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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Looks like the other side of the immelman is going up!

^Did a double-check on that. Thought I was seeing double





Interesting video and photos on GateKeeper construction, very informing at first. Then ends with a GP statement



-nearly 600 pieces of steel set to be laid over a 100 day period

-180 footers

-1,000+ anchor bolts

-Testing is set to begin in April and last for at-least a month before human riders.

-Footers have been poured for the Zero-G/Inline roll. (But the same gate is still there )



EIDT: Apparently, multiple rides have their lighting packages in Yolo.....err full gear.

probably due to all the wiring just laid. Glad too see they're precocious.

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^Exactly what I thought when I saw it. The introduction of the gorgeous colors of Gatekeeper plus the colors of Windseeker which tie everything together really make for a fun, vibrant, beechy color scheme at the front of the park. I'm a fan.


Gatekeeper is looking great. I can't wait to ride it next season. It'll be exciting to see them construct the keyhole front gate. Definitely going to be the ultimate entrance feature.

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I love how the lift hill is at the same angle as Raptor's first drop. I think this will be one of those coasters that people will get more and more excited for as construction photos keep popping up. I have a feeling the renderings haven't quite done Gatekeeper justice.

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