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Good evening all.


Carmen from Tampa here. Have not been coastering in a while like I used to in the 80s and 90s. I live close to Busch Gardens and go when I can but I tend to get to Walt Disney World a lot especially since I do a lot of organized Disney runs through the parks. I have ridden about 350 coasters all over the US and in Mexico, Canada and Italy.


Have not been on Manta yet but am hoping for Labor Day weekend. Think Rip Ride Rockit will be open by then?


I enjoy reading all of your trip reports. Great sense of humor you all have.


Thanks for having me aboard.


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How's it goin, I'm Brandon. Long time reader, first time poster, yadda yadda yadda.


I live in central Ohio and I'm a CF platinum passholder so I'm a regular at King's Island and I usually make 2 or 3 trips up to Cedar Point. I'm a Diamondback fanatic (69 laps this year, and no I didn't stop at 69 on purpose lol). Looking forward to talkin coasters with everyone.

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Hi, I'm Matt from Katy, TX (Near Houston). I've been loving roller coasters since I was 6 and still can't get enough of them! I play RCT3 alot and have been to many amusement parks around the country. I'm excited to finally be joining this website and talking with fellow coaster enthusiasts!

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Hey hey hey everyone!!! It's R.S.G. at TPR!!! Another adrenaline junkie in the site. Love roller coasters. Going to be a future roller coaster engineer. I even made my own blueprint. Didn't really come up with a name yet so give me some ideas. Thanks.


Roller Coaster Features:

-129 mph boost

-356 foot tall overbanked double helix (like the Son of Beast helix)

-two 235 and 250 foot tall "airtime" hills

-fog tunnel

-3 overbanked turns

-magnetic brakes

-vertical launch 90 degrees up a 240 foot "top hat"

-and a loop like the one in Rip Ride and Rockit.


Support beams represent the height of the track.

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Hey guys and gals, my name is Ian, and I live in Reading, England ( nearish to London ). My closest parks are Legoland Windsor and Thorpe Park. I also love to travel, Christmas, Halloween and socialising with my mates and family.



I am over in Florida from October 10th for two weeks and during this time I am going to be doing Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream. I am coming over with my parents, and as they dont do theme parks at the best of times, they definitly wont be doing these events, so if anyone wants to meet up at either of these events let me knmow, would be great to meet people from the TPR forum.


If anyone knows a place on the forum i can ask about meeting up with other members, please let me know


Cheers Guys


Ian Gulliver

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Hi I'm Michael. Live in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, so I have to travel a little to go to a park.

I registered last year but forgot all about this great site. My short list of favorite rides are:



Loch Ness Monster


Big Bad Wolf

Rebel Yell


I hope I did this post right

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Hello! Im Robby, Uh I live about an hour away from sfgam, Its not that great, but hey at least the only Vekoma here is a roller skater! Lets see... I've been on over 100 coasters and some of my favorites are X2, El Toro, and Bizarro (SFNE)


Im a track runner and I love Qdoba! (Its a burrito place in case you didn't know!)

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Hi all,


My user name cazazoo is just an abbreviation for California is a zoo. I live in San Diego, and trust me, California IS a zoo.


Some of you may already know me, I am Larry, the driver of this years west coast trip.


I am a Theme Park lover, and rollercoaster NUT!


We are heading to Great America in the morning, and on to Magic Mountain, so I will not spend too long on here.


Delighted to find TPR and glad to now be part of it. Looking forward to a lot of fun and friends in the future from this group.





P.S. I popped in the avatar from our hotel here, the "Avatar in Santa Clara. I couldn't resist....

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Hey peeps at TPR!


I hope I can be on here more often, but my PC is broken (so I can't use NoLimits ) and this is a school MacBook, so it has RANDOM topics blocked for no reason. Whatever.


I always looked at this site, but never joined. Yesterday, I thought, what the heck! Why not? Looks like a cool place to me!


So anyway, just thought I'd throw a sup at all of ya. And hopefully I'll be more active versus a "one-timer" user that posts 2 posts and then leaves, but who knows what this computer will do next...

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Hi everyone on TPR, I'm Ryan and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I live close to Kennywood. I'm a huge fan of amusement parks. This site is awesome. I'm happy to be a part of it.


For a random fact, I play mandolin, guitar, and percussion in an Irish, folk/rock band.

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Hiya! I'm Jen, from Edmonton, AB, Canada!! I've seen this site numerous times so I finally joined I love amusement parks and am Obsessed with roller coasters (favorite so far is the Mindbender at Glaxyland ) Just like to say that this is an awesome site And I am glad to be a part of it ^_^

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Im Nick From Lawerneceville GA (NE of Atlanta)


Ive been an Coaster Enthusiast my entire life. I am the only person that I Know personally who has ridden more than 100 roller coasters (or more than 50 even)


I am also a HUGE Rush fan. I last saw them in concert in Atlanta on the Second leg of the Snakes and Arrows tour, the same show that is on the bonus features of their Snakes and Arrows Live DVD.


My favorite Coaster is Probaly The Voyage, then Golitah (SFoG) or Maverick.


Hope to ride Kings Dominion adn Carowinds new coasters next year.



What A great site this is. Way to go Robb!

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I'm Andrew, and I'm from Johnson City, TN. I've loved roller coasters ever since I rode my first one, which was Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. My home park is Dollywood, which is only an hour and a half from where I live and home of my favorite woodie (Thunderhead). I love music and I plan to graduate with a music degree in a couple of years. I've been coming to this site a lot, so it's nice to finally join.

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Hi! Im Brandon I was born in Miami and lived there for seven years. I want to Disney and Universal every chance i got...and thats where i became a theme park ADDICT! Then I moved to Houston. Same thing with Astroworld. THEN I moved to San Antonio. Exact samething with Six Flags Fiesta Texas.So YOURE website makes me feel like a frikking kid in a candy shop...Thank You So Much Robb and Ellissa

p.s. thanks to KidTums for making TPR Wayyyyyyyy cuter!

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Hello there,


I'm James and I'm from Manchester in the North of England.

I've had an interest in theme parks since I was a nipper and have grown up visiting some great places like Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Alton Towers.

I hope to start visiting different parks soon enough and already planning a trip to Thorpe Park in the south of England, Saw The Ride looks pretty good but also there are some other coasters I've been missing out on like Stealth.


I visited my first American theme park Universal Studio's Hollywood last may, although not a true Rollercoster park it was quite enjoyable and the Mummy the ride wasn't too bad if a bit short.


Next park trip will be in September to Alton Towers once all the kids have gone back to school!



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Hey, I'm Russell from NE Ohio.


I love Roller Coaster and Football. I've been on 39 coaster in Ohio, New York, and Florida Operating and Defunct. I live about 45min away from CP. I play TE and DE for my School's 8th grade football team, and am a big Ohio State fan. I also play Guitar, I started playing about 2 months ago.


I browsed the site for almost a year, mostly in the Roller Coaster Games, Models, and Other Randomness forum. I hope to become a great member here at TPR.

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I don't normally do this - but here I go...


I am Cameron from Western New York. I'm into politics, film, and roller coasters, of course.

I'm actually a moderator on another coaster website, but other than that, I'm a pretty simple person. And there you have it...

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Hi I'm Ryan also known as Ryry! I am SUCH a coaster fan and i am addicted to any random coaster stuff! My local park is basiclly Thorpe Park & Chessington World of Adventures. Havent been to Thorpe since i was about 3. I am 10 now, ( time to get on the big ones! ) Dying to get on colossus at Thorpe! And Stealth! Oh yeah i forgot Nemesis Inferno! And SAW!... These are the rides i have been on:

Vampire ride

Dragons Fury

Big Thunder Mountain

Jungle Coaster

Vikings River Splash

The Dragon

Rumba Rapids

Dragon Falls

Thx guys plz get in touch.

A message to coasters: I luv you all


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Hi all!

My name is Daniel. 37 years old, from Stockholm, Sweden.

I have been a coaster enthusiast since early childhood, and luckily, i have passed it on in the family. My 8-year old daughter did 11 consecutive rides on the "Rutchebanen" on Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen this summer, and she was really mad she couldn't ride "Demonen" and "Vertigo".

When I don't ride coasters, I make video games. And play video games. I often play video games while at work. Great job.


My favourite coasters are:

Wooden - Balder, Liseberg, Gothenburg

Steel - X, SFMM, CA (I haven't tried it since it became X2)


Next trip will be to Tokyo in september, but I still haven't decided which park to visit, as I only will have time to do one. Advice anyone?

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My name is Jake, I am from St. Louis, and I enjoy roller coasters. I have been browsing this site for a few weeks until I decided to join. The members on the site seem incredibly active, which is awesome. Although I have not traveled and hit many parks outside of the mid west, I look forward to doing so in the future.

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Hi everyone from sunny Brighton, UK. I have been a closet admirer of this great site, and have finally decided to come out, stand up (or sit down - depending on the ride), and be proud!


I am Scottish and my first recollection of a coaster would be at Aberdeen beach. I eventually got a dream job at Chessington World of Adventures, which involved training at Alton Towers.


Just over 5 years ago I decided to go to pastures new, and now work for a major flag-carrying airline. Which gets me all over the world and to many far-flung parks.


However, finding someone to go to the parks is difficult, so often spend time in single riders lines (assuming there is one!). On the lookout for friendly folks to show me the way - especially in US parks...


Check out my Shanghai Happy Valley thread - just came back from there!


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