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  1. Because its a yes or no question. There cant be just 1 option. It dont matter if you want to know many say yes, there still needs to be a NO option. Otherwise you are forcing people to say yes and the question is useless. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  2. There still needs to be an option for no! Otherwise, you are forcing people to say yes. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  3. Nothing is built yet in Branson Landing. They have signs up and black windows, but they are just starting. Marble Slab Creamery reopened and partnered with Great American Cookies. Victorias Secret is closed for expansion and has moved a few items next door and across the street to the old Halloween Bootique. The Water & Fire show is also working better than last year because it hasnt messed up yet, but the power squirters still are not working unfortunately, so it is not at its best. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  4. Agreed, that station is just plain massive! I can't imagine what kind of coaster would require a 6 story station, maybe the coaster will travel through the station at one point? Or maybe there's a pre-show or multi-level interactive queue? Merlin's Beard! Please have 1 or the other! I need some kind of inside info or story before getting on. Maybe even watch a screen in a separate room while on the ride. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  5. Pretty Little Liars Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  6. Lightning Rod actually goes over the road?!? Did they need a permit for that? How did they do that? Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  7. Thats kinda what theyre striving for in the Spirit of 76. New experiences or parks scattered around to make the town look better and bring more tourists in. Also to make them park somewhere and walk more or at least do very little driving on the strip. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  8. ^ I second that emotion. [sMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES] Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  9. There will be 20 times more people there than you think there will be. It will be like Memorial Day or Labor Day. Expect an average of 3 hour lines to everything. The line will be going upstairs and thru every long way Wildfire has. If at all possible, DO NOT GO!!! You will hardly be able to move. If you just want to ride, that can be done the next weekend. Most people will be there for the Echo Hollow concerts, other shows, and to ride. This is the 1 event that can compete with the Holidays festival because they get about the same numbers as they would on a Saturday in December, maybe more. It is the 1 time of the year I hate most of all. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  10. That wasnt annoying! If they want you to go the long way, then you have to go the long way. Some people really need the exercise anyway. When there are alot of people there, you would be glad they even had those to not let the line go past the sign. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  11. Had to comment that on this thread once I saw Waynes World, which I love so much, as the cover photo. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
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