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  1. I actually asked the ride operator if I was allowed to bring my camera on and she said yes. So I guess it's fine.
  2. Hello, I’m Tom and this is my first Photo Trip Report. I went to Hershey Park for a band trip with my high school and Hershey Park was our gift for playing pretty good in the competition. The concert band got 3rd place and the Jazz band got 1st! There are also some photos of Philidelphia, which is another place we went to. This is my first trip report so bear with me. I posted a video on coastertube which includes many rides from Hershey and even better shots than the photos below. Please look at the photos before the video though. Anyway, here we go: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Hershey_Park_RAW_bqo5[/coastertube] Here are some views from my hotel room at the Hilton in Harrisburg, PA. Here is the entrance of the Hilton. Giant Center is in sight. We are almost there! ALMOST THERE!!! There's the other coach bus from my school. You know what? Let me just show you the rides. Storm Runner is lookin' HHHOOOTTT! Heck YEA! One of my personal favorites. Fahrenheit is my first ride of the day. I think they had fun... Going up... OH! Just a glance at my favorite again... And back at Fahrenheit. Storm Runner's queue is really fast. No joke. Look at that launch section. WOW! A beautiful top hat. My mouth is watering. This is a pretty unique Immelman...hmmm... Just look at it. Isn't it awesome? Wow! It might even be better than Hydra's dive loop. And the top hat is still lookin' HHOOTT! This is probably my favorite photo out of them all. Last one, I promise. Just look at it...Oh my GOD! Here is Great Bear. I didn't ride it, unfortunately. This immelman is pretty good, but not as good as Storm Runner's! Here are the Kissing Tower photos! Comet Hollow looks nice from above. Now THAT is a view. The new view of '08. It is pretty awesome! This is a famous view. The even more famous Hershey Factory. It's too bad I can't go in. Uh-Oh! Coal Cracker seems to be in a "log jam." Welcome to Hershey! Why thanks Hershey! ...And back to reality. Here you can view Independence Hall. And this is the National Constitution Center. This is Benjamin Franklin as his old self. He discovered electricity? Inside this building sits the Liberty Bell. Here is the inside of the National Constitution Center. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to view the video on the top of the page! (=
  3. Heylo, I'm Tom Lichtenberger and I live near New York City. I hope to be a future roller coaster engineer or somewhat like Robb...I want to travel the world to see different beaches, views, and roller coasters. I want to join a group of enthusiasts, but I'm still 15 and my parents and brother just got tired of riding roller coasters...so I go on all the rides alone. I'm also pretty far from all the great parks except Six Flags Great Adventure. My favorite park is Cedar Point. I love it so much. Even my family liked it except it's pretty far from where I live. My goal is to visit Australia, California, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. I'm in Honors Science and Honors Geometry. I do pretty good in school, but I feel it isn't good enough to be an engineer. I've been on 70 roller coasters in all. I hoping to go to IAAPA, Seaworld and some other parks near my 16th birthday. My favorite roller coaster is sitting in the back seat of El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure. My 2nd favorite is Millennium Force. My favorite ride at Disney World is Splash Mountain...the characters are so cute and the song is catchy...unlike It's a Small World...haha. I don't have a job yet and I hope being an Imagineer at Disney can be a good one when I get older and out of college...should I send some ideas to them or something to get known?...I don't know...well...I'm Tom!!...lol
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