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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2228 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage REAL POV!

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Hmmm, I am the SFGAM fanboy...


I would think 2,200 people per hour for the splash battle. It has continously been running with 10 or 11 boats, and it just keeps on going with 8 people per boat. Never is my 20 visits to SFGAM have I not seen Buccaneer Battle with a line when it is super hot outside. Even when all the boats are filled to capacity.


SFMM should adopt a Mack Splash Battle!


Yeah i don't recall seeing much of a line for Buccaneer Battle all summer.


The ride has excellent capacity, and the theming is the best i have seen from any SF park.

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Six Flags President and Chief Executive Mark Shapiro said this week that Magic Mountain would add a “family attraction” for 2010, with an official announcement expected in November. But regular Funland readers already know that the “family attraction” will be a new roller coaster.


The LA Times seems to also want the coaster war to resume. http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/cedar-point-magic-mo-5502/

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^ Isn't Goliath Jr or Percy's w/e technically a roller coaster? and counted as one?

Chances are, they will add a new roller coaster in 2010, but it could be a roller coaster for children lmao.


It could very much be a coaster for children, but I doubt it will be that small since they already own 2 tiny coasters.

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Does anybody else think its weird that:


A Chinese restaurant (Panda) is in a Mexican themed (Baja Ridge) area

A pizza place is in a Japanese themed area

Mexican food can be found in a .... well, generally un-themed area of the park


There are probably more...


All I'm saying is that I think the themed lands could be put to better use with a few switches.

The Mexcan food in Baja Ridge.

The Panda in Samurai Summit (I know I know, not Japanese, but closer than pizza!). The pizza place can go somewhere else, I know you can get Papa Johns not too far from Riddler as well, but maybe over by Terminator?


The Mooseburger Lodge goes GREAT in a land called High Sierra Territory! It fits right in! I think SFMM has a great opportunity to make some subtle changes to work with this to a much greater level.



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In the cases of Panda & Laughing Dragon, it was more about building functionality & throughput of guests in that particular area than it was about the theme of the land. A land's theme is mostly for the attractions in the area rather than the exact menu offerings.


Disney just opened a chinese food place in their Pacific Wharf area of DCA, for example. I believe Knott's has a Panda Express in their Ghost Town area as well. It's not something anyone really makes a big deal about.

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^I think that's an unfair comparison. The Pacific Wharf area of DCA is themed to San Francisco-a communtiy celebrated for it's large Chinese demographic. And Knott's....I mean outside of what Walter Knott put in himself what has Cedar Fair done that could be REMOTELY considered theming? If you want to fully "theme" areas it would be a nice touch to fully emmerse EVERYTHING in that area to that theme. Take for instance Disneyland. Tomorrowland is where you find Buzz toys, Frontierland is where you find Woody plush dolls. I think we're all in agreement that the park has a solid foundation to build upon, yet only goes halfway when it comes to things like theming the scenary and shops around rides, rather than just theming rides.

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With regard for the Panda Express at Knott's, in a sense it is thematically correct because Chinese laborers were brought over to build the railroads in the late 19th century...about the same period that Ghost Town is themed to.



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Eduardo’s Grill is not there anymore, it's now a BBQ place called LongHorns Barbeque


I was very surprised to see this when I was at the park yesterday. It seems like a good move though, so many parks have BBQ places. The smell is great! Too bad its not up in Rapids Camp Crossing, but oh well. I do have to say I'll miss the burritos...pretty good deal at about $7.

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^I heard from someone who was there that the crowd was light but X2 still had a terrible line and was dispatching very long intervals.


I was planning on going Sunday 11th when I'm in LA but I think I might give SFMM a miss.

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