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  1. My major is Mechanical Engineering under the Manufacturing discipline. I'll be getting my B.S. degree this coming May after 5 years. I actually found it pretty enjoyable and help boost my creative side. I'm not only good with numbers, but I'm also a great writer, musician, and artist (just have keep practicing on drawing some more).
  2. My first Arrow coaster, which was also my first inverting coaster, was Tennessee Tornado in 2011. I had to build my courage up to get on an inverting coaster, but I definitely had a blast on it.
  3. Great trip report. I was laughing at everything. I've noticed in one of the pictures with the security. If you look at the top of the building you can see POS Security. I just about died laughing from that.
  4. It's a fun experience, even though I lost that battle, and I also saw Elissa fight. Her battle was right before mine.
  5. I also saw that on Facebook, and I was also going to post it on here, but you've beaten me to it.
  6. This year, I got: -Kinect for Xbox 360 -TomTom GPS to replace my Garmin GPS -A Watch -Clothes -Money, that I'll spend on some more games for my 360 Overall, I had a good Christmas, and my family was fortunate enough to get the oven fixed before Christmas after the heating element in the oven decided to hit the road.
  7. One thing I liked where the announcements that were heard throughout the asylum, especially The Joker's. I think one cool section of the game was Killer Croc's lair, where you have keep the noise down to a minimum so that you don't alert Croc to your presence. That would make an excellent section for the attraction.
  8. I was shocked when I found out about his death this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I never had a chance to talk with him. The only memory I had of him was during a band trip to Holiday World. My group decided to eat a Plymouth Rock Cafe, and while I was getting my food, I saw Will. I was just excited to see him in person. He will truly be missed.
  9. Wow, I expected it to be sold out, but I didn't expect it to be out that quick. Thanks for posting the link.
  10. I found out that Disney will be streaming the premier show tonight on Ustream, and it will start at 8:30 PST. Since I have under 50 posts, I can't post a link.
  11. Hey everyone. My name's James. I'm from Kentucky, and I usually consider Holiday World as my home park. I'm currently a sophomore at Alabama A&M University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering so that I could design theme park attractions for a living. I haven't ridden a lot of coasters because I rarely have a chance to go to a park, usually once a year. In my spare time, I write fan fiction stories, draw, and play video games. I'm currently working on the fourth story of my fan fiction series called Rogue Rovers, which is based off the 90s cartoon Road Rovers. Some of my attraction/theme park ideas will also be featured in these stories. Most the game I play are RPGs and the occaisonal shooter. You can find me on Xbox LIVE under my gamertag Tenalto, which is based off the two saxophones I played in high school. I think that's all you need to know.
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