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What rides have you ridden in their debut season?

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SFNE is my home park....


Batman TR @ SFGAdv


Skull Mountain @ SFGadv


Mind Eraser @ SFNE


Batman and Robin Chiller @ SFGadv


Medusa @ SFGadv


Superman @ SFNE

Flashback @ SFNE

Poison Ivy (Catwoman) @SFNE




Batman TDK @ SFNE

Wicked Twister


Scream @ SFMM

Superman Ultimate Flight @ SFGadv

Top Thrill Dragster


Storm Runner



Kingda Ka

Pandemonium @ SFNE



El Toro

Expedition Everest

Goliath @ SF LaRonde

Kentucky Rumbler


Speed Monster

Speed No Limits






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Opening year not at my home park, eh? Let's see.




Apollo's Chariot



Darien Lake:

Superman: Ride of Steel



Universal Studios Florida:

Revenge of the Mummy


And at my home park (PCW):

Tomb Raider

Italian Job Stunt Track

The Fly

Silver Streak

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Disney World:

Alien! Encounter

Tower of Terror

Rockin' Rollercoaster

Stitch's Great Escape


Expedition Everest

Uh, and I don't know if anything opened this year. Disney's a blur now.


And that's probably it, since I pretty much lived at my home parks growing up. (SFOT 1989 - 2004 and SFFT 2004 - Present)

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We rode the coasters at Universal IOA while the park was having a soft opening in April 1999. Pretty cool, as they were only letting something like 2000 people in to the park each day, so everything was a walk-on


Also, I've done Dragon Khan at Port Aventura in it's opening year as well. Haven't been back since

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That would have to be Tatsu on Media Day last year. I was there with all the TPR'ers-


I think it was 14 or more rides- with the first one being before the sun came up and the fog burned off. Just completely awesome!!!


After that I guess it would be most of the debut coasters at Cedar Point (minus Maverick- haven't been there this year) since 1982.


I have ridden all of the debut coasters at SFGA (my home park- which doesn't count here in this thread though, since 1980 when they turned "Turn Of The Century" into "Demon")

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Not at my home park, that is a difficult one!


I rode Goliath the same season it was built, as well as Tatsu at SFMM.


I have also ridden The Patriot at Worlds of Fun in its debut season.


I'm not really sure about Apollo's Charior at BGE, I may have ridden it in its debut season but I can't really recall for sure, it may have been just a little over a year...


Almost forgot one, California Screamin' at Disneyland.

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Mine Train Ulven (Bakken)



Silver Star (Europa Park)



Vild Svinet (Bonbonland)

Balder (Liseberg)



Falken (Fårup Sommerland)



Black Mamba (Phantasialand)



Desert Race (Heide Park)

And i'm also going to ride Han-Katten at Bonbonland when it opens.

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Wow, time to show how little I travel. I guess since I am in Omaha I will make my home park WOF. That rules out Boomerang, Mamba, and Patriot, even though I did get those in during their debut year.


1990 - Iron Wolf (SFGam)

1993 - Outlaw (Adventureland)

1996 - Underground (Adventureland, I really don't consider this hunk of junk a coaster, but its labeled as one)

1998 - Mr Freeze (SFStl)

2000 - The Boss (SFStl

2003 - SUF (SFGadv)

2004 - Timberland Twister (Park at MOA)



I believe that's it. If anything is new at Hershey or SFGAdv next year, I can add those, since I will be hitting those up.

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Here are a few from the last couple years.


2005-Kingda Ka, SFGAdv.

2006-El Toro, SFGAdv.

2007-Griffon, BGE

2007-Mystery Mine, Dollywood

2007-Wicked, Lagoon (going in August)


Non-coaster rides:


Tomb Raider, Kings Dominion

DarKastle, BGE


On a side note, I did ride one side of B&R:The Chiller in 1998, but I can't remember which side.

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Penguin's Blizzard River (Six Flags America--at least I think it's new for this year)



Thanks for the correction. I think I was fooled because SFA listed it as their "newest" attraction on their Web site earlier this year (which is true).

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Being in Florida, we have several home parks


SFOG - Goliath

Flamingo Land - Kumali

Oakwood - Speed

Tusenfryd - Speed Monster

Thorpe - Stealth



In Florida-

Cheetah Chase

Gwazi (both sides)


Expedition Everest


Dragons (both sides)

Flying Unicorn

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I guess since I didn't ride a roller coaster until 2002, I'll start there.



Superman: Ultimate Flight- SFOG

Batman the Dark Knight- SFNE

Rollersoaker- Hersheypark


Ricochet-Kings Dominion



Runaway Reptar- Carowinds

Top Thrill Dragster- Cedar Point

Greezed Lightning- SFKK



Borg Assimilator- Carowinds

Cheetah Chase- BGT

Timberland Twister- MOA

Spinning Dragons- WOF

Ragin’ Cajun- SFGrAm

Revenge of the Mummy- USF

Triton- Mt. Olympus

Stormrunner- Hersheypark

Half Pipe- SFEG

Thunderhead- Dollywood



Hades- Mt. Olympus

Italian Job Stunt Track- Kings Island

Sheikra- BGT

Kingda Ka- SFGrAdv

Mr. Six’s Pandemonium- SFNE

Hydra: The Revenge- Dorney Park

Powderkeg- SDC

Wacky Worm- Gillian’s Wonderland Pier

Orient Express- Riverview



El Toro- SFGrAdv

Tatsu- SFMM

Goliath- SFOG

Goliath- La Ronde

Expedition Everest- Animal Kingdom

The Voyage- Holiday World

Kentucky Rumbler- Beech Bend

Italian Job Turbo Coaster- PKD

Crossbow- Bowcraft

Shamu Express- Sea World Orlando



Griffon- BGW


Coming soon: Maverick, Wicked, and Mystery Mine.

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My list is really really small. However, I've ridden many coasters(Avalanche, Kingda Ka, El Toro, Ragin Cajun, S:UF, and Half Pipe) within two years of opening.








Tony Hawk's Big Spin (coming soon)



I'm sure I have more from way back when, but I don't remember.

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* symbolizes homepark at the time


Sidewinder at Hersheypark*



Skull Mountain- SFGAd*



Boomerang Coast to Coaster- The Great Escape

Great White- Morey's Piers

Steel Force- Dorney Park*



Great Bear- Hersheypark*

Batman and Robin: The Chiller- SFGAd*

Volcano: The Blast Coaster- PKD



Top Gun- Carowinds

Apollo's Chariot- BGW

Medusa- SFGAd*

Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train- SFGAd*

Roadrunner Express- SFGAd*

Wild Mouse- Hersheypark*

Batman The Ride- SFOT

Boomerang- Fiesta Texas

Poltergeist- Fiesta Texas

Steel Eel- SeaWorld Texas

Serial Thriller- Astroworld

Nightmare- The Great Escape

Superman: Ride of Steel- Darien Lake

Sea Serpent- Denos Wonderwheel Pier

Twister- Knoebels*

Joker's Jinx- SFA

Two Face- SFA

Exterminator- Kennywood

Wild Mouse- Casino Pier

Gwazi- BGT

Dueling Dragons- IOA

Incredible Hulk- IOA

Pteranodon Flyers- IOA

Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster- Universal Studios



Wild Mouse- Dorney Park*

Lightning Racer- Hersheypark*

Millennium Force- CP

Superman: Ultimate Escape- Six Flags Ohio

Villain- Six Flags Ohio

Batman Knight Flight- Six Flags Ohio

Woodstock's Express- Dorney*

Superman: Ride of Steel- SFNE

Poison Ivy- SFNE

Boulder Dash- Lake Compounce

Flying Super Saturator- Carowinds

Flying Unicorn- IOA*

Kraken- Sea World Florida*

Dania Beach Hurricane- Boomers

Ant Farm Express- Wild Adventures*

Bug Out- Wild Adventures*



California Screamin'- DCA

Nitro- SFGAd

Hypersonic XLC- PKD

Talon- Dorney

Cheetah- Wild Adventures*



Superman: Ultimate Flight- SFOG

Ricochet- Carowinds

Ricochet- PKD

Primeval Whirl- DAK*

Roller soaker- Hersheypark

Colossus- Thorpe Park

Air- Alton Towers

Goliath- Walibi World

Silver Star- Europa Park

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster- Walt Disney Studios Paris

Klondike Gold Rusher- Wild Waves/Enchanted Village



Top Thrill Dragster- Cedar Point

Greezed Lightning- SFKK

Superman: Ultimate Flight- SFGAd

Crazy Mouse- Rye Playland



Revenge of the Mummy- Universal Studios Florida*

Storm Runner- Hersheypark

Tsunami- Clementon



Hydra- Dorney*

Pandemonium- SFNE

Sheikra- BGT

Powder Keg- Silver Dollar City

Kingda Ka- SFGAd*

Mighty Mouse- Funtown Pier

Hades- Mt Olympus



Expedition Everest- DAK

Goliath- SFOG

Wacky Worm- Trimper's Rides

Voyage- Holiday World

Kentucky Rumbler- Beech Bend

Speed: No Limits- Oakwood

Kumali- Flamingoland

Stealth- Thorpe Park

Speed Monster- Tusenfryd

Thunderbird- PowerPark

El Toro- SFGAd*

Runaway Train- Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Shamu Express- Sea World Florida

Tatsu- SFMM

Haunted Roller Coaster- Krazy City

Black Mamba- Phantasialand



Griffon- BGE

Pirate's Hideaway- Casino Pier

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