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  1. Well, an decision has been made. After some serious thinking (not really), I will now rent a car and expand my visit. My initial idea was just to visit Mall of America and Valleyfair. But I will now add Mt. Olympus and Timber Falls to my list of things to do. Thanks Elissa & Eric for your input that made me change my mind!!
  2. ^ Yup, I am aware of this site. I have tried to use it for a long time now, but all that I manage to get from this site is this: METRO TRANSIT "We're sorry but a server error has occurred while trying to process your request. The error has been logged and will be reviewed by our staff as soon as possible. It is possible that the error was just a momentary problem and you may wish to use the back button and try again or go back to the home page. For further assistance, please call 612-373-3333 to speak with a transit representative." And that don't make me any smarter. I looked into renting a car and that was just around $ 80 for two days, so I might as well do that (wich is a shame since the park is so close to Mall of America (about 16 miles according to Google Earth). If this had been my home park I would have used my bike to get there). But thanks for helping out with your input Elissa & Eric.
  3. Can anyone please help? I was thinking about visiting Valleyfair one of the weekends this October. I will be visiting from Norway, and is not to keen on renting a car. Is there any form of public transportation between the Bloomington area (Mall of America / Airport) to Valleyfair? I was searching the Twin City Metro site, but their search engine is not working. So if anyone could help me with routes, times, walking distance to the park and where the stations are,etc. Any help will make my trip there so much easier. Thanks, Kristian.
  4. Hamburg Spring Dom, Germany. Grøna Lund, sweden. Local Fair, Norway. Carowinnds, North Carolina. Family Kingdom, South Carolina. Deadwood, North Carolina. Busch Gardens Europe, Virginia. Kings Dominion, Virginia. Six Flags America, Maryland. Six flags Great Adventure, New Jersey. Morey`s Pier, New Jersey. Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. Knoebel`s, Pennsylvania. Waldameer, Pennsylvania. Seabreeze, New York. Darien Lake, New York. Martin`s Fantasy Island, New York. Marineland, Ontario. Canada`s Wonderland, Ontario. Wiener Prater, Austria. Gardaland, Italy. Mirabilandia, Italy. Movie Studio, Italy. Europa Park, Germany. Phantasialand, Germany. Würzburg Fair, Germany. Efteling, Netherland. Walibi, Netherland. Drievliet Family Park, Netherland. Duinrell, Netherland. Hamburg Summer DOM, Germany. Local Fair, Norway. Local Fair, Norway. Nickelodeon Universe, Minnesota. Timber Falls, Wisconsin. Knucklehead Entertainment Center, Wisconsin. Mt. Olympus, Wisconsin. Valleyfair!, Minnesota. Spirit Mountain Resort, Minnesota. Tivoli Gardens, Denmark.
  5. In my opinion you should go for Efteling or Duinrell. The Joris an de Draak at Efteling is definitely worth a visit. The Falcon euro fighter at Duinrell is fun, but the Efteling woodie is much more of a ride and really fun to ride. When I visited Drievliet I was disappointed by the Formule X Coaster. But they do have the Twistrix Coaster at Drivliet wich is a laugh.
  6. Hmm, here is the newbies for the last 2 years, with smiley mini reviews....... 2009. El Toro, Freizeitspark Plohn. Batman, Malmø Folkets Park. Fluch Von Novgorod, Hansa Park. Saw - The Ride, Thorpe Park. Tornardo, Bakken. Teststrecke, Germany travelling 2010. Intimidator, carowinds. Tuff-Tuff Tåget, Grøna Lund. Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion. Joris en de Draak, Efteling.
  7. Summer is just around the corner, although maybe not in my neighborhood . Just woke up to 1 1/2 inch of snow!!
  8. Well, a good new home somewhere......... what about relocate it to my home park, Tusenfryd (keeping my travel cost to a minimum) . It would probably look good squeezed in between Thundercoaster & Speed Monster & the Escalator.
  9. I do hope that they open this year !! Mostly because I have not yet visited the park, but I am going to the Carolinas this June, and I really would like to take the Led Zeppelin / Time Machine coaster before it is no more. So I voted Yes.
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