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After a couple of episodes to further the storyline we get this? While the show was amusing, I don't think it was necessary. This very well could have been a 40 minute bonus on the Season 3 DVD.


The only thing interesting was that Nikki and Paulo knew about the Pearl station. Although it brings up a new question of how did Juliet and Ben get there. If there is a tunnel that connects this hatch to the barracks they should have shown some of the Losties trying to open a door and exploring the Pearl station.

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I agree with what's everyone else has been saying about Wednesday's episode. Totally pointless and unneeded. So they created these new characters (that pissed off the fans, when they just spontaneously appeared) just they could show them "Forrest Gumping" their way through seasons 1 & 2 and then kill them in a one-off episode with a lame twist ending? Total waste of an episode. Week to week, we get no answers but then we get this filler. Once again I'm starting to wonder where the show we used to know and love went?

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Am I the only person that thought this episode was amazing???

EVen the flashbacks were cool (even if they were Nikki/Paulo!)

The best part was definately in the Pearl...Its almost depressing to know Nikki and Paulo discovered the Pearl, not Locke and Eko.

Still, it was pretty amazing. I LOVED when we saw Ben and Juliet walked in...Total shocker!

I saw that they were wearing the ragged clothes...I still don't know why they need to wear those...???

Also, did anyone else notice that the monster was in this episode???

It looks like it turned into the form of the Medusa spiders and thats what bit Nikki...

I thought it was cool that they were buried alive...Even if Nikki and Paulo were totally pointless characters, their episode was pretty good!

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It really was just a filler episode, but I did enjoy some parts of it; Sawyer still asking who Nikki is, the whole Ben in the Pearl and how they were going to get Jack, Sun finding out that Charlie and Sawyer were to blame, not the others, and the buried alive. Still was stupid claiming they were there the whole time, and the whole paralysis/dead thing was dumb, but what do you expect when you have Dr Sawyer and Dr Hurley on the job.

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Okay, so last night episode made up for last weeks. Having Kate and Juliet handcuffed together and slugging it out in the rain probably fulfilled a lot of fanboys fantasies. The only thing missing was them "accidently" tearing each others clothes.


The thing that I'm wondering is; When are they going to finally bring people together so that they can start making connections and realizing they are interconnected? I really hope it's a gradual process and not something they throw together in the final episode of the series. It would be much more interesting if they start to figure it out a little bit a time, so that the tension mounts. We'll see. Next weeks episode looks like it has the potential of being really good. Of course you can make anything look good in a 30 sec. trailer.

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It's about time characters on the show started asking blunt questions and speaking more frank.


I'm still not convinced that Juliet will completely turn on the LOSTies in the end.


There are still too many loose ends, but the whole Ben can cure cancer but not his own still confuses me.


When are we finally going to meet or learn about Jacob, the person Ben reports to? I am anticipating we won't find out where the Others are there until the show is in its last season.

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My question is, why are they still living on the beach? Why haven't they moved to the Other's village, with perfectly good houses, running water, electricity, etc.?


Here is one of my favorite websites that discusses each Lost episode. Some of these people have too much time on their hands! But it does give you insights into some things you may not have caught while watching the show. http://blogs.usatoday.com/popcandy/2007/04/lets_talk_lost__1.html#uslPageReturn

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I'm confused... this is just the season finale in 5 episodes, right? If so, I think the scientists are going to get stuck there or captured by the survivors. And yes, they will find out about Juliet's and Ben's secret before they come back to get her.

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So what has happened to the author of this thread??? (obeygiant) Did she go and get herself a new boyfriend?, because she hasn't been posting her "Amazing" episode reports. (which I've enjoyed reading)


Anyhow, I myself am more of a recent LOST watcher. I've watched the first two seasons on DVD, and the start of this season on ABC's website, and currently I've caught all of the new shows since they came back for there current TV rotation.


On to last Wednesdays episode, it seems like Juliet may be torn between her desire to help Sun (like she once did with mothers-to-be) Vs. her need to do whatever it takes to appease Ben, so that he will let her go home.


So is Kate Pregnant? God I Hope Not!!! But Ben does need more breeding stock, and he did arrange for a "caged" Kate and Sawyer to get together for some Dirty-Lovin.


One of the big surprises was the return of Mikhail (Mr. Eye Patch) Our resident communications expert saw the flare and came running through the woods to find out who fired it. But was he interested in the survivor or just what she may have had to communicate with, in this case the Satellite Phone?


Mikhail is also quite the field medic, when he plunges that syringe into her chest to ventilate her lung, and it makes that gurgling sound! It was time to turn up the speakers! Damn!


Mikhail also talks about the healing abilities of the island. (When talking about the girls wounds) Not to mention that he himself isn't dead, perhaps he was severely injured by the fence but not killed, hence with the islands healing properties he recovered.


I liked the Sun flashbacks, we saw once again that her somewhat innocent island demeanor doesn't match up with her past. She's responsible for Jin being indebted to her father, and she threaten to kill Jin's Whore of a Mother. Though I loved her interaction with Jin's Father, at least we know that Jin had a great Father to raise him.


As for the newest member of LOST, Naomi, we learned that she speaks several languages, and that flight 815 crashed with no survivors?! This opens up many possibilities, are we dealing with alternate realities and/or time-lines? (Hurleys response was great way to end that episode, "what?")


Bring on next weeks episode!

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So what has happened to the author of this thread??? (obeygiant) Did she go and get herself a new boyfriend


I'm still alive, I've just been so busy with school, and convincing my current boyfriend AND friend to start watching lost (and I've already got my friend addicted )

Now, onto D.O.C

Eventhough this was Sun/Jin flashbacks, it was a rather good episode. Actually, no, it was an amazing episode!

Just because of the return of my favorite Mikhail!

He was pretty awesome in this episode..But I think he was lying when Desmond asked what the woman said and Mikhail responded that she said "thank you"

One question, when Juliet responded to Suns question with "this is where we brought them to die" - did she mean that room or the whole station itself?

Why would Dharma need a hidden room in the station?

Unless it was to hide from the hostiles

But, next, OMG, is going to be AMAZING

Not only is it on island flashbacks, but LOCKE on island flashbacks

It looks like we're finally going to find out who the real Sawyer is (which I've always suspected to be Lockes dad)

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Wasn't there another flashback a couple of seasons ago with Desmond and that old guy and he gets killed, but he come back to life. By the way, what happened to him or was it not a flashback? I'm confused.

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"obeygiant" will probably faint...





I can't even begin to describe it...I'm going to re-watch it then post with a review of the most amazing episode ever!

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ABC has set an end date for LOST.


LOST will run for 48 more episodes over three seasons. Each season will consist of 16 episodes, which will air uninterrupted.


Also, even though the shows ratings have softened this season (averaging 15.1 million viewers) it is the most recorded show on TV, gaining 18 percent more viewers through DVR viewing.

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