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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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Check out this amazing photo compliments of Dave Morgan!! 

I feel bad because this is all I post about lately but no... if a park has the ability to open and there's demand and they choose to stay closed then they're dumb. Period. Be creative and figure it ou

Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

Posted Images

All I can say is that "completed canyon structure" doesn't look that canyony to me.


Also, I really hope they add some theming to the side covering on the launch tunnel, because at the moment the tunnel looks just ... like a big metal hut type thing ... and generally doesn't fit in.

I'm sure the canyons will look better from other angles and without that material covering the track.


The animations didn't make the tunnel seem like it'd be anything else. Maybe covered in wood, but it's not going to be a cave.

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Not to tie a knot into the panties of all the Cedar Point fan boys, but the latest Buzz claims that some kind of snafu may actually delay the opening of Maverick from opening day. Its just a crazy rumor right now and I wont go into the details right now since they may be totally bogus, but if anyone else knows more and can confirm or deny this story, please do so.


Uh oh. It must have something to do with CP planting large trees.


Ron "I knew they didn't know how plant them" Patton

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I have a feeling testing is right around the corner, it looks like they're just doing the extra stuff they need to do.[ie. replace concrete, queue lines,extra station work] But i dont think they have tested yet, because if they did the trains would probably have water dummys in the seats.

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^I dont. They still need to get all the electrical wiring in. It is still pretty cold of there, so I say not for a month or so. And remember, they are still putting up the theming around the ride, there would be a high risk of problems if they send a train through while the theming is being put up.

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^I actually remember hearing that they were in the process of testing all of the electrical stuff...


If you look at the Maverick Construction Diary, you'll see that they are testing all of the electrical components, but not from the main electrical area, due to not having the wiring done from the one in Perimeter Road (whatever that is).


I think we could actually expect testing within the next week or two.


Quote from the diary:

Right now representatives from the company that designed and manufactured Maverick, IntaRide, are on site making sure all the electrical and mechanical components of the roller coaster are working properly. They got here a couple of weeks ago, and it should take them another week and a half to finish up.


Plus, they probably wouldn't have the train sitting in the station if they weren't going to start soon!



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Well testing wont depend all on the temperature....They just need to make sure the track is clear of the theming that is being setup, and all the electrical work is done the all the LIMs and breaks can be opperating smoothly.

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