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Movie Park Germany Discussion Thread

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New coaster looks pretty good, nice layout. Love the flying snake dive like inversion. (EDIT: It's not. It looked like it at first glance, OK?)


As for Bandit's retracking- if there's anything with Ingenieur Holzbau-Corbes' name on it, it's gonna mean that the ride's gonna be a little more tolerable for a year or two. However, I do agree it needs better trains.


Timberliners, anyone?





(._. )

( ._.)


*flies away*

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This gives them plenty of time to build and fine tune the ride to have it open when the park opens in 2017. But this is quicker then expected, I know the park isn't known for Phantasialand, Disney or Efteling level of theming but who knows what we'll see here they got plenty of time.

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Movie Park have confirmed on their Facebook page their 2017 coaster will be a launch coaster themed to Star Trek.

It is said it will be the second tallest attraction in the park and feature elements unique in Europe.


They have posted this timelapse video under the title Star Trek: Operation Enterprise


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“Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise”

Opening in Movie Park Germany in 2017

Worldwide singular Star Trek licensed roller coaster will be second highest structure in Park


(Bottrop-Kirchhellen, 06 July 2016) The guests in Movie Park Germany can expect an exceptional roller coaster in 2017. The coaster will not only be the second highest construction in the park but will also be a worldwide unique attraction in an amusement park utilizing Star Trek. “We are excited and proud that we obtained the Star Trek license from CBS Consumer Products in the USA. Through this we are redefining the benchmark for Germany’s largest film and amusement park,” states General Manager Thorsten Backhaus. For 50 years, Star Trek has appealed to generations with iconic characters such as Captain Kirk, Spock and Captain Picard.


The manufacturer of the ride also reinforces the park’s focus on quality. “For this significant project we have selected to work with the Company Mack Rides, the largest German manufacturer of roller coasters and amusement park attractions,” says Thorsten Backhaus. The company works internationally but the construction of a roller coaster in a German amusement park is something really special. Christian Freiherr von Elverfeldt, CEO of Mack Rides, is happy about this. “With an average of 90 percent of our products produced for export, it’s really special for us to construct such a fantastic coaster in Movie Park Germany.”


The City of Bottrop’s Council has provided the final approval for the construction of the coaster -punctually for the Park’s 20-year anniversary. Thorsten Backhaus is pleased about it: “We appreciate the trust from Bottrop and we can hardly wait to really start with this prestigious project.” The future position of the roller coaster will be located directly in the entrance of Movie Park Germany. Its impressive silhouette will be the eye catcher for the guests when arriving in the park. “Only the Free Fall Tower ride in park will be higher,” states the General Manager when describing the dimensions of the project.


The new coaster will be what is known as a launch coaster, with which the guests will begin the experience with an accelerated catapulting and not first drawn over a hill with a respective drop. “We have an element in the routing, which is unparalleled in Europe and will definitely surprise our guests,” said the General Manager, revealing an initial detail of the coaster. In the coming weeks the construction of the tracks will be started. With the realization of this roller coaster, Germany’s largest film and amusement park is not only developing further its portfolio for family and teenagers, but also is directly reacting to its guest’s input, explains General Manager Thorsten Backhaus. “Guest research, which is regularly carried out in the park, has provided us with clear input that they wish a new major thrill attraction. In 2017 this wish will be fulfilled.”



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This looks like the ride that this park needs! It's a great park, but it doesn't have any outstanding ride IMO. This might change with this new coaster. I am excited to see how this will turn out. Interesting theme aswell.

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^Not 100% sure where Cop Car chase was but construction is taking place beside the volcano dark water ride and behind the main entrance square. I think Cop Car Chase is now where the pier area is with the Disko Coaster.

That's why I posted the map so you can see where Cop Car Chase used to be.

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Ah yes. My stupid fault, just typed with having a close look at it.

So to properly answer your question: No then it isn't.


As an update below are some recent construction images from the Coaster Friends.de forum.



View from the volcano water ride.




Launch and backwards spike.

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To answer your question Robb (Which was already alluded to) No this isn't the former Cop Car Chase site, this new ride is being build between the blue 3 and the orange 4 that green area, with the backwards spike on place where the volcano is underneath the Orange 4 and the yellow building with 2 WC being the one you fly through.


Well this ride certainly is peaking my interest more. I really hope we get to see the finished lay-out before the end of October.

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