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Game: When was the last time you...

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If it counts, I did so in a dream. I was in front of the entire school and was supposed to sing a song. But I started off with a joke---at which no one laughed---then broke into the song.


When was the last time you charged your cell phone?

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I think it was within the last 24 hours, it was some random comedian that I don't know who that person is. Although that was only for a few minutes. The last time I saw a full show on Comedy Central was a few months ago - Jeff Dunham - Arguing With Myself - freaking hilarious. (I don't watch Comedy Central a lot, I'm satisfied with Discovery Channel, Military Channel, Food Network, History Channel, occasional WGN, some Nickelodeon, etc.)


When was the last time you ate a donnut? (Please tell what type of Donut it is, too.)

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Remember that rainstorm that flooded Hershey Park? I had to run through that to get from the farthest building on the edge of campus back home (normally I walk it, but my text books were getting soaked, even in my back pack).


When was the last time you rode your least favorite roller coaster?

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