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  1. *Can't. *Their. *That is in three other parks. Worst post ever. Think about the words that you just wrote. Think about them. Now think about some of your previous posts. You rate Kumali as being better than The Smiler and Saw. Kumali is a SLC for crying out loud. How on earth can you make a rubbish post like this, about a ride infinitely more interesting than a crappy SLC?
  2. No local authority likes any of the parks. This just seems like a punitive and unreasonable refusal for the sake of it.
  3. Thorpe Park: 2015: Entire park to be relandscaped to provide more seating and greenery, general tidy up and refresh of the theming as a whole 2016: Colossus to be completely overhauled, refurbished and equipped with new, more comfortable trains 2017: X to be replaced with more modern, thrilling hardware. Possibly a Premier Rides LSM launched ride. 2018: General refurbishment of all rides 2019: New headline attraction. Chessington: 2015: New roller coaster, possibly an Intamin Juvelen clone. 2016: Bubbleworks to be renamed back to Professor Burp's Bubble Works, and the ride to be totally reset to how it was before the Cussons sponsorship. At the same time, Vampire should be refreshed and refurbished to smarten it up. 2017: Nothing 2018: Nothing 2019: Nothing
  4. The Swarm, and as someone else just said Thirteen are very smooth.
  5. The Smiler. Not a bad roller coaster, and I enjoyed it, but not worth queueing up for longer than an hour to ride.
  6. Contrary to what someone else said earlier, Europe has barely any really imaginative flat rides. Just the usual Mondial/Huss/Zamperla/Intamin/Fabbri line up with the exception of Thorpe Park, which operates the last remaining S&S Sky Swat.
  7. Intamin's older style OTSR's are very unforgiving, but their newer style thin strap OTSR used on some rocket coasters is far better. Never had a problem with B&M restraints, but their vest type system is just so comfortable. Feels like being hugged by John Wardley. The only restraint system I cannot abide is the S&S Lapbar and Shoulder grip combo. If you have even slightly broad shoulders, it is agony.
  8. [opinion] Posts like these bring out the worst in the coaster community. Lots of nitpicking, armchair experts offering up lectures, someone even legitimately came out with their disappointment that a small, family oriented park didn't build a Hyper... just be pleased a small park is confident enough to commit to such a large investment, and hope this paves the way for the future. [/opinion]
  9. I have to disagree with one thing you posted (even though I agree with the rest): This ride was for BOTH the enthusiasts and the GP. Both groups have been asking for a steel, and even though some enthusiasts don't seem to be open to changing their minds about wing coasters, many enthusiasts (like myself) like wing coasters and are super excited about this addition. And the entire campaign was targeted at the enthusiasts. Actually every ride is for the GP, which enthusiasts are a constituent of.
  10. I always come off of Colossus feeling sick, but that probably has more do to with the headbanging because I didn't feel unwell after The Smiler, Huss Enterprises make me feel truly unwell too.
  11. Nobody is interested. You sound like the sort of whiner I wouldn't want at my carnival. If I had one.
  12. A Mondial ride not running?!? You don't say! Glad to hear Colossus is running decently. I was on the second row from the front today and it was like Dot Cotton's smokers cough first thing in the morning.
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