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Photo TR - Closing day at CP


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So a little over 20 (egads) years ago, I wanted to go to Cedar Point, and the annual family trip had ceased happening. So my mother decided she'd drive me down from Michigan, and sit on the beach reading or cross-stiching. She wasn't one for thrill rides, and only rode Gemini maybe once a trip.


So this particular trip, I think she might enjoy the rides, and somehow talk her into trying Demon Drop. Mind you she was planning on cross-stitching on the beach all day. As we waited in line, she was soooo nervous. I was actually a little nervous, cause she always said she had back problems as a reason not to ride rollercoasters, and Demon Drop is not known for it's butter-smooth ride.


Finally, we get on, and she's about to have a heart attack. Up the tower, forward, Drop! Then all I hear for the next few minutes is uncontrolable giggling! The instant we walked off the station, she says "Can we go again!?"


Thus began my mom's love of thrill rides. Having taken her on many trips with friends and just the two of us, she's always loves going to parks. Years ago, walking into King's Island with a bunch of friends and her, someone asked "What should we ride first," to which she responding by jumping up and down going "The Beast! The Beast! The Beast!"


Fast forward to this year... I was able to take a number of trips to parks, and each time I talked about it she got so excited. But she didn't make it herself. And it's been a few years since she's gone to a park.


I really wanted her to be able to go out and have some fun, as she's getting up there in years (67) and doesn't know anyone else who likes rides. So Thrusday I said that if it's nice at all this last weekend at CP for 2006, we'd go down there.


Friday evening.... Raining and cold.... No go.

Saturday.... Even rainier and colder. Plus it's a Saturday... No go.

Sunday.... Gorgeous weather.... We went!


I was very glad for her to be able to ride some coasters... She loves it so much... I love hearing her giggle incessently, having a ball!


I took a bunch of pics of the coasters, including some very nerdy ones... I kept trying to get shots that hadn't been done a million times before. Sometimes I got that, and others... Well, there's only so many views of dragster from the ground...


Anyway, here they are... And my mom had a great time! She even told a ride-op on Milf that she's 67 and loves that ride.


This one is for all you Intamin-4-rail track fans. I know you're out there... I guess it's also good for all the black, greasy goo fans. You know who you are.


Didn't make it on to this ride... Just didn't happen by it.


Purdy fall colors and purdy fall sunshine


Cool train go zoom


Cool train


This kinda defeats the point of being in the first row, no?


"Oh, no I can't!"


"I can see my house from here!"


Setting new standards in TTD photography


Homey's having some fun at 120mph


Dear God don't let me die on this... Or if you must, at least make it super-fun.


This one looks familiar


Never. Before. Seen.


Magnum punches below the belt with a lapbar to the groin!


Maggie go over a hill that used to be obscured by trees


Maggie go down...


Maggie go up...


Nerd Alert! This shot shows the rarely seen anti-rollbback dogs... Woohoo!


Oh... They do.... Guess this means the lines are short...


It almost looks like these folks have the ride all to themselves!


Drive-by shooting of Maverick


Then down!


...and up....


....and up...


The people go up....


Nerd Alert!


My mom was sitting in that last seat later in the day! At 67!


Did I mention that it's tall?


Might not have seen the shot before!


Another one!


Never-before-seen shot!


And it has cool looking trains.


This one's big.


Cedar Point has rides...

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more pics...


I really like this picture... I think I'll frame it and hang it on my wall.


So that's it for Grannie-buzz 2006. Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Very cool station lighting.


These lucky folks just had a rollback and are v e r y s l o w l y rolling back to launch position


Top Thrill Dragster became Stand Still Master with 5 trains to go in 2006. Fortunately, this maintenance man hadn't gone home for the season.


One of the last TTD rides of 2006


I can't believe I timed this right


Top Thrill Grannie & Me having a ball at Cedar Point!


Skyhawk. it's like Maxair, but without the spinning


I hope that kid doesn't fall out


abstract painting of rollie - coaster?


This goose kept getting in the way... I think he wanted to ride.


Draggie in the water


Top Squiggle Dragster


Talk about steep! Yipes!




must come down


What goes up....


Magnum.... Through the trees!




And you thought Mil.f was tall

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I agree awesome photos.


That is so sweet about raptor you have got to post the photo. It had to be between the cobra and mid course. Please, please someone tell me Raptor Joe returned this season to work the platform and or she was on it for the roll back?


And all I have to say is HA, thats what happens when some people don't listen to the ride platform either winds or too cold. The memory's.. hahaha. But stories best kept.


Now the only question is was it loaded, or during tests? My guess from operating the ride it had to be during test runs as the train when cold with only 1 or 2 op's riding creeps the track very slowly. Add wind off the lake..


I now feel a little better since in 02 we went down and never got our final employee ride Who was sup in that zone this year?




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Wow, those are awesome pics


What type of camera do you use? Those are truly as you stated some angles I've never seen before. Props are due.


-James Dillaman


The pictures tell me that it is an Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT



But awesome pictures!

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To the person that asked when Raptor valleyed, it happened during morning tests. The train didn't make it up into the MCBR and stopped at the bottom of the cobra roll. The train sat there until after close. It was kind of awkward seeing the train just sitting there. My friend and I went over to ride, and we saw that it wasn't running (my guess was due to wind). We decided to ride Cedar Downs after that, and while on the ride, I noticed that the my theory was correct and that it had valleyed due to the high winds.

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