5 steel spot when we started this trip. Great straight drop, great "bitch slap" zero-g, bonus loop, and flawless turns in the interlocking corkscrews. This thing has tremendous speed and doesn't let up from start to finish. Only negative that not all the trains were tracking as well as others. The green train was especially bad that first day.


Probably my favorite scenery picture I took on the trip


On to Diablo.....or WTF was that?


We seem so excited in the queue


It was probably the most pointless coaster ever. I mean they braked you on a downhill section so you could make the turn into a lift hill? HUH?


Next up......the ride I had been dreading. As some of you may have read, I am a drop tower wuss. They terrify me, a lot. And this one was gigantic, an Intamin (which always get my stomach more), and also had tilting, floorless, stand-up seats. Hurakan Condor...yikes.


I got in line, and convinced myself it would be ok, and I'd just get a sit-down side. Plus Dave, another professed drop-ride wuss, was giving it a go too. I was shaking by the time we got up there, and then I discovered that you don't get to pick which side you get, they assign it to you. And we were going on the floorless, stand-up side.


It's insanely tall, if you zoom, you might be able to see the people at the top.


Well, we boarded, and began to lift, which was the worst part of the ride because the ball crunch is quite noticeable. We got to the top, tilted forward, and then waited.....

And then dropped, and dropped, and kept falling for what seemed like forever before the brakes kicked in and we re-entered the pyramid. I screamed like a banshee, and I was shaking like a mad-man when I got off, but I loved it.


Ok, on to the Old West, and the water rides that inhabit it.


Wait, is that Baco running?


Yep, it's going


So we got a ride next on this beast, and I do mean beast. I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. It hurt too bad. I rode in an interior seat in row 4 the first ride, and was wishing from the first turn that I hadn't gotten on. The launch is great, the pop of air over the hill, and into the first turn was amazing. The rest of the ride, was hard to remember because of the pain I was in from the shaking of the train. I do remember the zero-g feeling really drawn out despite the speed we were moving. Upon my first ride, I had no desire to ride it again (and we had ERT planned on the thing).


Ok, now to the water rides....


The flume ride and raft ride are both quite good at this park. The flume was very long, and provided quite a big splash. The raft ride was simply fast. Very fast. Decent amount of wetness too.


Well, it was starting to get dark, so we headed back up to Dragon Kahn for a few more rides, and then hit the teacups on the way out. I passed because I knew what kind of sickening spinning they were going to attempt. It was hard to even get it on film. The two teacups of TPR folk were spinning at twice the rate of everyone else on the ride.



We also managed to catch the fireworks show this first night. It was pretty well done. Lots of projections onto water fountains (a la Fantasmic), a boat Parade(a la Fantasmic), and fireworks (way more than Fantasmic). The only complaint is that the pacing of it was really slow. But it was still fun to watch.


We headed back to the hotel, and went straight to the bar. Just in time for last call. Robb was updating the site from out there, and we stayed to see what fools we looked like


On to bed around 2am, and ready for another day at the parks the next morning.


Next: Day 3: Port Aventura and Caribe Aquatic Park

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Looks like a fantasic day you had there.


And Khan - . One of these years... maybe.


~ ~ ~


And the Teacups (Spain) or Waltzer (UK tour)?


Which is worse, Louise?



And thanks for posting a great ongoing report here.


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This has been a great report so far. That sucks that your assigned seats on the drop tower. I still don't understand floorless stand up seats. How can it be called a stand up if there's nothing to stand on? Pointless, and ballcrushingly painful.


I look forward to more.




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