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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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What has led to the speculation that it's a Mack Extreme Spinner is that SDC has said this ride is a first of its kind. A looping spinning coaster has not been built, although it was tested on Blue Fire. It's also something that people will immediately recognize as unique, and that's important to draw people to Branson. I say it's a good guess given what we know at this point. All of SDC's adult coasters are custom, so whatever type it is, it's not a stock layout.

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Just a head's up, this place appears to be installing a Snowflex complex and if they do build the second phase, you'll be able to snowboard year round. Just look up images and videos of the Liberty University Snowflex facility



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Yeah, that video shows the TYPE of ride that is rumored, not the layout. Still could be something different anyway. Once you see the spread of the footers and the shear elevation changes, especially with the station, you'll understand how huge this thing is going to be.


Speaking of new things in Branson though, I included a pic of the new drop tower in the last update, but there's also the new mountain coaster which is already half way constructed. I didn't go to the landing so I'm not sure what the new dark ride looks like yet, but I'll stop by sometime this summer to check all of it out.







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Nothing is built yet in Branson Landing. They have signs up and black windows, but they are just starting. Marble Slab Creamery reopened and partnered with Great American Cookies. Victorias Secret is closed for expansion and has moved a few items next door and across the street to the old Halloween Bootique. The Water & Fire show is also working better than last year because it hasnt messed up yet, but the power squirters still are not working unfortunately, so it is not at its best.


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As for the new coaster at SDC, I'm not ruling out a RMC T-Rex, but I'm not putting my money on it, either. First of it's kind. Massive. Could fill the hyper roll the park is lacking. Aside from the launch fiasco, RMC and Herschend seem to have a pretty fair relationship. I don't want to start a baseless #what'sintheshed = drop track rumor, but it's something to think about.

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If it were a hyper, it'd have to have a vertical lift, and there would be absolutely no straight sections... The footers are packed into a tight area stretching across a big gully. It's a bunch of footers, and a sizable area, but not like a hyper coaster area. I mean, it still could be 200' tall for the drop at least, but we can rule out any sort of traditional hyper coaster at this point. It will be very twisted.


I wish I could get shots of the footers without breaking any rules. Riding TNT gives some great views. These are still the best overview shots: http://www.news-leader.com/story/news/business/2017/03/03/silver-dollar-city-confirms-single-biggest-thing-ever-done-under-construction/98496960/

Those are old photos though, from at least 3 or 4 months ago. A lot of footers have been added since, especially the big block footers down in the deepest areas.


Also, for what it's worth, I've been told recently that HFEC is not really happy with RMC right now. Both Outlaw Run and Lightning Run are pretty big headaches. I'm sure you'll hear plenty of different stories, but that's what many seem to think who are closer to the parks.

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Also, for what it's worth, I've been told recently that HFEC is not really happy with RMC right now. Both Outlaw Run and Lightning Run are pretty big headaches. I'm sure you'll hear plenty of different stories, but that's what many seem to think who are closer to the parks.


Hence why I still hope for a B&M or that the park is looking at another one in the near future. Wildfire is a proven reliable thrill ride and a people mover. Of all the times I have been at the park I have only seen it broke down maybe twice in the 16 years its been in operation and it also has the quickest lines in the park for a coaster. (if not a walk on, as it usually is on a good day) Even if the current construction area is a Mack Extreme Spinner, I still sit back and think how that area would have been perfect for a well themed B&M Wing or Dive coaster. SDC also still has the old Waterboggan site to utilize. If I was their planner for future attractions Id rather use the Waterboggan location for the spinning coaster and tie it in with Grand Exposition or Fireman's Landing.

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Visited the park on Friday. Here is a video of the latest construction:


Points of interest for speculation:

0:42, 2:45, & 3:20 Large square footers. (Assuming they are for large ride elements or inversions.)

1:17, 1:32 & 3:07 A very large square pit is being dug out. (A possible dive coaster-esque tunnel element being constructed?)

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Its very likely this will be a Mack based on the footers. It will not be a B&M with pretty good certainty if we avoid hypotheticals (i.e. B&M changes their footer design, use several different designs per ride, etc.). I'm not going to try to rule out any other manufactuer because to use footers as a basis for elimination for dozens of manufactures really pushes the limit of reasonable speculation. I'm just trying to prove it wont be a B&M based upon what footer designs they use, and that the footers match Mack's current design.


Mack uses the same 4-hole design were seeing show up here (which, for the record, they used it on Cobra's Curse), while B&M has been using an almond-shaped, 6-hole design for decades that seemed to first appear (but used sparingly) on the Batman clones. All of their support columns since Iron Wolf have sat flush to the footer, while Mack always leaves a space between the footer and the support column.

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Festival of Wonder!


The last couple of years World-Fest has been a little short on entertainment, and it's clear the park was struggling to find enough acts. This year Festival of Wonder takes its place, and while there are some World-Fest favourites returning, such as the pan flute band, the retooled festival gives SDC a wider range to choose from, and it's really paid off.


Just like World-Fest, the Festival of Wonder focuses on food and shows, and my photos reflect that. There are many shows that sounded great, but we selected Dan Dunn, a pop artist whose hook is that he can paint a portrait in just a few minutes. It's a really fun show, high energy, and everyone liked it.


Progress is being made on Wild Mountain or Time Traveler or whatever, and the park has started putting teaser signs all over the place. The facade toward Echo Hollow is taking shape and betrays a significant level of thought put into the sight lines from the amphitheatre. I'm very interested to see how it fits in, as it's very prominent from the theatre seats. We stayed until close, so I have some photos from the Echo Hollow path that is closed throughout the day. Enjoy!


First ride of the day is Thunderation. Could not wait to see the progress on Roller Coaster 9.


They'll need a crane, they'll need a crane.... And also a cherry picker, they'll need one of those too.


Ride Thunderation in the front row for this view!


Station facade has some new vertical beams. What could it be?


Also ride Thunderation because it's the best mine train not at a Disney park.


Lunch from the newly expanded menu. I'm so glad they're focusing on food this year. It has been a major guest complaint. Not that their food was ever bad, but it had slipped a bit in quality as attendance rose. This was a great lunch and represents a return to form for SDC.


I can't believe I'm sharing a kebab with the hottest girl I have ever seen with a kebab.


My daughter was viciously attacking her salad. Yes, she ordered a salad. Apparently I'm doing this dad thing all right after all.


On to the show! Little known fact: Midway once attempted to make a Paint Jam game as a mashup between NBA Jam and Microsoft Paint. True story.


Dan got his purple on for the first work.


He paints really frantically, only a few seconds in each spot and then moving on.


You lookin' at me? I don't see nobody else paintin' right now, so you must be lookin' at me.


I think I might know who this is now...


And he flipped the canvas around to reveal the portrait. At this point the music changed to "Purple Rain."


Not too bad for 5 minutes of work.


This one took a bit longer, but was the same process as before.


Then he challenged this kid to an art fight.


On to the Frisco Barn to check out the festival food.



Want to know? Read on!




Through a hole in the fence that definitely isn't there for this specific reason.


Station from the Echo Hollow path


This station is enormous and is shaping up to look really great. Note the vertical metal beams on the side facing Echo Hollow and the vertical wood beams on the side facing Thunderation. Let the speculation begin!


This is the side facing Echo Hollow. The cutouts for the windows seem vaguely Georgian in style. Classy.


Oh hell yes. My favourite festival. Or is it Old Time Christmas? I'm torn.


There were several tour buses today. These guys are going to see the cow beneath the sea.


Parking lot coaster? This is by stop 3. More parking is definitely needed.

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"Fry Bread Heaven" "World of Bacon"


I love it!


Great TR, it all looks like you had a great time there!

Construction shots were all very cool to see, too.


Mmmmm kebabs.....


Actually, we did souvlaki yesterday for our anniversary dinner!

Delivery, but it was worth it. Meat on sticks is always awesome!

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^ Souvlaki...


It really was a good day. There is so much good food there, it's hard to choose. They're offering a sampler dinner each Saturday during the festival to taste all the things--really wish we could go, but all our Saturdays in April are booked. Still, what we had was excellent. SDC has always done well on the model of offer cheap food that tastes really good, and people will choose to buy in the park instead of going to fast food outside. You won't find any $15 hamburgers here--most things are under $10, and entrees often include one or two sides. We fed 5 people for $29--try doing that at any other theme park.

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Quick question....


We are planning a visit to the park in July and noticed that they are only open till 7pm(in July?). We are only going to have 1 day in the park, and with the limited hours , we are worried if we are going to be able to do all the coasters, cave tour, and a few other rides.


My question(s)Is this.... how are the crowd levels, and is a fast lane necessary? I'm guessing with the limited hours that crowds are light, but want to go prepared with fast lane if needed.


Thanks for any advice.

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Quick question....


We are planning a visit to the park in July and noticed that they are only open till 7pm(in July?). We are only going to have 1 day in the park, and with the limited hours , we are worried if we are going to be able to do all the coasters, cave tour, and a few other rides.


My question(s)Is this.... how are the crowd levels, and is a fast lane necessary? I'm guessing with the limited hours that crowds are light, but want to go prepared with fast lane if needed.


Thanks for any advice.


The park will be busy. It closes at 7pm so the 50+ live theaters in Branson can be filled with people for their nightly show.

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7pm is not limited hours for SDC. July will be very busy, even on weekdays. I'd budget for the Trailblazer Pass, but don't buy it until you get to the park. A lot of people come to SDC for the shows, and while that's less true in peak summer, it still holds that the park can be packed and yet the lines for rides are not too bad.


There are 2 levels of Trailblazer Pass: One allows you to skip the line 8 times on their 8 most popular rides, and the other allows unlimited skips. On the lower tier, keep in mind that it is NOT one skip per ride, just 8 skips total. It's been a long time since I've seen a wait longer than half an hoir on Fire in the Hole and Thunderation, so if you wait for those, you can skip the line again on rides that really need it, like Powder Keg and Wildfire. Oddly enough, Outlaw Run's line tends to be manageable these days. I'd say a combination of intensity too high for some, fast ride cycle, and being tucked in a back corner contribute. If you go on a weekday, OR will likely be under 30 minutes most of the day.


Budget about 90 minutes for the cave tour. It takes 45-60 minutes to walk it, depending on the speed of the group, and you'll want to arrive a few minutes before you wish to tour. All except the lantern tour are first come, first served, and they can fill up.


Also, eat cinnamon bread. It's at Sullivan's Mill in Midtown, near Grandfather's Mansion.

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Thank you for the tips. Looks like we should plan on a trailblazer pass, and maybe try to take advantage of the after 3pm deal the day before if we can. If the cinnamon bread is anything like dollywood, I'm going to be a happy man. Is there a good restaurant in the park that anyone can recommend? At Dollywood, we like the ham & beans restaurant and the grannys buffet.


One more thing... We have a 3yo, and a 2yo. They don't mind walking, bit I'm concerned if they will be able to handle the cave tour. Is there an elevator, or is it stairs?

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It's stairs. Lots and lots of stairs. 500 feet down on stairs, then 200 feet back up on stairs before you get a tram to take you the rest of the way back. Some of the passages are low, but many are roomy enough to allow you to carry a kid on your shoulders.


The closest restaurants to the two you mentioned are the Mill and the Mine. Both are in the same building on the square. The Mine serves BBQ, and thr Mill serves fried chicken. Sides are similar in both places.


Beyond buffets, the skillets are great. I like the sausage skillet at Lumberjack Camp, near Wildfire, and the Harvest Skillet (squash) at Buckshot Annie's, near Thunderation. Crossroads Pizza is very good and can easily feed a family. This year the park is placing an emphasis on foods, so just about every location has new and higher quality fare. It's all pretty cheap, too--entrees are typically under $10 and kids' meals under $5 in most locations.

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