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Hi @all!


I´m the snowman from Germany and like this Forum!!

One day when i have some time i will try join the West Coast Bash or some of the other events.

About four years ago i made a trip through CA and i had much fun in all the parks and i hope to get some time to fly to the USA again. (Maybe next year!).

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Hello boys and girls, I'm Wouter and I'm from Belgium!


It's my ninth year as a themepark enthousiast and in those years I noticed I have a weird fetish for crappy darkrides. Last summer I visited Florida (which consisted mostly of Disney, Universal and Wendy's Baconator moments) and I'm doing the Westcoast this year!


I like making the occasional Youtube video (See!) and dicking around on the internet.

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Hey everyone. My name's James. I'm from Kentucky, and I usually consider Holiday World as my home park. I'm currently a sophomore at Alabama A&M University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering so that I could design theme park attractions for a living. I haven't ridden a lot of coasters because I rarely have a chance to go to a park, usually once a year.


In my spare time, I write fan fiction stories, draw, and play video games. I'm currently working on the fourth story of my fan fiction series called Rogue Rovers, which is based off the 90s cartoon Road Rovers. Some of my attraction/theme park ideas will also be featured in these stories. Most the game I play are RPGs and the occaisonal shooter. You can find me on Xbox LIVE under my gamertag Tenalto, which is based off the two saxophones I played in high school.


I think that's all you need to know.

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Hi My name is Mike I live in Sunapee NH. I haved lived in NH for 7 years. My frist employment was working at Six Flags Over Texas. I worked there for 4 years. Until I moved to NH with my X-girlfriend. I have been a season pass holder at SFNE for 7 years. I go to SFNE every weekened. I consider SFNE to be my home park. I can't wait untill April 10 when SFNE open for the season. I am alset got my season pass already!! I am planing to go to Six Flags La Ronde this summer when I see my brother.


I work for the state NH DOT. I am also a voluteer member on my local fire department. I also works at ski resort during the winter season if I am not out plowing!



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Hi, I'm Zach. Been a coaster enthusiast since I was three, Disney enthusiast since seven . I live in Colorado, home of the worst ex-Six Flags park EVAR (Elitch gardens, in case you didn't know), and home of one of the best wild mice ever (Wild chipmunk, Lakeside). Ridden 115 roller coasters, #100 was Silver Bullet during Coaster Solace 2009 ERT. Can't wait to be involved in TPR!


Robb-Awesome forum, awesome site, keep it up!

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Hello my name is Chris Medina, I'm 14 years old and I've ridden 80 coasters. My home park is Six Flags Over Texas and I live near Dallas TX. I also belong to CoasterForce as Roller Coaster Fanatic. I've been a coaster enthusiast since I was about 10, but only about a year ago I started going on to coaster sites and learning more.


I've heard great things about this forum and I can't wait to explore this place.

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So Robb sent out this email saying that if I make a post on the forums I get a free trip to the moon, or something.


So I live in Kansas City, home of Worlds of Fun, though I'm Nebraska born. People who ask me if I like Kansas or Missouri college teams get a rather dirty look.


I've loved coasters since I was a kid. They're like a drug to me. I cut my teeth on coasters at the Nebraska State Fair (sadly, I never rode the Miller Toboggan coaster they had for a few years) and Worlds of Fun. Oh Zambezi Zinger and Orient Express, how I miss you. I even miss the Scream Roller. And yes, I rode it as the EXT stand-up and sit-down version as well. Yeah, buddy!


I couldn't tell you how many coasters I've been on. Unlike some, I don't carry a notebook with me to keep track. My mission is just having a blast and getting that feeling. You know, the one where you rise out of your seat as you're falling 200+ feet at 70, 80 or 90+ mph.


I do know which parks I've been to, though.


Peony Park, Nebraska (defunct)

Worlds of Fun

Six Flags St. Louis (first time it was over Mid-America)

Elitch Gardens


Holiday World

Cedar Point

Kings Island

Kentucky Kingdom

Busch Gardens Tampa

Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios Florida


SeaWorld Orlando

Disneyland (mid and late '80s)

SeaWorld San Diego (late '80s)

Magic Mountain (late '80s though, pre-coaster craziness)

Knott's Berry Farm (late '80s though)


I was stationed at Camp Pendleton when I went to the last four, so that's why it was many moons ago.


Favorite coasters


Steel was close after my Ohio trip last August. Diamondback was fantastic, but the Force was strong. I think it must just be the speed, plus I got airtime. I rode it for the first time in 2006. I love Magnum. The lack of a brake run on the return trip puts it over Mamba, which brings you back to the station at about 2 mph. Plus Magnum was my first mega-coaster, back in '96 I think. I love Montu, mainly because the track is below grade at some points. SheiKra is the bomb, as is the Hulk. Vortex gets a mention because it has a kamikaze curve like the Orient Express had. The Dragons are great, too. Maverick was fun, but I see now why they removed the heartline roll. It bruised my arms.


Wood, there is, for me, no comparison to the Voyage. I can't wait to ride it with Timberliners. I'm ready for a cigarette when I get off that coaster. Plus I've met three of the guys from the Gravity Group, and got to hang with Korey last year at HoliWood Nights. I love all three of HW's woodies.


Some say the Beast is overrated, but I enjoyed it. I imagine it was wild before a lot of the trims were installed. I talked with one guy who rode it after it rained and he said it was flying. I wanted to ride Son of Beast, but, sadly, it remained closed. Some love it, some hate it, but I just wanted to ride it. Is it possible to be rougher than Mean Streak?


I love out-and-backs. Screamin' Eagle, Blue Streak, even the Racer are all great. I've ridden three GCI coasters and enjoy them.


So that's about it.

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I'm Tom Lichtenberger and I live near New York City. I hope to be a future roller coaster engineer or somewhat like Robb...I want to travel the world to see different beaches, views, and roller coasters. I want to join a group of enthusiasts, but I'm still 15 and my parents and brother just got tired of riding roller coasters...so I go on all the rides alone. I'm also pretty far from all the great parks except Six Flags Great Adventure. My favorite park is Cedar Point. I love it so much. Even my family liked it except it's pretty far from where I live. My goal is to visit Australia, California, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. I'm in Honors Science and Honors Geometry. I do pretty good in school, but I feel it isn't good enough to be an engineer. I've been on 70 roller coasters in all. I hoping to go to IAAPA, Seaworld and some other parks near my 16th birthday. My favorite roller coaster is sitting in the back seat of El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure. My 2nd favorite is Millennium Force. My favorite ride at Disney World is Splash Mountain...the characters are so cute and the song is catchy...unlike It's a Small World...haha. I don't have a job yet and I hope being an Imagineer at Disney can be a good one when I get older and out of college...should I send some ideas to them or something to get known?...I don't know...well...I'm Tom!!...lol

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I feel like this thread is getting a huge number of posts thanks to a lovely e-mail from Rob...But whatever works, my name is Jeff and I live in Southern California which means I have access to an amazing selection of theme parks, unfortunately beyond them I haven't really been to any that are worthwhile.


That is alright though since Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's, and Sea World provide more than enough entertainment, and indeed manage to drain enough of my limited monetary resources.


So finally after having a membership for an incredibly long time I have finally moved out of the lurker status and onto the forum!

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Hi, my name is Adam. I'm from Charlotte, NC and my local park is carowinds. I've worked at WDW in rides in Fantasyland and Toontown , and I've also worked at carowinds for a season on StealthBorgHawk and Vortex as a rides supervisor. I've been to all the former paramount parks, WDW, DL, Universal Orlando, Kennywood, Hersheypark, and others.


I've been quite the lurker here, but I suppose I might start chatting it up now. Anyways, thanks for the site, it's a lot of fun to read.

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Hi all, I'm Alex.

I live in Virginia, USA. I've been following this site for the last two years (from no username at all, for most of the time). My coaster count is relatively low, but my favorite coaster is the Dania Beach Hurricane, mostly because it is the only coaster I have managed to ride 12 times in a row (not an exaggeration). I hope to go on a TPR trip in a year from now, hopefully to Japan, or Europe. Either way, I'd enjoy it. and so, there ends my post. erm...hi.

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Hi Guys, been a member for a good while and never posted, just got trransplanted to Nashville TN from Tampa Fla and definately not loving it. I miss my year round theme parks. As a Floridian of course my favorite parks are USO and IOAO and of course Disney. My all time favorite park is Cedar Point. Hoping to attend a gathering with TPR sometime.

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Hellow people

I am Maycon from Brazil, i like at Beto Carrero Theme Park, and my Roller coaster prefered is Firewip.

One day i wish to go to USA and enjoy the roller coaster that you know .... i loved this


See you

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Long time listener, first time caller.


My name is John and I currently live in Missouri. I am half way between Worlds of Fun and 6 Flags, St. Louis. We usually let the weather decide which park we go to. Silver Dollar City is also very close to where I live. I prefer wooden coasters, but I'm really not that picky My ride count is pretty pathetic but I usually don't go to but 1 or 2 parks a year. I usually ride a new coaster twice, the first time to see if my wife will like it or not then again with her.


Well thanks for the great site, I really enjoy all the news and construction photos. Keep up the good work.



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Hi all,


I'm Britt from the Vancouver area. I haven't visited that many theme parks as of yet. Our local one (crapola), Disneyland, DCA & Disneyworld.


I'm a fan of California Screaming & Big Thunder Mountain. Space Mountain is ok, but I haven't been on it since the reno, so I'm a bit out of date.


I like Splash Mountain, but only if it's very hot out.


I'm really enjoying the ride videos here. Living vicariously through everyone else's fun

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Hello TPR!


I'm Kevin, currently in my second year at UC Berkeley.


I've been reading TPR for a while now, but this is my first post. I really enjoy the trip reports and videos here.


Let's see...coaster count: 61 (52 S/9 W)

Park count: Around 20

When I'm home, I'm about a half an hour drive from Disneyland.

Favorite parks: probably Disneyland (#1) and Epcot (#2)

Favorite coasters: Tatsu, Alpengeist, Expedition Everest, X2


I've worked at two parks:

DCA: Store Ops (2 years ago) and

Legoland: Attractions (currently, when I'm on breaks)


I know I may be in the minority, but I actually really enjoy DCA and I'm really excited for the changes in the coming years.

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I am Jere from Wyoming. Not a lot of parks/rides around here. Just dirt and cows, but my local park would be Lagoon down in Salt Lake City, UT, since it is only a 3 hour drive away.


Seems like I have been making a yearly pilgrimage to So Cal every year for quite a while now just to ride coasters, and for a warm change of view


As for a favorite coaster, I still like the White Coaster at Lagoon, even though X2 did impress me last year.


This will be the first year I will not be able to make it to West Coast Bash, or even the old Solace, but things are looking up for the Bay Bash.

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Hello everyone.


I am Mici. My favorite rides are the ones with LIM or other technology that shoots the cars out. The closest park to me is Wild Waves which has only three coasters. I take several trips every year to other major parks.

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Hi all,

I am Rudi Ferreira from South Africa, i don't have all that much exposure to descent coasters other than the ones in Disney Orlando, local here in SA we a coaster called the Anaconda, pretty cool. I am visiting the US again the year and will do some coater hunting if time allow for that.



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Hello there dear friends from Theme park review how is everybody doing??? My name is pascal i live in a village its cold Best and it is in the Netherlands near to Eindhoven. I have worked in De Efteling - Hellendoorn - Six flags Belgium. mine favorite themeparks are Six Flags magic mountain - busch gardens Tampa florida - Seaworld florida - Universal stuidio,s Florida Island,s of adventure Florida Walt Disney world Orlando Florida My favorite rollercoasters are:

1: Tatsu Six flags Magic mountain.

2: Ridlers revenge Six Flags Magic mountain.

3: Sheikra Busch Gardens Tampa .

4: The Hulk coaster Islands of Adventure.

5: Montu Busch Gardens Tampa .

6: Duelling Dragons Islands of Adventure.

7: Kumba Busch Gardens Tampa .

8: Terminator Salvation Six Flags Magic mountain.

9:Goliath Six Flags Magic mountain.

10:X2 Six Flags Magic mountain.

Every year we book a holiday to the usa because i am greta fan of all the trhill rides that the have there , and in about 5 years we go move to the usa and stay there for the rest of our lives. .

And we want also making a trip togheter with Theme park revieuw

And my favorite artist of all time is Celine Dion mine biggest wisch is that i will meet her some day.

Tatsu (HD Front Seat POV) Six Flags Magic Mountain.mp4

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I'm Carl from Allentown, PA home to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. I've ridden close to 500 coasters in the US. Our family's only trip to Europe ten years ago resulted in riding only two coasters at Prater Park in Vienna. Certainly nothing major like a lot of TPR members have ridden. My favorite coasters include Bizarro at Six Flags New England, Thunderhead at Dollywood, and Prowler at Worlds of Fun. Thanks to Robb for all that he provides to the coaster community and keep on having fun. This is one of the greatest hobbies in the world!

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