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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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^ Do you know how the capacity is for the Thomas train ride? I know it only has two coaches and it has about 4 rows each? With the popularity among families with little kids, I would think wait times would be a bit unreasonable.


Which leads me to think why Six Flags didn't add a second engine on the lines such as a James the Red Engine or a Percy the little Green Engine to help with capacity or use it in the event the Thomas train goes into rehab.

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Yeah but putting it in Psyclone's site would make more sense in order to improve the flow of guests throughout the park. Two kiddie areas next to each other doesn't make much sense.


SFDK's is right across the walkway from Looney Tunes Seaport, which actually makes sense. TT doesn't really include enough for a stand alone kiddie area IMO, the location makes it kind of an extention/expansion of the existing kids area, probably the same idea behind SFMM's location.


Honestly as much as I hate the Wiggles, these actually look like a much better more complete package/new themed area than what the TT areas are. Which are basically just a 5 minute kiddie train and 2 small kiddie flats wrapped in minimal theming. I wouldn't expect much more at SFMM.

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Thanks for the pics. I can easily see how that "fits" onto the Granny Gran Prix area. I do hope they add the train station facade at least. It sounds like the expansion literally is just the Thomas Train and a merchandise store. It certainly is a bizarre transition going from BB, to Thomas Town, to Goliath. But at least the kids attractions are grouped together so little feet people don't have to walk very far.


Space planning wise, my hope is that the Psyclone spot is reserved for another large scale attraction in 2009/10.

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Not a big deal...but does anybody else find it funny that Magic Mountain's Looney Tunes area is called Bugs Bunny World while a few other of the same area at the other Six Flags parks is called Bugs Bunny National Park?


If it's any park that the area name would be most appropriate as Bugs Bunny National Park would be at Magic Mountain...I mean the entrance is a giant faux redwood tree for crying out loud in dead center of the "High Sierra Territory" themed area.

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I wonder if this ride goes in the rumor location and the Petting Zoo is toast, while the park retheme Goliath Jr. to fit in better? Also I wonder if this is going to possibly spell doom for the random Waterslide that is back there.

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Haha, guess I was WAY off.


I see a problem with this area going in though. Not so much about the quality of installation, but the attitudes of the employees. They are the determining factor of how successful a new kids area will be, and I gotta be honest, I don't have too much confidence in them.


My predictions are they're putting this where the petting zoo is now, and taking out Granny Gran Prix. It makes no sense putting it in the back corner, I understand some peoples reasoning to "increase flow" but I don't see a Thomas Town increasing that much flow. Nobody (probably including the kids themselves) wants to walk their kids all the way back there when it could be right next to Bugs Bunny World.


I don't see multi-million dollar Deja Vu getting torn down for a kids area because:

1. There's no problems with it. If it ain't broke, why spend dough tearing it down?

2. Its intense, unique and the crowds LOVE it.

3. It costs no more to upkeep than several of the other coasters in the park.

4. I'd guess it'll be the last one standing, much like Freefall is one of the last standing 1st generation Freefall rides.


The worst time of the year for Magic Mountain locals/fans.


Where so many new and upcoming things are happening and there isn't a single CLUE as to when and if they are going to happen! So many unanswered questions such as...


When exactly Flashback will be taken out.


When exactly Metro will be fixed or taken out.


When exactly X's trains will be delivered and the details of this big change.


If X's station will be reconfigured/redesigned for the new vehicles.


Whether Thomas Town will go into Psyclone's old spot or the rumored Granny Gran Prix/Petting Zoo area.


And if Thomas Town goes into the Granny Gran Prix/Petting Zoo area, what will go into Psyclone's old spot?


What could possibly replace Flashback.


Whether or not Deja Vu be removed like Over Georgia's Deja Vu.


Whether or not Tidal Wave will be rethemed to Aquaman like Six Flags Over Texas' Tidal Wave.


Is Freefall going to operate into the 2008 season or will it be removed like SFOT, SFNJ, SFOG's freefalls.


Why is it the worst time of the year?


I'm excited that all these things are up in the air and nobody knows when or if they're actually going to be happening. I think a lot of it has to do with the company not knowing what they're going to be doing either. 2008 is going to be a VERY interesting year for the park, hopefully all of the changes are for the best.



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We go to both SFDK and SFMM. Up Here by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom there was so much talk about the Thomas Town. When it opened this year it was very disappointing. It was just one Thomas train that goes in a short circle around the one building( the shark experience if you have ever been). Besides that they just added two small rides that are identicle to other rides in looney tunes village a few hundred yards away. My 4 year old that loves thomas thought it was dumb. Hopefully SFMM will get a better one because we make the 5 hour drive to SFMM as much as we go to Vallejo but I will not get excited till I see it.

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If Shapiro is willing to pony up the cash, a very well themed Big Thunder Mountain Railroad styled Thomas the Tank Engine coaster could be pulled off if they do it right. Plus, the removal of Psyclone (and possible removal of Deja Vu) would leave plenty of room to do such a project.


Then again, the corporation is still carrying a $2 billion debt load. And I'm just daydreaming up a possibility that would never happen in Magic Mountain EVER.

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A little off topic but i went out to the mountain and the day was overall... just blah...


Batman and Scream were closed


X and Tatsu closed after 1 pm because of the wind, yet Goliath and Superman were open the entire day (with some technical difficulties involved, yet nonetheless open) despite the fact they're taller... hmmm... anyone know why?


As expected lost rides broke down frequently because of the wind, but the lack of major crowds made up for that


Still no sign of Thomas Town in either the Psyclone footprint or the Petting Zoo locations...


and if anyone cares: the fog machines were turned off, which made fright fest look a lot less well frightening...

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^Which is why if you go to Fright Fest, just act like your going on a regular MM trip, and enjoy the Halloween Festivities (if there are any) going on that day. Any other way is just setting yourself up for disappointment.


^Closing rides because of wind is not because of the danger of the coaster track falling over because of wind, lol, it has to do with the ride not making it through the circuit. As you know X has a difficult time making it around in the circuit in cold mornings as it is, and with Tatsu on top of Samurai Summit where the wind is probably the strongest means they need to close those rides so they don't valley. I'm sure Sky Tower was down too, there's a wind safety factor on that as well.


Goliath runs faster than it needs to, it will probably never valley (unless 4 wheels blow at once or something) and Superman, well, there's not much room for wind to cause the ride to not come back. It's all done electronically.


There's your reasons for closure.


*still crossing fingers for CGI woodie to take over Psyclones RIP area (maybe it'll weave through Deja Vu and Ninja?)*

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I was there Sunday. By 2pm, X (which broke down first thing in the morning while I was in line for it), Tatsu, Scream, Riddler, Batman, Deja Vu (broke while entering the Q), Collosuss (both directions) were all down, Tidal Wave (closed too early in season, still warm in so cal!), Roaring Rapids, closed (ditto). With so many coasters down at once, people were heading straight for the water rides, doesn't help when 50% of them are down! Needless to say, split the park hours earlier than intended no wanting to take the chance to see what they might open up.


I did see the FF the week before, and wow, what amazingly poor planning. It looks like they lost 99% of their budget. They leave the theatrical venues completely unused, and put two of the acts back to back in Gotham Square, with good ole Superman providing a nice noisy backdrop. The performers did their best with the limited resources and it has to be tought to work the event.


I think they are trying to do the exact same Knott style of event, but whoever has the purse strings is holding onto them far too tight and the guest experience went straight into the toilet. This is the first year I've gone where it's been nearly a complete waste of time, and I've enjoyed the FF in years past never once expecting it to be like Knott's or Universal. It's time their entertainment dept. gets it together and use some creativity to make a decent Halloween event and not this embarrassment they put out this year.


Needless to say, the new GM has a huge challenge coming up for 2008.

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Yeah, yesterday was horrible. I'm shocked we didn't close. More rides were down due to high winds then due to rain. People could hardly breath because of all the ash, a lot of the workers felt sick having to run around in all that. Yesterday, these are the rides that were closed:

Deja vu






Roaring Rapids

Tidal Wave

Sky Tower

(Am I forgetting any?)

I'm not sure about Colossus... but the rides that did stay open just got screwed up by the wind such as Viper and Revolution. Both rides went down so much during the day.

Superman stayed open, Goliath ran into a problem at around 4 and needed to be evacuated off of lift, Viper stopped at upper lift and the at block brake. I even heard Goldrusher go down a few times.

I think the ride that did the best yesterday was actually Riddlers.


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Can anyone verify? Just heard this and wasn't sure where to put it?


Everyone be safe, just horrible.


That fire looks crazy.


If someone else posted it sorry.


Monday, 22 October 2007


Fire now burning near Westridge


UPDATE: Monday, October 22nd at 4:05pm



LA County Fire units are now fighting a blaze at the Old Road and Magic Mountain Parkway. It started as a two acre blaze but KHTS reporter Sharon Bronson is on the scene and she reports that the fire is moving very quickly.


LA County Fire has mobilized at least ten units from Canyon Country to try and tackle this fire. Stay tuned to AM 1220 or hometownstation.com for updates as they come.


Other reports are claiming that homes in Westridge are immediately in danger and Sheriff's have began evacuating homes without any hesitation.


No mandatory evacuations are being enforced at this time. LA County Fire Department believes that they will be able to fight this fire with the resources they have.


The fire has burned over 50 acres.

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My sister just called me that she's on the I-5 north passing Magic Mountain Parkway and apparently "many of the hills around the park are on fire." Not the first time the park has had to deal with a brush fire. Hope the firefighters can put out these fires in San Diego and L.A.

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From the LA Times, the fire as of 5PM.


Magic Fire (Stevenson Ranch) 5 p.m.

Acres: 1,000

Time of start: 2:17 p.m. 10-22, near the intersection of Old Road and Magic Mountain Parkway.

Damage: None reported, although homes are nearby.

Firefighters dispatched: 120

Fire "moving toward the southwest and neighborhoods to the South of Six Flags Magic Mountain. People were watching in shock from a shopping center at Valencia and the Old Road as Super Scoopers repeatedly dropped their loads in the canyons behind West Ranch High School." (LAT)

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My thoughts exactly!


Hmmm... I wonder if the fire near magic mountain is the same that I saw on Sunday just east of Valencia...


Which in combination with the one north of Castaic, and the one near Piru ruined the day with all of that carptacular ash!


Damn allergies!

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