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Movie Park Germany Discussion Thread

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Edit: Moderators-please feel free to move into correct forum if necessary.


Movie Park Germany is set to open a new 4D dinosaur themed attraction in 2014.

Guests are taken on a thrilling adventure deep beneath the park in a mysterious prehistoric world.


Two expedition buses take visitors through the “immersive tunnel”, an elliptical, 23-meter-long canvas, which combines 4-D effects and a 360-degree screen.


Managing Director of Movie Park Germany, Wouter Dekkers, estimates the recent investment in the park at around five million euros.





http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php/topics/2101385/Movie_Park_Rondleiding_The_Los.html (In German)






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The artwork looks pretty good. I'm really looking forward for the opening. Friends of me, who were in Moviepark this weekend told me, that there is nothing to see. Just wooden fences...

Unfortunately the park didn't fixed a lot on the "old" rides. My friends told me, that they were a little bit disappointed about that. Hope that they will concentrate on the other rides for the next year...

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we went there too last weekend, hoping that the ride would be open at the start of the season, but like allready said, only wooden fence.

small reaction to what's been said about bandit, i think it is a great ride. i love those wooden coasters and for me this one is as great as the one they have in efteling in the netherlands. on the otherhand, this was only the second time i had the chance to ride a wooden coaster, maybe that's why i love it

it was the first time for me at movie park germany and i really enjoyed the park. just needs one more intense coaster.

maybe at the end of the season or next season we go back with my nieces daughter, think she would love the whole park. only 5years old and crazy like me about those fast rides, lol

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This does look really good. I enjoyed Van Helsings Factory so if that is anything to go by this should be very good as well.


On a side note has anyone been insane enough to try Bandit since the re track? I would be interested to hear if they have actually managed to improve the ride at all.



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Yep, just like I thought. It's Kong 360 3D, minus an ape. Seeing the construction shot of the screen just confirmed it.


Still, though, Movie Park Germany does an EXCELLENT job with their themeing and I would love to ride this. Hell, I want to revisit the park just to ride Mystery River! That's got to be my favorite rapids ride ever.

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Looks pretty flippin' sweet! Now I'm wondering if they have animatronics in the ride or if those were just there for the opening event.


Also, look at this dude's feet. I giggled.

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