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  1. Woohoo! Finally got myself a Wii. I'm 4507-9763-4689-4039 Add me.
  2. Well I don't know what the park is going to be yet, but the Animal Kingdom (NOT a recreation) is a possibility. The screens are just to comment on. I know not much, but I like the lighting. =] SO comments are welcome, remember the screens are HIGHLY unfinished, I just want to get first impressions. ...aaaaannnd an unfinished building. I just want to know what you think. ...and at night. Hill at day... (Unfinished) Splashdown!
  3. ^ The huge letters were part of a custom scenery pack that I downloaded somewhere, I'll post the link if I find it again
  4. Anheuser Busch has seen the land for the proposed 'Thrillscape' park, and has decided to buy the land and the rides for several hundred million dollars, they see big potential for the land. Already changes are being made. The proposed Journey to Atlantis water coaster An Intamin wooden roller coaster named Kraken Wave Surfer; an Intamin Ball Coaster that gets riders SOAKED! The Bullet has been rethemed and renamed Monsoon COME BACK SOON For finished pictures of Kraken, Wave Surfer, The Sunset Wheel, and Sea World Sandusky's newly built enterance!
  5. Are you using RCT3? Because in Wild! they have a bunch of.... rocks.
  6. THIS WAS THRILLSCAPE, BUT NOW IS A SEA WORLD PARK. I don't know anything of the land in Sandusky, Ohio, so I really don't know if there is any land available for a park, so just bear with me. The tophat on The Bullet. The entrance to The Bullet, which is a cross between Goliath and Xcelerator. Just showing some support work on the first turn. The que line and the banked turn into the first airtime hill. Sky Flyers
  7. I was worried about the same things, then I rode California Screamin', and they were fine, so you should be fine, too! Happy with then? I love mine... (Although, if you're going to ride Space Mountain, that ride just murders them...) Happy (visible) Riding!
  8. Is it really just holoraphic strips?! I'm pretty sure it is the same technology in the red, spinning tunnel at the beginning of the ride...
  9. Disneyland Resort - 30 Minutes Knott's Berry Farm - 30 - 35 Minutes ------------------------------------------ Mulligans (Mini-Golf Type Park) - 10 Minutes
  10. Legoland replaced those rocks with a dumb mini-golf course.... Welcome! Hope you will enjoy this site as much as the rest of us!
  11. Robb Alvey (I don't know if he programs... but that's what I thought of....)
  12. Hurt of Heal... got this game off of ACN... anyways... The game is simple. There are game consoles on a list. Each console starts with 10 points. You pick one console to hurt, one console to heal. With that, you also post the stats of the list. EXAMPLE: Hurt: PS2 - You hurt the PS2, it loses one point. Heal: NES - You heal the Xbox 360, it dgains a point. PS2: 9 NES: 11 The last console remaining wins... OK I think we can get started: Hurt: PS3 Heal: XBOX 360 NES - 10 Sega Dreamcast - 10 Atari Jaguar - 10 Gameboy - 10 Playstation - 10 Nintendo 64 - 10 Gameboy Color - 10 PS2 - 10 XBOX - 10 Gamecube - 10 Gameboy Advance/SP - 10 Nintendo DS - 10 XBOX 360 - 11 PS3 - 9 Nintendo Revolution - 10
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