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Auburn, home of hundreds of thousands of crows.(In the winter) You may have seen my city on TV for it. This steeple is about 500 ft away from my house


A piece of downtown

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My city - the 6th largest in Denmark - really doesn't have any skyline, but it has a nice atmosphere, so I just post some pictures of the city.


Here is the north habour


One of the oldest buildings called Helligaandshuset


And a map

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1) Fresno sucks.

2) The sunset is purple because of the smog.

3) No that building is not Oriental-themed.

4) That's downtown, AKA ghettoville.

5) We haven't had a new "big building" for over thirty years.

6) Fresno is really big.

7) Never come here or I will stab you for your own stupidity.

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Overviewage of my ever-so-ghetto recreation-starved city. Rare shot of being able to see across the San Francisco bay as there's usually that nasty brown smog everywhere...even the sky it's self looks brown above you as well as off in the distance.

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The building with the boob^4 roof is where my sister graduated (U.S. Cellular Arena). That round thing on top of the white building is the spinning restaurant at the Hyatt. The tall brown, white, and grey building in the upper left is the Milwaukee Center and, in my opinion, the coolest one there (besides the art museum! [not in this picture])

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It's not much, but Richmond actually has a halfway decent looking skyline from across the river. Too bad it sucks once you actually get INTO the city. I took these pictures myself and it's about as close as I usually get to being downtown.




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My partner David forwarded this great fast-forwarded video

of our city. There's even a few seconds of the home park

(Playland) on it too, night shots with the lights on!


It shows the skyline of Vancouver a lot, from dawn to dusk.




(Sorry it's not a pic attached, but I just wanted to share, all the same.)

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I live in a pretty small place (compared to the cities in the US). It's called Coimbra and it has a population of around 150 000. Here are a few pictures (on the top you can see the 723 year old university).




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