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Wii Friend Connect Code Exchange


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I need to hook mine up to the internte, and when I do, I'll post my Friend codes. Anyway, I'm suprised that so little people on TPR have the Wii! We've been talking about it for months, and a lot of people seemed to have pre-ordered it or waited on line for it at stores. Just a thought.


I have been driving around to about 18 stores daily trying to find one... does that count? In pretty much any major city there are no Wii's anywhere and campout lines for the announced releases have been days long which is not worth it.

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Yow! I had no idea it was so hard to get one now! All that I did was get up really really early on Black Friday and waited online at my local Toys R Us for a half hour. They had almost four hundred! For all those who don't have it yet, I suggest pestering your local Game Stop or EB Games every day to see if they have a shipment in. It worked for my friend!

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Or go to EB Games on a Friday morning before opening, or a Best Buy on a Sunday about 30 min to an hour before opening.


Best Buy has been holding them until Sundays since that's when their circular ads "sales period" starts. That's how I got mine. Showed up to Best Buy (best to find the less popular ones) at store opening.

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Ugh.. this is so retarded! I went to gamestop earlier today and they have about 15 Wii boxes on display with stickers that say "$249.99". So we go and ask them "Do you have any Wii's in stock?" The guy replies, "No, and we don't know when or how many we'll be getting."


Target had some earlier today, but they sold out. Wal-Mart and K-Mart don't have any because they suck where I live.


Anyways, I'll post my FC when I get one eventually...

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