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Cruising with Theme Park Review!

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Well, it does look like his p*nis, it's disgusting.




This looks like a really nice trip guys (and girls). One day, when i'm big, have money of my own and a wife, I'm looking forward to these kind of trips aswell. Hope you enjoy the parks/fairs today.


Thanks again for the daily updates, it's really nice you're willing to putt so much work into it every day... especially spending time updating us when Elissa is waiting in bed for you. You're great!

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Thanks for taking time out of stuffing yourselves at the buffet to post some pics.


That pic of the fat guy is seriously disturbing. And I thought I was fat last year.


I think that is bread in his bag. It looks like his wife went off and left her bag hanging around his neck. Maybe he's being punished or something.

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Great TR once again!


Still at Zebra pasta and the "2 for 1's" (fart box and side boob+side p*nis guy. ) Really nice pics, always good to see much food and happiness .

Also, Thanks for the pic, it's appreciated: cruising ships, trees and fat-free sour-ryebread for reindeer, yup that's what keeps Finland's economy alive


Anyway good stuff, looking forward for more.

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Oooh! Action shot! C'mon TPR girls!!! Don't you want some REAL men? Check us out!

(Please....someone from the site...Lou, Nicole, Spookbaby...someone get these guys laid...you've GOT to know someone...even if it's someone you HATE....please help us help them out! Even though they might look pathetic and stupid, they really are great guys!)


Robb... after many hours of searching, I've finally found someone willing to get them laid!


This guy!


Laura "I want a 'Knocked up' shirt just to f*$k with my Mom" Huls


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Sorry to hear that the cruise is over already, but I'm relieved that no one died in the jungles or ate so much they exploded. Looking forward to your "quality" parks in Florida update.


I hope they weren't mad I fell asleep on Thursday afternoon and missed the Beer Pong Tourney.

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WTF is Jow playing with? And more importantly, why is he aiming it at Elissa?


Exactly what I was thinking XD


After spending a few nights playing four player Wii Sports, I think it's safe to say that I've never seen/heard more sexual innuendos in my life. The system is perfect for trash talking your opponents.


Also, the coloring in this photo makes me uneasy.

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