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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^ You might be thinking of 2012, the year of explosive new attractions all over So-Cal. I would imagine SFMM would have to add something pretty "interesting" to keep up. Unfortunately, none of us will get to ride any of them, seeing as the world ends in 2012!

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I think it is awesome they are replacing the SFGADv and SFDK guys with people who were involved with Hard Rock Park....

Are the HRP guys they are hiring the guys that used to work for Paramount...probably with Al Weber? Hmmm.....

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This was on The Signal.com. It looks like he has been transferred to the corporate office...


Jay Thomas exits Magic Mountain for corporate gig in Texas


Jay Thomas is leaving Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor as park president for a position at the theme park company's corporate office in Dallas, an official said Tuesday.


A Six Flags Magic Mountain spokeswoman denied that Thomas had been fired from the company, which was part of initial reports.


"Jay never had the kind of airs that corporate people do -- he is a genuine, good human being," said John Mahaffy, former interim director of the SCV Boys & Girls Club Foundation.


See Wednesday's Signal for the complete story.

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I am very sorry to see Jay Thomas depart from SFMM. While I'm happy for him as he moves up, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, his friendliness and positive attitude will be sorely missed.


Good luck Jay! You were absolutely fantastic to work with! Thanks for everything you did for us @ SFMM!

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I think it is awesome they are replacing the SFGADv and SFDK guys with people who were involved with Hard Rock Park....


Even worse, John Fitzgerald is the guy who was involved in sinking Hard Rock Park and Freestyle Music Park (and his own company bio prides his involvement in the latter project).


By the end of the decade, I'm going to be able to write a book on the [negative] impact that park has made on the industry...

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They want and need marketers and all the Park Presidents departures, no matter how good they were for their park, were non-marketers.............. Drive attendance is the name of the game and now SF is right back where it belongs - local parks, not NYC dimwits, driving the local businesses............... BR will do that, lead her team and represent the local community..............

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On a positive note, I think that the move to Texas can be a good thing, as Thomas can use his expertise to help out all the parks in the chain. Also, glad to see them promoting a long time employee of SFMM to the new position, instead of going completely outside. I'm never really sure how much freedom each park President is given over the direction of their particular park. It was Shapiro who was the big believer in altering the demo towards family, and his park Presidents/GM's more or less tried to deliver on that vision with the limited resources given to them by the board.


One thing that can be done is for someone to take pics of Universal's Citywalk's Johnny Rockets, and then compare that to what passes for Johnny Rockets at SFMM. Or even with the Panda Express locations. Out of the three theme parks that share the common eateries (Knotss, SFMM, Universal) - it is SFMM installs that are the most junky looking. Erasing this negative impression created by these sub-standard venues should be a top priority for 2011. Get the board to free up some cash so SFMM can at least provide a better environment for the guests. Jay did wonders with what little they provided.

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I'm glad to hear that Jay simply got a new position. While I don't know Bonnie personally, I have spoken to her a few times when she was at SFMM. She's familiar with the park and will do just fine.


Regarding the park's direction, now that there's been a change at the top, I have a feeling that with SFMM's reputation, they're going to head back toward the big thrills. This is how SFMM is known, and they should stick with what they do well.


As for Jay, I wish him the very best. He did a great job during his time at the park and I will miss seeing him there.



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Bonnie? That's an odd name for a man.

Don't worry, Bonnie is one of those fancy, newfangled men with boobs and vaginas.

Two vaginas?!

Yeah, I realized that my grammar was totally messed up there! Damnit, but hey, it actually CAN happen.


I may be mistaken/a total nerd, but isn't Bonnie's last name on the side of one of the buildings at SFMM? I believe she (or whoever that is) had a HUGE part in the park for a very long time. So if it is her, that's hopefully a great choice as a replacement for a president that really did many great things for the park.

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Now it seems The Signal is going back on their claim that Jay is going to the Corporate Office; it now says he "may" go. Here is an expanded article and there is suppose to be an interview with Jay in tomorrow's issue...


UPDATED: Magic Mountain president to leave

Jay Thomas, park president since 2007, may take a position at a corporate office in Dallas


Jay Thomas is leaving Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor as park president, potentially taking a position at the theme park's corporate office in Dallas, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.


Six Flags Magic Mountain spokeswoman Sue Carpenter denied other media reports that the park president had been fired from the company. There was no word Tuesday night on who would replace Thomas.


Thomas was appointed park president in 2007 and navigated the theme park - one of the Santa Clarita Valley's largest employers - through the economic recession and financial setbacks facing the New York-based amusement park company.


In 2009, Six Flags filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the goal of reorganizing and shedding $1.8 billion of its $2.4 billion debt.


Despite the economic challenges, Thomas and the theme park heralded the opening of its roller coasters X2 in 2008 and "Terminator: Salvation" The Ride in 2009. That all followed a $10 million revamp of the five-year-old rollercoaster, X.


Thomas oversaw the park as it reintroduced itself as a family-friendly destination, evident by the launch of the new children's area, Thomas Town, which is based on the character Thomas the Tank Engine.


The park also began enforcing code-of-conduct rules at the entrance to rides and popular destinations, prohibiting smoking, profanity and other behavior deemed not family-friendly.


Outside of running the theme park, Thomas immersed himself in the Santa Clarita Valley community, joining a series of nonprofit organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley.


"Jay never had the kind of airs that corporate people do - he is a genuine, good human being. It's hard to find those kinds of people today," said John Mahaffey, former interim director of the Boys & Girls Club of SCV Foundation and owner of SC Construction Company.


"His departure is a devastating loss," Mahaffey said. "He's been a great member of this community. No one has done as much personally as he has done in support of the nonprofits."


Thomas and the theme park received numerous awards for a dedication to the community. In 2009, Thomas accepted the Economic Impact Award during the Santa Clarita Valley Business Leadership Awards.


Earlier this year, local leaders "roasted" Thomas as part of the Elks Roast, which raised nearly $35,000 for the Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers.


"Jay Thomas is a fine executive and leader," Signal Publisher Ian Lamont said. "He is greatly respected and admired and his next community is going to love him."

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