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  1. Team Larry shirts would have no sleeves, of course, and should have something on them about the right to bare arms. Terrible pun, but someone had to do it! Oh, Chuck! Great report! It's like being part of the group! More! More! More!
  2. This is awesome! Bendix Woods is about an hour away from where I live in Southwestern Michigan, and minutes from my daughter's home in South Bend,Indiana. And the only way I found out about it is because someone from England did some research! The power of the Internet is incredible! I think my daughter and I will have to do a little road trip and check out this piece of local history. It looks like it would have been a fantastic ride! Hmm.....I have several acres of hilly woodland that would make a great toboggan run...... Thanks for sharing this with us!
  3. Thanks, Big Mike. I won't worry so much about them knowing you're keeping an eye on them....................... I lie. You might be one of those guys I warned Melanie about.
  4. Melanie- this is like a chair evac at Swiss Valley...on the bunny hill! (Inside joke from old ski instructor days) Tooooooo funny! Glad you and Rich are ok. I just hope you got this out of your system before you go to Europe! Don't break anything big and expensive over there! oh, and your hair does look fabulous! Nay, thanks for the pics of my kid and kid-in-law! Priceless!
  5. he he he...humping turtles...he he he....Were you shell shocked? You may groan now. Spain looks fantastic! I'm living vicariously through these updates. Have fun!
  6. Great TR, Rich and Melanie! A few comments: The park looks really clean and well cared for! Mike Brey should be recruiting Rich! After years in braces and Melanie's teeth look like THAT?!? With all those tickets, all you got were a couple of pairs of vampire teeth? No, wait, don't tell me. I want my Christmas present to be a suprise! Mom loves you two, too! Have a safe and fun trip! Mom is "stalking" you! Yo Mama ------------------------- Coaster Count: Wood-1 Steel-1 And d*mn likely to stay that way!
  7. Arf arf! Grr. Grr. *tail wag* Arf! Grrrrr. (Translation: Dog wants to play fetch with Yeti Ball!!! Mombat loves Yeti Ball!!!! Arf. Arf. Grrrrr!!
  8. Grayling, Michigan is right near the heart of the ski area in Michigan. If you think the tourism ends when winter comes, you've never been to Boyne Mountain once the weather gets cold. Add to that the snowmobiers and cross country skiers, and there are a lot of people heading north in Michigan. Wisconsin Dells is also in a very cold climate, and, though I've never been there, they seem to be doing fine. They also have one of the largest indoor water parks. An amusement/theme park in this area would be a huge kick for the local economy. There are few large cities in this area, and that many jobs would make a big difference. BUT...since I live in Southwestern Michigan, close to the Indiana border, I really wish they'd build something down here! It's several hours to any parks from here, and with the Indiana Toll Road running from east to west, the draw from Notre Dame University (an hour south from where I live) and the zillions of hotels that have been built for the ND football seasonal visitors, this would be a prime are for a park. I hope this isn't just a rumor. Michigan really needs a boost to it's economy and more jobs. And big coasters!
  9. It's not a skyline, but it's my home. Shavehead Lake, Cass County, Michigan (aka:paradise)
  10. As sad as I was to hear Erieview was closing, I'm so glad the rides live on. Now, I wonder what they're going to do with the Brat kiddie coaster...it would look pretty sweet in my front yard by the lake! Erieview's Fright Zone-July 2006
  11. Well, Swami, I did it! I rode coaster #2... It was the Comet at Waldameer in Erie, PA... and I will NEVER do that again! (ok, if you're all done laughing at me now, may I continue?) I was really excited about it! I kept my eyes open through the whole ride, and I was scared poopless! It gave me the sensation of being in a car wreck that never ended. I'm thinking it's a control issue. No breaks, no steering, just sit there and take it! I still love coasters, watching them or reading about them. And I truely envy those of you who ride with such abandon and enjoyment. Look at it this way, I'm one less person making your wait time longer!
  12. They're all great. Hard to pick just 3. 1-Weetopia Entry #1 (Derek Potter and the Goblet of Beer) 2-angry-gumball entry #2 (Adventures of Lil Robby Rob and the Vekoma Curse) 3-Homer Entry #1(Kim Possible Escape From Evil Guy) Special Mention- Wes Entry #1 ( Duck Hunt) Good job, everyone. Thanks for the laughs!
  13. Great topic! I love coasters, too. But I have a fear of heights, get sick when I spin, and just get too nervous thinking about it. My coaster count is 1. My daughter got me to ride the Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm at Magic Kingdom. I spent most of the ride with my eyes closed, opening them just as we were flying through the barn. That was when I realise it was fun! I'm going with my daughter, her husband, and his parents (all coaster lovers) this coming weekend to Hershey and a couple of other small parks. They've been making a list of "little" coasters to start me out on. Oh,boy. Everyone has been giving you some good advice, and I think it will help me,too. One thing I can recommend is wearing SeaBands. They're these elastic bracelets with a little plastic disc that you wear on your wrists. The disc puts pressure on a point on your wrist that stops the motion sickness. (It's an accupressure thing.) They worked well for me. I did a lot of things that normally would have made my tummy get yucky, but I never had even a hint of feeling sick. You can find them at any drug store. No drugs, worth every penny. I'll be thinking of you when I double my coaster count to 2! Good luck!
  14. Whee! Love the update! I'm living for these updates! My daughter Melanie and her husband Rich are on this trip and it looks like their having the time of their lives! The Wheel is awsome! When I was a kid there was one at the fun house at Silver Beach in Saint Joseph, Michigan. (Yeh,I'm old.) My mom would never let me go on it because I'd "get hurt". It's good to know there is still one in action and that my daughter got to go on one. (Hey, Melanie, Grandma says "You'll get hurt!") The coasters are incredible. I'm keeping a barf bag next to my computer because even the pictures make me want to hurl. I'm just don't have a coaster-friendly body. (I'm built for comfort, not for speed.) And I don't know where my daughter inherited her love of coasters. I think it might be because there was no life guard on duty at the gene pool and she dove right off the deep end. I ended up with a left-handed coaster crazed kid. It laid dormant until she married Rich, and now I have nightmares of red headed grandchildren named Air, Cyclone, and don't forget the baby, Nemisis.(We'll call her "Sissy" for short.) Great photos. Looking forward to more soon. Thanks, Robb and Elissa, for letting me come along without leaving home! Be safe. Have FUN!!!!
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