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Back to the Future is History

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Well this TR is less spectacular than I expected, but with rain and only 20 minutes in the park this is how it turned out.The pictures are from closing day ,March 30th, and a few are from 2006 because of me not being able to ride yesterday.

I hope some of these pictures represent this great ride well.


Back to the Future: The Ride 1991-2007


Back to the Future: The Ride 1991-2007. It's History.


Inside the Store.


BTTF Store.


It's gonna be weird not seeing this anymore.


Doc and Marty were signing autographs and posing for pictures.My mom and I took a picture with them, but I'll spare you by not posting it!


The famous Delorean.


It's not as cool as Thomas, but It's a pretty sweet train.


Back outside the attraction...


Picture from my last ride sometime in 2006.


Inside the Pre-Show room.


I always thought Universal had funny warning signs.


Blurry picture of the outdoor portion of the que.


BTTF's Sign


With only 20 minutes at the park I obviously wasn't going to have my last ride =/


Overview of BTTF's Building.


Annual Passholders got this in the mail.

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The Back to the Future ride was always the one thing that I wanted to ride throughout my childhood. I didn't like roller coasters, I didn't like spinning rides, I just wanted to ride Back to the Future.


Luckily I got there in 2000 and got to ride it finally.


Sad to see it go, but I know that Universal will put in something cool in its place.

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I'm honestly pretty pissed off at this ride. This is the ride that stopped my mom from going on nearly ANY ride. It was so rough and brutal she messed up her neck and now thinks that all rides are that crappy.


Rest in Pieces!

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I never rode this version. If it sucks as much as the Hollywood version, then it surely deserves to die. Simulators aren't great to begin with, but this one is just awful. The philosophy seemed to be, "if we jerk the rider around enough they'll be stunned into thinking that they're following along with the film".


What I don't understand is why they aren't removing the Hollywood installation first. It's the crappy Hollywood park that is desperate for great new attractions, not Orlando.

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I rode it during the first months it was open - May of 1991, I remember.


Well, sixteen years later and I guess it just couldn't keep up with t-t-t-time, heh heh.


That, and the fact that Universal just didn't want to keep up with the up-keep, LOL.





(And they closed it down on my birthday too. Random... but, there it is!)

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During the past few month's of BTTF's life, the ride looked pretty bad. Paint was peeling in the queue, the screens in the DeLoreans had bad screens, etc. The whole ride was on its last legs and seemed to be held together with tape and gum. I knew it would close soon when I rode it a few months ago, but I didn't know when RIP day would be. I'm kind of sad to see it go, as I went to USF many years ago just because of this ride. Nostagila aside, I'm glad to see something new come to USF and replace a rickey-old ride. I hope it will be Law and Order: The Ride, I mean, the Simpsons.

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While T2 3D does have an insufferable pre-show sequence (the only thing that would be "SUUUUUPPPPPPEEEEERRRRR" about it is if you were handed a rail gun to take potshots at that chick while she's yammering), at least it eventually leads to something entertaining, while the pre-shows on BTTF only led to a session of spinal damage.


And I've been on Earthquake. I don't remember the pre-show experience being anywhere near as ponderous as these other two attractions.


All I can say is more attractions should take their pre-show inspiration from Disneyland Paris's RNRC...



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^Although the lady in the T2 Pre-Show is extremely annoying it's worth it to see her "die" in the actual show.Wow that sounds messed up hah.


And Earthquakes Pre-Show is probably close to a half an hour long! With the whole weather windows thing, the room with ET's Spaceship and The Grinches Sleigh, and then the stunt scene. I normally don't ride it because of how long the Pre-Show is.


I'm honestly pretty pissed off at this ride. This is the ride that stopped my mom from going on nearly ANY ride. It was so rough and brutal she messed up her neck and now thinks that all rides are that crappy.


Rest in Pieces!


That really sucks. My mom won't go near most coasters. She rides Rockin Roller Coaster(because it's a Disney ride!) and ROTM, but other than that it's rides like BTTF that keep her away from "thrill rides".

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Even though it was a rough ride, you still had to go on it while at US. My husband and I sat in the back of the ride on our honeymoon, and boy did he almost break his neck! He is almost 7 feet tall and these people from another country were getting on the ride with us and wouldn't change seats with us.They wanted to sit in the front. Well after the ride my poor husband couldn't move his neck, but we went back on it because we had front of the line access passes from staying at the Royal Pacific. Then my sister went on it and she was PREGNANT at the time and didn't know it. We found out she was preggers when we got home after going on all the rides. We had a good laugh about that. Are they getting rid of the one in USC? I rode that one this past summer when I was out in CA. Oh well, I'll miss you BTTF, I'm glad I got to ride you one last time before your demise.I won't miss that awful Huey Lewis song that comes on after the ride.

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Nice report.


I say this whole goodbye is bittersweet for me. Honestly, I'm over BTTF: The Ride. Its painful and too much of a hassle to ride. I mean you wait outside, then you have the first room with the video, then you walk down the hallway to the second room, then finally you get on. That's a lot of time.


Granted, there was a time, around ages 10-14 that I couldn't get enough of it. Perhaps I was just a glutton for punishment.


So will I miss it, definately...its a classic. But then again at the same time I welcome anything to replace it.

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I'll miss it.


I don't particularly like the motions of the ride--they feel rough and very outdated. But what I will miss is the theme of the attraction. Back to the Future is definitely one of my favorite movies, and Doc Brown and Biff are hilarious characters. Also, I loved Universal's concept of using Omnimax/IMAX Dome screens for the ride--a totally different, yet awesomely cool concept that has only been used once more after this ride (Soarin' at Disneyland/EPCOT uses an Omnimax screen as well).

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Rode BTF while in Orlando in February-and we were totally underwhelmed. The whole experience was just so dated! I was shocked that you could see the other Deloreans in the room going throught their routines.


After reading so much about this ride I can't say that I am disappointed they are taking it out. Infact, I thought that whole area of Universal seemed a little dated and lame.

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Sad to see it go, I'm going back to Florida in a few weeks, and was hoping for one more ride before its closure, bit of a shame I'm just missed out on it, but oh well. I have some good memories of riding BTTF over the years when I've been before, but lets face it, It is a bit outdated now, and I think it was about time for a change to be honest


So I'm guessing Its the Simpsons coming in, anyone know when Universal will annouce the change, and when it will open??

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^ I didn't know Soarin' used the same technology. Maybe Universal will update it and it will be similar to Soarin', hopefully with a better theme than The Simpsons.


Yeah, both Soarin' and Back to the Future utilize Omnimax/IMAX Dome theatre systems. The domes stretch 180 degrees, for a fully-encompassing movie experience. Also, it features the unparalled IMAX film and sound quality.


While both are very different rides, this common factor links them together. It shows the extreme versatality of the IMAX product, and hopefully more rides will be built using the IMAX experience.

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