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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Got 8 final rides in today on Log Jammer!


The employees were actually telling people Halloween is the last day for the attraction. Sad to see an original attraction go.


Well it looks like if the employees were telling people its going to be removed after Halloween, that means the removal is confirmed.

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Most idiotic song writer ever. The entire coaster community thinks your an insane dumbass. I hope you know that.


Even better.




Yes. That was very mature of you guys. Way to make the situation look even better.


I get his point though. He obviously feels decieved and like the park was hiding this from the public. If they had announced it at the begginning of summer, it would have given more enthusiests and locals with memories from long ago a last chance to get on and enjoy the attraction. But today's the last day to ride the attraction, who has time now to make last minute plans to go ride the thing, really?

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OK, really though, who do you think the minority is? people with fond memories of Log jammer or the GP that does not care about anything and just considers it another ride at the park? My point Exactly!! So why should six flags take the time, and resources to make sure people know this is the last year of some ride the general public can really care less about? Most people outside the coaster community probably can't even tell the difference between Log Jammer and Jet stream, other than its a water ride.

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Went to the mountain today and it was pretty epic. Showed up at 10:45 and was the 12th car in the parking lot. Went over to X and walked straight on to the first row and re-rode it again in the 4th. Then went over to Tatsu and walked straight onto the 1st row then the last row. Some ridiculous whip on the last row. Then to Superman, Apocalypse, Riddler and Green Lantern. There was no wait on any of them. First time I have not had to wait for GL, so obviously I had to go on 3 times. Shits ridiculous is you have the right riders. We spent some time looking at Deja Vu. The whole cobra roll is gone and there is only have the loop left. Moving real quick. Then went to Goliath and Log Jammer. Pretty sweet goodbye to the LJ. The water was real high and everyone was getting soaked. Killed the park in 2 hours. Great time.

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Some pics from today.


Oh ... the park was DEAD. I mean, empty rows on X2 dead.


Last day of operation of Log Jammer.


Could this sign be in the Sky Tower museum soon?


The rides stats ... hopefully the replacement will also be family friendly



The lake should stay too ... hopefully it will


Up the stairs


The station


Yeah ... we all rocked the logs I'm sure


So long Log Jammer!!!


Oh, Deja Vu ... is it just "Vu" now?


Only a part of the loop and the towers remain


Sky Tower was closed so couldn't get an overview shot

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