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  1. The way I look at these poll results and reading some of your comments leave me with only one thing, You decide your own favorite ride and stick with it. There can only be 1 at the top, yours.
  2. awesome pictures...Love Dollywood and Pigeon Forge.
  3. Since this is a roller coaster and parks site, my avatar is easy for me, I just love being at knoebels. Its amazing all the years we traveled north to the twin tiers of new york and never stop there until july of 08. Better late than never they say. Michael.
  4. Question: Has the ride lost riders in the last few years for them to do this? If so, do they think that more people enjoy steel rides better than wood, or is it just this ride only? It doesn't make sense to me. My prayer is that I hope this doesn't start a new trend.
  5. Not to many.. Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Water Country USA Dollywood Knoebels Darien Lake
  6. Robb, I cant say enough words to tell you how good your videos are. Your the best.
  7. I have a personalized signed football from broadway Joe Namath. Lucky me, even though I'm not a jets fan. I got his autograph not to long before that infamous 'kissing' incident with Suzy Kolber.
  8. Hi I'm Michael. Live in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, so I have to travel a little to go to a park. I registered last year but forgot all about this great site. My short list of favorite rides are: Phoenix Loch Ness Monster Thunderhead Big Bad Wolf Rebel Yell I hope I did this post right
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