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  1. I too have ridden Insane and was not impressed. Crotch smashing, long line with minimal thrills. Even though I didn't like it, I suppose I could see how others will, but it just wasn't my thing. With this ride the biggest thing I'm worried about is capacity--if you thought Deja Vu was bad just wait till you see the lines on this ride. 800 riders per hour MAX! They haven't given it up in 14 years, what makes you think they'd do it now? Anyone notice the sweet paint job on the side of the Superman cars? I LOVE IT!
  2. ^^^^Thanks for the quick little PTR, but yeah as already mentioned, you can see the back of the train is blue in THIS photo. Which means in typical SFMM fashion, they've probably had the thing sit there for a month or two without doing squat. This is typical of the park, as you all might remember X sat there for the longest time before painting or new trains or anything got done. It would just be nice to see SOME sort of progress considering the rides been sitting there missing out on riders most of the summer. Of course the maintenance department doesn't mind, it's just one less ride they have to inspect before the day begins. I am surprised to see the old trains still on the track though. I'd guess that when you can't see them back there anymore, that they'll be gone for good and we'll be seeing the new ones soon enough.
  3. ^That's just dumb. You can get a 12 pack of any type of beer at that price, and I'd bet you'd enjoy it a lot more too. Its funny how one person guesses about Deja Vu turning into Green Lantern and suddenly people are arguing that it's placement in the park doesn't make any sense.
  4. For some reason I think you just called it. Although I can't even begin to think what they'd do to the ride to make it more "superhero" like. I wouldn't mind if they passed on the infamous SF cardboard cutouts or audio.
  5. I don't think the photo of Superman has anything to do with what's going on with the Green Lantern attraction. First, it doesn't say which park may get a green lantern ride. Also, I think they just used that photo to show an example of what the chain has done with superhero rides in the past. Don't forget, SF Great Adventure is getting getting a Green Lantern coaster next year, that slide may be referring to that ride. I would wager those cables are definitely for the painters to get up and down Superman The Escape, probably as soon as the park tells us what's to come for 2011.
  6. ^^^^^Yeah tmcdllr: anti-rollbacks are more for lift hills and stop a train right where it's at in case of the lift chain snaps or stops on the lift, they don't want the train to go backward at all. The brakes on launch coasters are just "brakes" although the ones on TTD and even Pony Express differ from magnets to pneumatics. So I wish someone would explain to me why hitting the e-brake wouldn't have engaged the brakes that didn't engage on their own? I doubt a whole line of brakes went out mechanically, meaning they were all frozen up. I bet this is something electrical and the proxy sensors didn't engage the brakes. In that case the e-stop would override the sensors, and would have closed those calipers manually. I'm not saying it's a guarantee, but unless the entire braking system failed, I don't think it could have hurt.
  7. Although I can imagine beer prices upwards of $12, and though I would never pay that price, I don't see a problem with booze in the park. It would be nice if you could walk around with one or buy them at stands like cotton candy, but that will never happen.
  8. Yeah, what would I know. I only worked at this park on several rides and saw people get written up because they hit the e stop when they didn't necessarily have to... I guess using your rules it's time to mark Knotts off the list of "legitimate park policies." I think we all are. There wasn't time in this instance to activate the "normal" method of stopping the ride, and there wasn't time to evacuate riders. The train was coming backwards down the launch track and it was a decsision that would have to be made in seconds. Unless the brakes on the launch went completely out causing this accident, an E-Stop would have closed the calipers and stopped the train before it got to the station. Maybe an op did hit the e-stop, we don't know. But if they did and the train STILL didn't stop on the launch track, there's a flaw in the safety systems of the ride that may be more serious than just proxy sensors not activating the brakes.
  9. Maybe I'm just naturally self aware, but it seems to me this is an incident where if the operators were paying attention to the ride through the circuit, they would have seen the train didn't clear the hill, and could have pushed e-stop to have the calipers stop the train on the launch before it came back into the station. Problem is the punishment for hitting e stop when it's not an emergency is usually so harsh, it's the last thing most ops think about because they're afraid of getting in trouble ie Superman incident on Tower of Power. Knott's is lucky the incident was not more serious.
  10. I LOVE the new trains and don't mind the plexiglass guards at all! I know they're a little ugly from an aesthetic point of view, but when you're riding will you REALLY notice them? Hell no! Honestly I think it's to save your back from swinging over the side of the train, which means the forces are going to be there! The ONLY comment (and this isn't about the aesthetics of the train) I have is I wish they would have put the bogeys on the OUTSIDE of the I beams instead of the inside. As we've learned with Arrow and Morgan rides like X, GASM, Magnum XL, Steel Phantom or Steel Dragon, inside rail bogeys are prone to a rough and choppy ride. Intamin and B&M has the bogeys on the outside and it helps to provide an overall smoother ride, as the axle has a wider length, and rotates more smoothly. I hope they have the headlights AND tailights, and I hope they work for more than a year.
  11. That's why I like Gardenwalk so much! It's not like The Block or Downtown Disney where you're constantly avoiding or running into people!
  12. *smacks forehead* You probably shouldn't come into a forum you obviously haven't read a page about and start making inferences and guesses like everyone else is out of the loop and has no clue what's going on. Because chances are you're going to repeat everything that's already been discussed and look like a fool. In order to be a responsible poster and contributor, it would be wise for you to go back, oh I dunno, as many pages back as we've been discussing the Superman rehab, and READ the information in order to understand what we all know and what we think is going on. No doubt, everything you mentioned has already been discussed, at great length mind you, and that is "What TPR thinks." Newsflash: We've ALL pretty much heard of Bizarro. And oh, hey, check it out, there have already been 2 Bizarro rehabs at other parks?!!? NO WAI!!! http://rcdb.com/628.htm http://rcdb.com/502.htm
  13. ^OMG! GIMMIE GIMMIE!! I'd treat that thing like royalty, it'd last for another 50 years. LOVE Schwarzkopf shuttle loops. Was Greezed Lightnin' at Astroworld a weight propelled launch, or did it have a clutch like Montezuma's?
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