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I got in a fight and got suspended today. =/


Look at it this way.


Do something bad, get given a day off school! I always thought suspension was never a punishment, but a free day off!


Too bad you still have to make up the work! Plus, it goes on your record that colleges look at to decide whether or not you accept you.


Getting suspended isn't all that great.



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No school tomorrow, therefore, Spring Break started at 2:25 today!!!


We had a practice tornado-drill today. Here's why I find our drills pointless. See, I know we need to practice them, and I think it's GREAT that we do, but we aren't actually doing anything safe. As I was sitting in the hallway during the drill, I was looking out of the window in the door through the classroom windows and thinking, "Wow. If there was a tornado, we'd all die." I was actually by several doors and lots of windows, and another hallway filled with students is a wind tunnel. Doors on both ends. If there was a tornado, those doors would break and all the students would be sucked out of that hallway. The walls that are supposed to protect us are not even 1-foot thick. I don't even know how it supports the floor above it. There is a basement, but it won't fit everyone. So what are they supposed to do? If you have at least one F, you don't get to go? Ugh.


The threats of tornadoes are high. Especially because not even a week ago, we had our first spring storm, and the sirens were sounding, and the TV displayed it's annoying message. Being in Kansas, we went out on our front porch to watch. But I don't feel safe at school because of this. We recently had a school bond issue pass, and with it, we get FEMA storm shelters. How the hell can USD 259 get over 60 schools adequate storm shelters?


What also sucks? First night of Spring Break, and it's snowing. It was just 80 degrees a couple days ago! Oh well. Texas on Saturday.

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I stayed home friday due to not having some important work done. Didn't do it though, so I stayed home for this morning, wrote my spanish essay, then walked the hour walk to school for my last class (spanish), so I could give my teacher my essay and take part one of our big chapter test, and WE HAD A SUB AND JUST WATCHED A MOVIE.




And now, I have to read about 200 pages of a book, write an 1000 word journal about it, define 20 words I don't know from it, and make source cards for a research paper.



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My birthday is August 12. It's always right before school starts. When I first started school, it was about a week before school started. Then, as time went on, school started earlier and earlier. Freshman year, it started two days before. Since I was a freshman, I had to go a day earlier, so it would've been three. Sophomore year, two days again, so they bumped the starting day again.


My junior year, it's starting two days before my birthday. I'm going to be 15 and a junior. Also, the year is ending later. We start early August, end late May. It used to be an ACTUAL three month summer vacation. Now, we start early August, then end late May.


There are some places that are considering 10-12 hour school days. This is absolutely ridiculous. What if you have a job? You will have to work late hours, resulting in lack of sleep, because remember, you still have homework, and then you go to school tired which results in worse academics for yourself. 10 hours is more than the usual 8-hour shifts people do at their jobs. Not everyone works 8, but it's about average. 10 hours is overworking us. I guarantee you, I will go insane if I have to stay in school longer.


The problem isn't kids learning anymore. There are REASONS why they aren't learning. Many, being in such massive classroom sizes does affect learning. I get a lot better grades and feel more comfortable learning in a classroom of, say 16 people or so. Also, kids just don't care. Maybe you should focus on getting them to care rather than shoving education down their throat and thinking that it's useful and they will remember! I think a lot of this has to do with parents nowadays too. No one discipline's, it seems like, kids are just plain bad.

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^I agree that summers are getting shorter and shorter. I remember when I was living in Arizona, school started late-August and ended mid-May. I'm in community college, so my school schedule is similar to my Arizona school schedule, but when I still went to public school, I had to go to school from mid-June to the first Tuesday in September.


...And 10-12 hour school days? WTF are they thinking? I can barely stand sitting through a four hour class, let alone twelve hours.

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Junior year of High School Sucks. I struggle in one class, which makes me spend extra time trying to get back up, which brings my grade down in all my other classes, then I get those up and then I'm struggling with the original class again and it starts all over again. Spring Break can not come soon enough.

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^FOUR hours? You're a saint! My classes are 85 minutes and I fall asleep!
I have three four hour classes that I take once a week. Two lecture classes (Biology 101, Philosophy 101) and one lab class (Bio 101 Lab) I also have one 2 hour class which I take twice a week, and an online course.


I had to take a Bio 101 test yesterday. It was INSANELY hard. I really hope I didn't fail, but I kinda think I did. Luckily Philosophy is easy today.

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