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You Know You're Addicted To Theme Park Review When...

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If you look at the manufacturer on the Niagara Sky Wheel and yell, "MORGAN ALERT!!" at the top of the ride. (Guilty.)


If you confuse more than 3 people/day regarding what a "credit" is, and all they comprehend is something about a guy named "Jeff Jones or something like that".

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When you come out of an water ride and your soaked and instead of going "wow i'm soaked!" you go "this was NOT a Dan-approved water ride!".


When your really tired and your family's screaming at you to get off the computer and its 23:20 hours, but you ignore all of those things to one last time go and check the TPR Forum (and write this useless post) whilst you just went to the Forum less than half an hour ago...


Okay, i'm talking about me, but its the first time i've been here so late...... I swear!

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Use start using ____-friendly / ____-unfriendly with TPR member names as standard terms. (guilty)


You've launched a personal crusade against RRC and/or CoasterBuzz.


The idea of Kim Possible riding a donkey makes you hot--wait, that came out wrong. (Plus that's probably a "You Know You're a Guy T Koepp Maniac When..." topic.)


You start using "acceptable amount of _____" regularly (yeah, I've been doing that).


You love Aqua-style EuroPop.


You feel compelled to make sweet sweet love with Japan, Sweden, and Norway.

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You think of captions AS you take the picture.

Oh boy, this was me.

That's the whole reason I took my Bench: The Ride pic in my IOA PTR.


You start signing papers with a little saying in between your name.


Jumbo "I could have thought of something funnier if I tried" shrmp


When you cancel you'r girlfriends date cuz you have to go check the update page.

Anyone who does that is Sad and Pathetic.

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Your nightmares usually involve getting invited on a huge TPR trip and then accidentally insulting Robb and/or Elissa.


You gain weight with the specific intention of going as Fatty Patch Jacket Robb for Halloween.


You go as Fatty Patch Jacket Robb every Halloween.


You claim the title of "Fattest Fatty Patch Jacket Robb Impersonater".

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When you get all giddy as a school girl when your post is modified by Elissa (Sharktums) Also when you get all warm inside with that fuzzy feeling when Robb or Elissa remember you from hanging out with them a year ago!

Although this can also be under the heading "You know you are an Elissa or Robb fan boy when..."

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OK It's my turn


When you bring a 6 month+ year old topic back (Thank God for the Search button)


TPR is your default homepage


Your yahoo display message is Casey,tackle Ryan


You alreayd have 1 TPR shirt with another one plus some DVD's on the way


You have almost everyone you know "Poundin' It"


One of your biggest dreams is to do a TPR UK tour


You just can't get enough of that sweet,sweet Random,Random,Random category


When you have both TPR and Yeti Ball in your My Space friends list.


You have almost 850 posts and you have only been a member for 7 months.


(guilty of everything I listed )

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