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You Know You're Addicted To Theme Park Review When...

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You see a castle and say "Oh look, another castle bigger than Disneyland's"

You've made the pilgrimage to Liseberg to ride Balder

You go to a park and say "That ride has a Sad and Pathetic line"

You have a wide angle for your camcorder for one reason

Whenever you go somewhere, you make a Photo TR

You know that the best attraction at EPCOT is Soren

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You're addicted when...

-you suddenly become in love with rodents

-you have a donkey sitting on your shelf and you look at it thinking of TPR

-you start dancing on escalators and begin singing 'The Escalator Ride' song

-when you end everything you see or hear with 'of death' (Like Slides of Death, Scream of Death, ect...)

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Your wife sees you on the computer and says "Not again - and no I won't plan my vacation around 6 themeparks in 4 days"


Your 4 year old daughter screams "airtime" on the Ghoster Coaster at PCW!


You laugh at the GP because you are no longer a GP - You are a Coaster Fanatic!

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When you go past a B&M and your Mom says: "Wow! That things roars!" And then you go past a Intamin and your Mom says: "Wow that's really quiet!" then you say "Duh! It's a Intamin!"


Or when your brother says "Let's go on that!" and he points at a Vekoma Boomerang and you say: "No way! That's a Vekoma!"

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