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Hi my Name is Edward,


I'm a coaster lover,I love coaster since I was two.

My first coaster was West Coaster in Santa Monica Pier.

The best theme park where I live is SFMM.I really excite to

be in theme park review.And soon for Fright Fest i doing a

trip report for you.So I hope you like it.


TPR is #1 coaster web,


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Hello there,

I am Landan from Canada, my home park is Canada's Wonderland (oh no! ) and I regularily visit La Ronde. I go down to Florida 2-3 times a year and visit Busch Gardens Africa (I'm not going to Universal until Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is officially open ) every time I go down there. Anyways, I'm 15, I love Daft Punk (can't wait for the Tron Legacy Soundtrack ), and Behemoth is my favourite coaster next to Kumba.

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Hi everyone in TPR land. I'm Chris and I'm new to this site. I work at Walt Disney World in Orlando FL I have lost track of how many coasters I've been on but I have done all the ones at Disney, Universal and Seaworld with the exceptions of the Rip Ride Rocket and Manta but will take care of that soon. I'm a Disney fanatic and love to have fun. Hope to have a great time on here.

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Hi Everyone, I've been reading This site a lot, especially for the huge load of Trip reports, So I decided to join in the forums


My parent's decided to call me Max, They did that 16 years ago. and when I was 9, My parents convinced me to go on "superman the ride" in Six flags holland. now Known as Xpress in Walibi World. Since that time, I loved coasters more and more, and July 2007, I bought my first annual pass for Walibi World. Since then I became a coasterfan, Today My favorite coaster is Blue Fire, which I did on it's opening day in europa park.


Btw, I already love the SpellCheck, my english is not really good, So it's useful


Wanna know more? Just ask me

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Hi, I'm Nick. I'm from Dublin, Ohio, near Columbus. I've liked roller coasters since i was like... 5? I don't know. I'm like Elissa, in the fact that I'm sort of an Intamin enthusiast . I like Metallica, and I hate school... a lot . I've ridden 80 roller coasters. The closest coaster to my house is the sea dragon at Jungle Jack's Landing, next to Zoombezi Bay water park, which is part of the Columbus Zoo... Aaaaand that's all about 3mins. away from my house ! My favorite roller coaster is Maverick . Oh, yeah... and I LIKE CHEEEEEZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


--Nick "Awwww snap! " Zalenski

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Grand reintroduction. Been around for a very long time, fell out, partied and acted horrible for a while, cleaned up, went back to school, here I am now. One big run on right there.


I'm Cal, don't recognize a lot of names here now, but hopefully I'll make some new friends.

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hey everyone


im brad and new to this website


i am 14 and live in losal california


i have disney and magic mountain passes

i haven't been to many parks

but go to disney, 6flags, knotts, and other local parks often

i have also traveled to hersheypark once


hope to have fun on this site


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Hey TPR-Community,

i'm a new member from Germany, my Name is Timo and I really want to say you all: Hello !!


I live in Germany near Frankfurt and I can walk in 10minutes to "HolidayPark Germany".


My favourite Themepark is "Port Aventura (ES)", i really love the awesome theming and the great Coasters (Dragon Kahn, Stampida .. etc.)


Next Year in March i'll visit the Usa for the first time.

We'll start with a Camper in Los Angeles and then go up to San Fransisco through "Knott's" and "Six Flags Magic Mountain", of course i hope with all credits !!


My last Themepark was in Spring "Gardaland" with, of course, all credits !


My Last Credit was last Weekend on Stuttgarter "Wasen", it's same like Oktoberfest only in Stuttagrt;), the coaster "TESTSTRECKE", which was pretty smooth and has great hard G's during the 2 Loops.


Jojo that's it , ask if you want to know more

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Hello, I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I posted on here until about a year ago and I am going to be more active on here again. I did live in Lexington, KY, but moved last year to Jacksonville, FL. It seems I am now moving back to Lexington at least Kings Island has an awesome steel coaster waiting for me to ride.



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Well, I've been a lurker for years on this site, so I decided to finally register and begin posting.


That being said, I am a Hippo. No, seriously. My name is Phillip. I LOVE amusement parks, but with the height/age/species restrictions, it's tough to enjoy the parks as much as people. I just took a ton of photos of my trip to Kennywood, so I hope to post those up soon.


Outside of the rollercoaster "thingy", I live with my partner Brown Bear. He happens to be in a few pictures as well. I live in the great state of Michigan, freezing my fuzzy butt off now as it gets colder.


Home park would probably be Cedar Point, but I've been around enough to know that CP isn't the "Holy Grail" of parks.


Enjoy the Site, hope to be a bit more involved ....Thanks!

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Just want to say hello,


My REAL name is Eelke-Bart, but since everyone calls me E-B I will respond to that as well. Or with my screen name. My home park is DierenPark Amersfoort, the netherlands. It is not a themepark with rollercoasters but a zoo. But since you can find me there for 4 to 5 days a week, I call it my home away from home. I am not interested in coasters alone but it is one of those things that make life from good to great.

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Hey guys, I'm Josh, I've had an account here for a few months but it's time to get active!

I live in London, so my nearest parks would be Chessington and Thorpe Park which both rock, I'm hoping to go on next years Europe tour, but I'm not sure yet, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

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Hey Dudes,


Have been lurking for a whoppin' 1552 days and decided to finally start posting

Been a coasteraddict since the day I got my first credit, but due to boring friends/family and lack of funding I rarely get to visit themeparks.

But its finally (hopefully) gonna change now I've got more euros to spend and a car I can borrow.

My name is Martijn but people have always called me murfie/murphy, hence the screenname.. I really don't know where the name came from, I just went with it..

Anyways, I'm a dude, I'm 18, live near Amsterdam, the closest park is probably duinrell or drievliet, but I usually go to walibi world whenever I get the opportunity to go to a park.

Err... so other hobbies include gaming and caring for 6 awesomesaucy snakes.

Now that I finally can go places, I'm hoping to join a trip in 2010 or 2011 so maybe I'll be seeing some of you guys.



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"...everyone calls me E-B..." (vuurvogel)


Interesting. In the past, a nickname of mine was "E.B." from various co-workers. My first and middle names begin with "E" and "B" respectively, and when I created drawings or documents for production, I put my first two initials along with my last name.


Welcome to TPR, remain seated and enjoy your stay...



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hi, im isla from the Philippines. this is a really cool forum. i love theme parks. it's sad that there are only a few theme parks in our country...

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