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Jackbox Party Pack 7 was released today! Excited to give these new games a shot tonight, I've been following the 5 new games pretty closely the past few weeks to get a feel for them and what to expect

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A few games for me... I swap out games whenever I become frustrated with something I can't complete lol


Dead Rising... Level 23. Current scoop: The Five Bombs Mission thingamajig.


Battlefield 2... Sergeant Major. I don't play this game often.


Halo 2... Level 32... Best game? 48 kills 2 deaths on ranked Team Slayer. I actually quit playing that online a while ago. It's all about the LAN nowadays.

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  • 3 weeks later...

PC: City Of Villains... I'm a level 32 in the game.


PS3: Ridge Racer 7... Just finished the 3rd GP race.


PS2/3: Burnout: Revenge... Almost finished... (9 ranking out of 10)


Wii: Zelda (Finshed the 2nd dungeon)/Rayman:RR (60ish% complete)/ and SuperMario64 on the Virtual Console (42 Stars)

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