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Heide Park Discussion Thread

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^Well it might provide some hangtime and I'm sure they knew what they were doing but, honestly, to me it just looks like they miscalculated the top speed and everything is slower than it should (even compared to other wing coasters)

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Loved the video! I miss Heide so much. Been away too long.

The hotel was awesome (but briefly overnight), the food

was great, the rides and coasters were a great combination.


Rain or shine, it's a great park to visit.

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For 2015 there are no big news from north Germany. Only three small things:


1. Hotel extension with a small indoor pool and sauna

2. Children Driving School "Wüstenflitzer" (desert racer) next to "Desert Race"

3. "Krake lebt!" (Octopus's alive!) is next year "Krake lebt! KIDS" - probably without live actors as pure maze


Source (1+2) >> http://airtimers.com/heide-park-2015/0025514/ and (3) >> http://airtimers.com/kinderjahr-im-heide-park-resort-mit-krake-lebt-2-0/0026889/

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Mini photo TR from October 21st:


I went to Heide Park in October. The weather was sucky but the park was very quite so no queues!apart from Krake! So where to start. Colossus kicked ass I sat right at the back and rode 3 times it it was by far my favorite of the day. Krake was good I thought it was small but it packed a punched but it only had one train going so there was a wait for really no reason. and desert race was just as good as Rita. Soooo the SLC... that thing needs to go by far the worst iv ridden, iv done MP Express, Flight Deck at CW and Infusion. I hate them every time but i thought my ears were bleeding on limit. and i also got to try out there new attraction Flug der daemonen which was good I sat at the back but i found it to be so slow in the inversions it made you feel a little sick, the curves towards to end were so compact it was a bit shaky and i rode it on both sides but the air time hill after the first drop was sweet definitely better than Swarm. And that brings me to Scream and who doesn't love an Intamin Tower and this one was insane. here are some photos of the day






















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I've been there this summer for 3 days and it was AWESOME!! Luckily we ordered an Express Butler (Q-Bot) for Monday, because some rides get queues from 60-90min! (It was start of the school holidays there)! Flug der Dämonen was my first Wing Coaster and it was better than I thought. Desert Race had some cool Airtime and a cool Launch! I will go there again, but I don't know when.

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Was at the park today and I was seriously impressed! First ting that surprised me was that they had Krake open for hotel guests from 9:30, the last time i visited they didn't do that. Is this something they have started with this season?

Second, i was in the queue for colossos wich had a 30 minute wait when they announced that they would add the second train for capacity reasons, they also did this to the other coasters as well so 1 hour after opening everything was running at full capacity! Bobbahn and limit was closed due to the cold weather though And scream was closed for maintenance but i had a great day anyways By the way the ride crews where great minimal stacking on all the coasters!

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By the way Colossos is getting REALLY bumpy in the valleys and all the turns! You can literally feel every joint in the track. Still got amazing airtime thoug, such a shame it's getting a bit painful to ride


While its a shame to hear that about Colossos I still imagine it didn't hurt anywhere near as much as this!

Photo taken by Hanno

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