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  1. I rode Scream about 2 weeks ago in the front outer left seat and can confirm that it’s still extremely rough. Like I’m talking Viper rough....
  2. While this will definitely be an unpopular opinion, I honestly wouldn't mind if the park added lockers to TC. It seems to work for the most part on X2, and it wouldn't even cost that much to implement. All they would have to do is modify the queue a bit. Heck, they'd probably make all of that money back within a few years from locker rental revenue.
  3. 1) Skyrush 2) Maverick 3) El Toro 4) X2 5) Intimidator 305 6) Twisted Colossus 7) Top Thrill Dragster 8) Millennium Force 9) Ghostrider 10) Superman the ride
  4. The latest rumor floating around states that Knott's is aiming to reopen Xcelerator by April.
  5. There are other properties throughout Knotts to place mazes. Some of the properties that they used in the past include the Whealer Dealer bumper cars (formerly the site of Dia de Los Muertos), the gravel plot of land underneath Silver Bullet (formerly the site of Gunslingers Grave), the Calico Railroad track behind Supreme Scream (formerly the site of Corn Stalkers), and the plot of land in Fiesta Village that sits directly across from Jaguar (formerly the site of Virus Z). Hence the warehouses behind Ghostrider could indeed be taken out without directly affecting Scary Farm operations
  6. I've actually had a similar idea before. I know it would be expensive but being strapped for space Knott's has basically two options when it comes to improving their portfolio: Tearing out something old and building something new or sprucing up something into old into something new. Now Knott's and Cedar Fair have already done the later with Mine Ride and Log Ride so why not with Bigfoot? Here's my idea. Construct a show building disguised as a mountain over part of the ride and queue. Add theming elements such as animatronics, lights and sounds. Part of the rapids should even be in complete darkness. Imagine the Haunt overlay they could do with this. I'm going to go draw up a diagram now. This is a brilliant idea. However, Knott's isn't strapped for space at all. If anything, they still have at least 20 acres of developable land. I attached a drawing that I created showing the plot of land that Knotts could potentially use as an expansion pad. All they would need to do is build a parking structure on the lot located across Beach Blvd, and relocate some of their backstage buildings across the street to one of the dirt lots that they own.
  7. Can't say I agree. As much as I'd love to see jaguar get replaced by something better, Knott's won't get rid of it anytime soon. It's very reliable, has low maintenance costs, has great capacity, and is one of the most popular coasters in the park. If anything Knotts would probably take out Bigfoot Rapids or Xcelerator before Jaguar.
  8. Guess this means that we won't be seeing a new Intamin at any Cedar Fair park for the next decade or so
  9. From my experience, it seems like every time I get in line for a coaster at MM right before closing, and the line is well over an hour long, the ride will run for 20-30 minutes only to go down for "technical difficulties". Hence why I don't stand in line for rides near park closing anymore.
  10. Just got back from KSF last night and can definitely say that this was one of their stronger years. Almost every maze was spectacular! The only exceptions to this were Voodoo and Halloween Hootenanny. However, I must say that the scare zones at KSF this year were a major letdown. Probably the worst that they've ever been. For starters, both "carnevil" and "Fiesta de Los muertos" were both awful. Neither scarezone had any fog, were generally brighter than Disneyland during Christmas, and were lacking any type of actual Halloween decorations. Even Ghost town, which is known for its thick fog and dark alleys, was light on fog this year and brighter than ever. KSF definitely dropped the ball on their scare zones this year. Honestly felt like Fright Fest had better scarezones than Knotts this year.
  11. Already voted in the poll. Here's the order in which I use them: 1) Snapchat 2) Instagram 3) Twitter 4) Facebook
  12. My bet is that they're completely rebuilding the launch system. Keep in mind that the current system is over 15 years old. Maybe Knotts decided that it would be cheaper to just re-build the system with a more reliable and efficient system then the current one? And who knows, maybe we'll also get a re-paint before the coaster opens
  13. Just read a post by @cabincrewcoasterkings stating that there's a possibility that Xcelerator is being removed from the park. Anybody else hear or read anything about this? Here's a link to the post:
  14. ^^ I'm not expecting Disney quality service when I visit MM or any SF park for that matter, but I do expect decent operations when visiting. What bothers me the most is how inefficient SF is when it comes to budgeting. For instance, instead of forking out who knows how much for those VR headsets, what SF should have spent that money on is for an operable third train for X2 so that way, the parks most popular coaster isn't running one train for 1/3 of the year. Also, instead of cloning JL for the 7th time, SF should have spent that money on renovating Cyclone Bay and updating their restrooms. This further proves that SF is run by a bunch of idiots.
  15. ^ Two things: First: Renovate Viper by adding new trains (possibly with onboard audio), new theming, new paint, and new landscape. They'll probably call it either "The New Viper" or "Viper 2". Second: Install a Zamperla Giant Discovery with a sweet LED lighting package.
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