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  1. The Zoom Flume on the 1st pier is about 10minutes long and maybe my favorite log flume ever. Also, I love the Skyride because it lasts forever and gives you awesome views, even if it doesn't "take" you anywhere.
  2. Hey, I'm Jake. If you would like to see more of this awesome day from a different perspective, check out my blog entry at ThrillCoaster Tours.com.
  3. Hey everyone. My name is Jake...I am 14 and an avid coaster enthusiast. I have attended ThrillCoaster Tours for the past few summers and have ridden 250 coasters as a result. I've been "stalking" these forums for a while, but I guess I'll jump in and post. I am a long time member of GadvOnline, and of course, my home park is Great Adventure. I blog for ThrillCoaster Tours which you can read there or here. I am the same "Jake" from Josh Davidson's Wildwood PTR from today. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you and become a part of the TPR community.
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