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Hello everyone,


I'm Doug. I live in the distant land of South Dakota, 2 1/2 hours away from the nearest coaster. However, I do get out every couple of months to feed my craze. My home parks are both Valleyfair and Nickelodeon Universe. I've been going to the Mall of America every year since 2002, and Valleyfair since 2004. My family always takes a summer vacation, and we usually stop at one or two parks. I'm also a huge RCT player. I have been playing since I was about 8. Last summer, I started playing with NoLimits, and I've created a few coasters.


Some of you may know me from RCTLounge, one of the top Coaster Simulator websites. I currently work with RCTLounge as the Web & Graphic Designer. I'm currently in the process of designing a new downloads center which will be launching later this summer. We will be also launching an Amusement Park Blog, Park Thoughts, this month. We will post our thoughts, opinions, and reviews on the latest news and parks we've been to.


When I'm not dreaming about coasters, I design and develop websites. I currently work with MyBB, a free online forum software program, as a tester and supporter. During the summer and fall, I'm a member of my High School's marching band where I play keyboards in the pit (the lazy people that stand in front). I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and sleeping.


I hope to become active here on Theme Park Review. I have been a reader for the past 3 years, but I have been reluctant to join. I throughly enjoy all of your trip reports. They have introduced me to parks I had never heard of before!




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Im from Muncie, In, and the best theme park closet to me is Ceadar Point. Although my favorite is still Kings Island because of the childhood memories that I have shared with my family there....I'm not for sure about how many rollercoasters I have been on, but I would estimate around 90. And hmmmmm something else well I think summer is awesome (because of rollercoasters)....ok Im a nerd. I LOVE rollercoasters!

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Hi all!


I've been a park fan for years - now having a great time getting around and riding some coasters with my son.


Live in Southern Delaware - closest rides are in Ocean City MD but nothing to write home about. Closest Six Flags over in MD (but again not much to talk about). Have a SF Season Pass and end up at Great Adventure more.


Grew up working at Knoebels from the time I was 13 (ticket taker), through high school and college (operator - Haunted Mansion and Jet Star (anyone remember that Swartzkopf?)) and later as a park medic.


Knoebels probably remains my favorite park with Kennywood very close second.


Just love looking at all your trip photos and dreaming to have a chace to tour and ride like you guys.


Great web site, photos and travelogues - keep up the good stuff!

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Hi all!


I've been reading here for a few days and really enjoy the funny reviews and great photos.


I live close to Europapark and have been a regular there for over 20 years. You can guess which is my favourite coaster!


Greetings from Germany!

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Hi , my name is michael and i'm from britain. The closest park to me is Adventure island home to Rage. A really squashed up ride named by a 13 year old boy!


My first wooden coaster was the Big dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. As many of you may know it hurts! Don't let that make you not go on it though it's a good ride.


Theme park review is great.


Updates will come whenever they come.

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Hey everyone. My name is Jake...I am 14 and an avid coaster enthusiast. I have attended ThrillCoaster Tours for the past few summers and have ridden 250 coasters as a result. I've been "stalking" these forums for a while, but I guess I'll jump in and post. I am a long time member of GadvOnline, and of course, my home park is Great Adventure.


I blog for ThrillCoaster Tours which you can read there or here. I am the same "Jake" from Josh Davidson's Wildwood PTR from today. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you and become a part of the TPR community.

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Hello everyone


My names Jack, I'm 16, currently I'm doing last minute exams and in september I'm going to college! its going to be awesome.


Gosh I dont know what to say!


Erm, rollercoasters/themeparks, right.

My most favourite theme park (and the ONLY decent one in the WHOLE of the UK is Thorpe Park )


Thorpe Park is lovely, its kinda small, but overall a nice little theme park it has a great mixture of rides!


When I'm older (God I sound young ) Im going to ravage America for it's amazing themeparks! It's going to be epic! My biggest ambition (themepark-wise) is to go to LOADS of theme parks across the world


Anyway, I'm happy to be a theme park reviewer x

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Hello everybody !!

My name is Kristian and I am an Roller Coaster addict.

I live close to the Tusenfryd in Oslo, Norway.

My favorite Theme Park in the world, is the entire State of Ohio.

I started counting coasters in 1999, I have ridden 293 steel and 70 woodies since then.

I heart: Arrow Dynamics, Bollinger & Mabillard.

I heart not so much (not at all actually): Vekoma head rest thingy.



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Hi Everybody,

I'm Hayo. I'm 16 years old and I'm loving coasters! I'm living in the Netherlands!

My first time in a coaster with an inversion was last year (2008) at 'Drievliet' at the Formula X Coaster ! It's great! I often go to Walibi World, I think it's a fantastic park (I think it's the best park in the Netherlands)!

I've been at 10 or 12 coasters, not so much but it's a start! I hope once I could go to America and to do a coastertrip!

I'm in the 4th class of college/high school (I don't know of it's right but I'm at high school I think??)!



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Hi All!

I finally joined TPR! I've been on over 700 coasters in my life, including the The Bobs and the Flash and Flying Turns at Riverview, the incredible NAD double down-double up coaster at Edgewater Park and the coaster at Jefferson Beach in Detroit when I was growing up; I've even been to Freedomland in the Bronx (Google it). I've ridden coasters and explored theme parks in Europe, Japan and China as well as all over the US. Tokyo Disney Sea, IoA Disneyland Paris and Busch Gardens Williamsburg are the most stunningly designed parks I've been to. I live 5 miles from WDW; 15 minutes from SeaWorld and 20 minutes from Universal and I play RCT3 excessively. My non-geeky thing is I co-founded a bleeding-edge software company and Fortune Magazine named me one of the top 24 Technology Innovators of the Year -- oh wait, that makes me REALLY geeky and an egomaniac as well to have mentioned it. See ya in the parks!


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My name is Ramen Schneider.


I am 16 years old and I am a 2-year veteran of the No Limits Coaster Simulation software. I say veteran but I still have a really long way to go... I only mean that I have gotten a lot better at it since I got it for Christmas in 2007. Keep an eye out for my custom rides!


I live in Cincinnati, OH, which means my home park is the great King's Island in Mason, OH. I have only rarely been there, however. I did go on opening day this year to ride Diamondback-- and OH what a rush!

My favorite park is Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN, if for no other reason than it is the home of my favorite roller coaster in the world: THE VOYAGE!!! I have lost count of how many times I have ridden it, around 80 times, and my record for one day is 11. I tied that record very next day. That was last year. This year, next month, to be exact, is my next trip. I hope to break that record. First I will get my annual credits on Raven and Legend, then I will head to the Waterpark, because my parents are forcing me to, and then I will spend the rest of the day on the Voyage! Keep an eye out for a topic, I will also have a live update on Twitter!

Also, next week (tentatively Monday thru Wednesday, only one day, however) I will be heading out to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. As soon as I get inside I will be making a beeline straight towards Chang, which will end up being my first ever stand-up coaster! Keep an eye out for these reports! Again, I will have live updates on Twitter!


I am a work-in-progress amateur musician, a one-man band.

I use Apple GarageBand to create, record, perform, and produce all my music (I don't actually play my own instrument, I'm trying to learn guitar).

I wrote the theme song for CoasterWarriors.com, at the request of Jeff Guilkey, the webmaster, with which he will make a music video in July. Look forward to that, too.

I got so many enthusiastic responses I almost fainted! Jeff told me that his friend, the webmaster of CoasterFusion.com, wanted a theme song after hearing the one I made for CoasterWarriors. I was shocked, but I joined CoasterFusion immediately so I could start learning about the site, maybe figuring out possible lyrics, and the overall mood of the site.

Which brings me to this: TPR, if you would like a theme song, I'm open.


Thank you for your time. I know, it's a lengthy post, but hey, I'm going for that first impression thing!


--Ramen Schneider

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hey my names austin, i'm 16. Live in louisville kentucky. which means i'm stuck with SFKK which really sucks lol.


I play alot of RCT when im bored or not working on my friends website, i've got a park being built on it, sorta like holiday world but not as good as it lol.


I usually go to a park about every other week, but my options are pretty limited, we got KI, SFKK, and holiday world. Parents wont even consider beechbend at all even tho i really want to ride KY rumbler -.-.


I can probably do TR's this summer since i'm going to be visiting holiday world twice and i got a season pass to SF so i could do KK even tho there's not much there anymore since they closed twisted twins and the boat ride.


i've been visiting the site every day just about for the past 2 years but i never got around to making a account because i'm too lazy lol. The scandinavia trip surprised me the parks over there look amazing. I hope to get go on some of these trips when im able to tho.


See ya in the forums



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Hey y'all. Phillip here. Was a lurker for a while, but officially joined last fall. I'm in the army, stationed 45 minuted from my home town, so yea me. In lawton, oklahoma, so Frontier city could be my home park, but i don't go there at all, so SFoT is my home park. Been with my boyfriend for almost a year and it keeps getting better and better. Later, y'all.

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I'm from Puerto Rico, I love coasters and I'm a Student and want to work in the Roller COaster World.

I've been reading here since november and now I registered :o


Hii, donno what else to saii. Cya

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I am a looonngg time reader of TPR... So I decided to make it official and join the site!


My name is Jeff... I'm in Perrysburg, Ohio... Near Toledo. I'm about 45 minutes away from Cedar Point.


One thing I hope to accomplish is to visit SFMM... A dream park for me to see in person.


Something about me... Hmm.. Well I just graduated this year... Kinda cool, eh? Also, I am VERY interested in TPR trips.. Would love to take a few


Thanks for reading!



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Hello all in theme park review land! I am the legendary "KING OF THE FLUMERS" and as you have gathered WATERSLIDES ! are my thing and i am the uks no1 waterslider. My "HOME GROUND" is "AQUASPLASH" LEISUREWORLD HEMEL HEMPSTEAD where i am the "HONORARY RESIDENT FLUMER" and have been so since it opened over 10 years ago! AQUASPLASH, is a fairly modest indoor waterpark of only 6 units which are; "LAZY RIVER/DRAG RACE" "MULTISLIDE" "FALLING RAPIDS" "TYRE RIDE"( currently out of commission awaiting works) "superflume" and"SPACE BOWL"(one of the original "STUART LEISURE" models, as the space bowl is a BRITISH INVENTION!) my performances on spacebowl are unique and legendary in their own right as i have an extrordinary technique that no one else has the ability to master which consists of sliding around the bowl SIDEWAYS! besides performances at aquasplash i also perform on waterslides all over the uk and next week i will be at BUTLINS MINEHEAD! and on the return i will be visiting various places along the way including the historic "DOMEBUSTERS" waterslides at THE OASIS SWINDON (which is the uks oldest working waterslides built way back in 1985 and are still going strong! Besides actual performances on waterslides i am also the uks leading waterslide historian and have a unique knowlege of waterslide history and know many of the famous flumemakers and their works. are there any other dedicated waterslide enthuiasts in theme park review land? as i believe i am unique as i have yet to find someone else who can equal my unique achievements in the waterslide world! as i have yet to find another waterslide king! Regards.

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Hi everyone! As being a member of RCPro for over a year, I decided to switch to TPR. Good thing too! RCPro is not friendly at all. If you post a video of something and they don't like it, your done for. The people here are kind and i really like that. I hope to see all of you at some TPR events!

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Hoy hoy,


I'm somewhat of a newbie here, my last post was back around the time Astroworld was closing... Anyhoo, my name is Tim, I'm from Windsor, Ontario, and have had an obsession with this hobby for well over a decade. I will admit right away, I do love Intamin, which I'm sure I'll fit in here just fine. lol

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