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If you could choose "One Park & One Ride!"

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Cedar Point's Millennium Force! I know I haven't been on many coasters, but it's my favorite! I love pretty much everything about the ride!


I even sort of did what this topic is saying...our flight home was Saturday afternoon and we had some time to kill, so we went in to Cedar Point for one quick ride on Millennium Force, back row!

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Nemesis @ Alton Towers. I've been fascinated by this coaster since it opened, and I've even had a trip to it cancelled at the last minute. So naturally, I'm still dying to experience what the States have yet to provide....an incredible terrain inverted beemer.

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If we're talking about places we've been, Cyclops at Mt Olympus. Best coaster I've ever ridden hands down. (And I litterally mean hands down. You almost have to white knuckle this thing to stay in your seat.)


As for places I'd like to go, Either Balder or SFGAdv. Six Flags is shaping up, and I want to see if Balder really does top Cyclops.

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