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  1. I was there the morning it broke down and was incredibly surprised how much the mechanic/someone working on the ride told me. Explained the counterweight and how they were testing in the morning. If that happened when people were up there that would be awful. There is a little ladder climbing up the side, but that would be TERRIBLE getting everyone down. It was crazy hot that day too.
  2. So I did buy the flashpass- Platinum actually, and using the flashpass, I was able to ride every coaster they offered on it, plus the log flume, Giant Drop. I did not ride the Rapid ride, King Chaos, bumper cars and Revolution with the flashpass (it was a walk on- I rode without FP), the only other rides offered. The park was packed, especially the water park. Every coaster had a significant wait (Superman looked especially bad), and the only reason I was able to ride Ragin' Cajun was because of the single rider line. With the Platinum pass, basically everything was a 5 minute wait to reserve exce.pt Superman (10 max), so by the time you rode your rode, the next ride was already ready. Short synopsis of coasters in order of riding. Whizzer: really fun 8/10 Raging Bull: very fun, I definitely liked Nitro (at night) better though. 8/10 Viper: unexpected extreme airtime, especially since bars don't close tightly. The turns were a bit jerky, but if you brace yourself using the back of the seat in front of you, this is a great ride. Surprise of day. 8/10 Demon: lame, but at least their was some attempt at theme. I opted not to ride twice. 5/10 Iron Wolf: cool layout w/trees, another ride that was better than I expected, but there was some headbanging. 6/10 V2 short, but fun 8/10 Batman: The ride : the terrain is much better than SFSTL Batman, and it felt different, but I was not up for the intensity at the time and only rode once 8/10 Ragin Cajun: Incredibly painful, but I enjoyed the single rider line. 4/10 The Dark Knight: Nice change after Cajun, I think a lot more could have been done. I didn't see any preshow video or anything, I don't know if they changed it. 6/10 Superman: First flying coaster, getting seated and rotating to the position, pretzel loop were highlights. 8/10 The park, specifically Southwest Territory had theming that I had not seen at any SF park I had been to previously (SFSTL, SFKK, SFGADV). Fun day. Thanks for the advice ^ Airtime&Gravity
  3. Thanks. Question about FP: I called and they said if I reserved at night they would hold until I get there. Is this not true? I figured I would reserve within the next hour (based on responses) and pick up at 2. I have never used flashpasses before so I'm not sure how the pickup works. Ty.
  4. My first time at Six Flags tomorrow. I have a season pass to SFSTL and am stopping at this SF for maybe 6 hours from 2pm to maybe 8. I want to ride Vertical Velocity, Superman, Raging Bull and some other stuff. The waterpark seems fun but I assume it will be crowded. What do you suggest? Is it crowded/has it been recently? I am willing to buy a Platinum Pass, but would a Gold Pass be good enough? Also, do any rides have single rider lines which could help ease the lines. Honestly though, from the pics and stat, SFGAM looks a bit lackluster, what hidden gems should I not miss out on. Superman, Raging Bull are musts for me, but I don't know much else I should definitely dedicate time to. I would appreciate any responses- thanks.
  5. Possibly. Not sure what hidden awesomeness consists of though in a busy mall.
  6. I was expecting an entertainment complex- something new and different. For all the talk Mall of America gets, I did not feel it lived up to its billing. Look at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_shopping_malls_in_the_world Mall of America is sizable- but definitely does not stand alone. I live nearby a mall with about 1/2 the retail space as Mall of America- "many Yankee stadiums full" - but it generates little press. The amusement park is nice, yes, thats why I I was wondering why it got so much press among the general public- especially when the amusement park was faltering just years ago.
  7. Nice report! The city pictures were great. Quick Q: The model cities include New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco... other places/monuments?
  8. I stopped at MOA and I have to say the mall truly disappointed me. What's the difference between Mall of America and a bunch of upscale malls put together? I imagined it to be more like the Mills Mall in St. Louis, with attractions sprawling throughout the mall -not the case at MOA. The theme park itself was nice, and the benches/scenery made it feel like an outdoor park. We arrived at maybe 2 and went to Aces Flight Simulator and got to the theme park at maybe 3:30. From 3:30 to 5:00 I was able to ride 6 rides (once each) before heading to Rainforest Cafe (not recommended) and then heading home. So other than the coaster crazed... why is MOA a tourist destination again... I should have gone to my first IKEA. Attractions: Spongebob- I liked it. The lift hill might be the best part. Avatar- efficient use of space Fairly Odd Coaster- good ride, should be better incorporated with scenery/add theming Orange Streak- nice for what it is- though it clearly limits park space everywhere. Log Flume- I was very impressed- the animatrons were really cool. They should try to put more emphasis on this ride. It was empty when I went while Spongebob/Avatar/Odd Coasters had 15 minute waits. Ghost shooter- not as good as Scooby in STL but still a nice ride. Notes- -nice short que lines -ride operators need to be more cognisant of filling empty seats, especially on Avatar/Odd Coaster +Aces Flight Simulator- - incredibly difficult if you are not familiar with flight simulators -unless you are really into planes I would not recommend it
  9. Thanks guys hahahahah. Well I didn't think it would be THAT crowded since the park is big and their yearly attendance is not all that high. It looks like I will see if we can go Friday night, if not then next time. Maybe we can hit some boardwalk or something.
  10. I am going to LA for my first time for a weekend (family event) over Memorial Day and I have a Six Flags season pass. The day where I would have the best chance to go would be Saturday (approxametely from 12-5). In the past, is it usually crowded on weekends in late May/early June at SFMM? Or if anyone has been there over Memorial Day weekend, was it packed? I am not sure if its worth going if it is real crowded, since we could spend the day with family. And hey this sculpture sort of looks like a coaster:
  11. Cool pictures. One question- did they make you get off and walk around to the entrance each time to ride? You said one time they forgot to release the gates, so I assume you had to walk around? Must have been alot of walking.
  12. Kumba was a bit of a let down based on some reviews (ie. the coaster critic). I didn't see much of the lush tropical jungle it went through. It was still a fun ride nonetheless, but I was expecting it to be a big step up from Kraken, which I thought it was not.
  13. Thats too bad, I only saw people holding and feeding the birds, which was somewhat entertaining. Now I know for next time (if there is one) that I should be go to sites at the "Meet the Keepers" time they give on the map.
  14. To be honest the only show that seemed to really apply to Africa was KaTonga, but we did not really fit into our plans. Once I saw the size of the theater, I sort of wished we had though. Jungala- we saw the tigers but did not go into the Jungle Flyers, Wild Surge and Treetop Trails Area Edge of Africa- walked through it, it was identicle to the zoo Myombe Reserve- didnt go through, just saw the alligators near the entrance Jambo Junction/rest of Nairobi- didn't walk through Bird Gardens- went through, interesting how the birds would just jump to someones finger Like I said, it really felt like the Saint Louis Zoo, and with lines so tempting and short at a park I had never been to, my friend and I mostly skimmed the animal sections. And I would really reccomend the Saint Louis Zoo to you, it is free of charge, and has all the animals plus a carousel. When you say interact with animals, I assume you mean watch them, correct?
  15. I was a guest in Florida with another family, who are not the most enthusiastic about big coasters, but enjoy the animals and smaller rides. Therefore-I was surprised when they chose to visit BGA and came with a different mentality. From all I have heard about the theming and the quality of the BG parks, I have to saw I was a bit dissapointed by BGA. I still had a very good time at BGA, especially since I was not planning on going to the park. There food seems a little more reasonably priced than other parks, and they have great customer service, so I do reccomend the park. From St. Louis, we have a great zoo, so I have to sayI was not all that impressed by the animal exibits. Without seeing out zoo before, I am sure there exibis would have amazed me though. Therefore I can see how some really enjoy the park. What the park needs is more flats that bridge the "excitement" difference between walking and looking at animals and riding coasters. Currently, I would say they have two attractions (not water oriented) that fit the bill: Rhino Rally and the skyride. The river rapids and the tidal wave were both very good, but especially in the winter, these rides are not of those which you could ride multiple times. I was really looking forward to the Pirates 4D, this would definetly seem like a show which could help bridge the gap-it was closed, which was a big disapointment. Here is my ridelist: Gwazi-Lion (2)- middle and back row Shiekra (2)- second row right outside, front row third from right-husky seat Kumba (1)-middle row Montu (1)-middle row Scorpion (1)- middle row Wild Mouse (1) In order to convince my friend to go on these rides, we were not sitting anywhere near the front row. He stood and watched on Shiekra. Flats: River Rapid, Flume, Tidal Wave (1 each) Skyride (2) Rhino Rally (1) Bumper Cars (1) The big attractions we missed were the Phoenix and the Train. It might seem like we didn't do too much in a day (11 30-6 30) but we did alot of walking around and trying to find others in our party, as well as getting to know the park (in some cases it is required to walk quite a distance to get to something just over the fence). Theming: The only areas I was really impressed with theming were Montu, the Tidal Wave ride, and Timbuktu. The theming was noticable everywhere but these were the only places I would say it stood out. All the ride entrances (Montu, Shiekra, Kumba, Gwazi) were very well done though. Ride Notes: Shiekra: For my second ride, I was alone, and a seat was open in the front row. I didn't realize it was the two seat-belt seat/seat for larger people. I am not so small, but I still had plenty of extra room between my thighs and the armsrests. On other rides and my first on Shiekra, the armbar had safely protected my pocket and kept it nice and closed. This time, since I was in the big seat, when we hung on the drop and inversion, I was very much leaning against the restraint. What do you know? My phone popped out. Good thing it was a crappy phone. The funny thing is I just got a phone call from them that they found my phone. And this means that not only did they find it, its working/they have a SIM card reader. I assume it must be working, which is incredible. It is a very hardy phone, and they called today just now, so I still hold the belief that I lost in on the ride-not in the que, as I would have noticed it drop. Good customer service at BGA Short ride, but the front row is pretty incredible, as is the view from the top of the ride. It is so much fun to ride, watch and ride again that it gets a:9/10 Kumba: Not sure how someone could say its better than Kraken. I like the straight/not curved drops better, and other than that, the coasters seem about the same. I liked the tunnel, but Kraken had better elements coming out/underground. 8/10 Montu: Great ride, even though I didn't ride in the front row, it delivered. I was intense, long and used the terrain well. Bests Patriot and Batman both by a good margin. I couldn't tell if I blacked out for a second on this ride or if my eyes fluttered. 9/10 Scorpion: The ride itself was smooth, fast, and fun. The cars looked uncomfortable for tall people, as there was little foot room. It was also just placed in a vacant spot, but what do you expect of such a small coaster. 7/10 Gwazi: I rode the one with the station farther from the ride entrance. Was it lion? I think it was. The other side was not open. The first time I rode it I was in the middle, and it was fine, bumpy as expected, but fun. The second time I was at the back, the ride ran faster, I got more air, but it was way too bumpy. I do not think this was just from the sitting in the back however since others on the ride looked sick afterwards, even if they were sitting in the front. It would have been alot more entertaining if it raced. 6/10 Cheetah Chase: 5/10 Rhino Rally: Though it is somewhat hard to find, this is a great ride and the only animal interaction attraction I was thouroughly impressed by. If you try to block out the guides jokes (I assume every guide tells lame jokes), you will have missed half the fun. The fact that they at one point came up with a corny joke for every 10 feet of the ride is impressive. The water adventure is really something too. Again, the animals did not seem so cool since we were like 100 feet from the path at all times, but the adventure itself was great. I think this was better than the safari ride at AK even if the animal interaction was not as good. 8/10 The tidal wave was good, but if they incorporated a full storyline, it could be very good. The flume was mediocre. The rapids were very good though, one of the top ones I have ever been on. The skyride was also enjoyable. There were way too many bumper cars for the size of the attraction, so that was only ok. They also went slow, which I understand because of the little kids and so many cars, but they were very easy to manuever was was good. If I go again, I think I will try the water park and more animal activities-Rhino Rally again. Good park, I guess I was just expecting more based on how people rave about BGE.
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