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How often do you workout?  

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  1. 1. How often do you workout?

    • Almost never.
    • Once a month.
    • Twice a month.
    • Once a week.
    • Twice a week.
    • Three times a week.
    • Four times a week.
    • Five times a week.
    • Six times a week.
    • Every day.

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Just a simple poll I'm curious about, try to be honest.


I've been thinking about starting a thread like this for a while to be a place where TPR members could support one another to loose weight and get healthier. The first month or so is always the hardest when you start working out.


Before last May I almost never worked out, sure I took my dogs for a walk every now and then but nothing I'd call regular. Then I joined a fitness club with a couple of friends. I wanted to get myself into shape for the Theme Park Review UK trip, so I wouldn't be left behind at some of the bigger parks. After I came back I found that I had lost something like 14lbs while in Europe so I decided to keep at it in the Gym.


I just weighed myself today to find that I have lost 40lbs since joining the fitness club in May. I was 250lbs then i'm 210lbs now. I hope to get under 200 within the next two months.


My workout schedule as it is now:


Day 1: Cardio: 30min. Weightlifting: Lower back, abs, and legs for 40-50min.


Day 2: Cardio: 30min. Weightlifting: Upper back, chest. and arms for 40-50min.


Day 3: Rest or if I feel like I have energy I go and do cardio for an hour.


Repeat, but with different exercises for each of the above group of muscles.

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I started to exercise about the same time that I quit drinking. I lost about 20 pounds in the first couple of months by watching what I ate and walking ALOT. I finally joined a gym about 2 months ago, and I try to go just about every day. I am SLOWLY starting to enjoy it, because since I go often, I don't have to work out for hours at a time.


I spend about 15 - 20 minutes on cardio, and about 20 - 30 minutes weight training different muscle groups.


The first month SUCKED!, but now I notice a difference and am feeling much better. I have lost a total of about 30 lbs. and don't cringe when I look in the mirror any more.


I also take advantage of the hot tub and the steam room when I am there, so my skin is actually looking better as well.


For anyone just starting out, my advice is to not over-do it, try to have fun and be patient. It takes a bit of time for any discernable difference but you will feel and look better.



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After I broke up with a long time girlfriend in 2000, I hit the gym for something to keep mind on. I went hardcore for about 18 months and got a bit too big. I lost flexibility and was having all sorts of shin splints, muscle pulls and lower back problems. I basically stopped and just did stretching to gain flexibility back.


Then I pertty much quit altogether and got svelt for a year. My wife, is a hardcore runner and got me back into the gym this year. I'm loving it and I've lost ten pounds with relatively little work and eating right. I plan on being an adonis for the Midwest Trip. Grrrr.

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I have a gym membership but am finding it hard to get there all that often. There isn't a gym near my home, there's one near my work. Problem is that I work 2-10 mostly, and 10 PM is too late to go to the gym (I ride transit and it's freaky at midnight which is when I'd be done at the gym).


Soon I'll have a new, normal job that'll allow me to keep a regular schedule so I can go to the gym more often. My goal is to look hot in a bikini for Spain..

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I did lift weights and jog for a bit, then I'm like F*** it. I lose weight plenty fast just by doing my job. I'm a sub-contractor, its pretty labor intense and keeps me active for how long I work in a day. I went from 289 down to 244, and am still dropping about a pound a week or so. I have changed absolutely nothing, I just work now,that's it.

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^^^ I actually started swimming to gain weight! I was so freaking skinny (Six foot tall, 148 pounds!). I've now added 10 pounds to that, and I'm happy with it.


I still wear the same size jeans I did in high-school, and for that I am happy!



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I am at elite level in two sports so I pretty much do something everyday, when I am not actually playing sport I work mainly at:


Speed - varying length sprints predominantly 10, 20, 40 metres and plyometrics.

Endurance - 6 - 8 km timed runs using mainly very hilly terrain, and sand hill running.

Agility - various agiility drills, I wear a weight vest to make it harder.

Speed Endurance - sets of 40 * 20m sprints.

Strength - core stability exercises and a little bit of weights (I get too big if I do much weights).


I have a national training camp tomorrow from 9am - 5pm on saturday and 9am - 2pm on sunday. The first part will be the testing which will involve speed tests, followed by a beep test (followed by my death if I go past level 16), agility test, then speed endurance test. At least it's in Sydney.

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Well, Pops said I had to get off mi arse and do SOME sort of workout. So this guy at work gave us his ab lounge. He said he only needed it to get abs. After he actually GOT abs. Now he swims every day. Yeah I definatly don't have time to swim. So I guess I COULD use it when I'm watching TV. I have yet to see if it really works.

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