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Wii Friend Connect Code Exchange


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I have just sent everyone who has on my list a very special XMAS greeting!






I had to reply with an equally "special" message, unfortunately, I may have first sent a blank message, couldn't find a way to unsend it though.


Next couple days, I'll add the names I am missing, I've slacked off the last few weeks in adding Wii friends.


Edit: I had time tonight, so I'm officially up-to-date on friend codes.

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^Robb, did you happen to send your & Elissa's Miis to me? If not, send them on over. The main reason I ask is I want to see if my Wii is working properly. My boyfriend really got into the boxing game and managed to knock it on the floor

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^ I just sent you a message back today.


I think I've pretty much updated everyone from the list. Is there anyone who doesn't have the Robb & Elissa Mii's who wants them?




I'd like to have them ! I just added you on my Wii so feel free to add me too and send me your Mii's. I will send my Mii's afterwards if you're not overloaded with them on your console ...

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