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  1. Wow..guess I'm a shoe whore. Converse Black lo top Black hi top Red lo top White lo top All black lo top Black with red hi top Red and black checkered vans DC skate shoes ... 4 years old and still wear 'em! TUK boots 2 Demonia boots Doc Marten boots Demonia creepers Rebok running shoes Nike spike shoes (for track) And out of all those, I pretty much just wear one pair of Converse.
  2. Wow I honestly thought you changed the color to black and white...until I saw the color of the buildings and stoplights. Snow is fun to visit for maybe a weekend max, but living with it like that? No thank you.
  3. Um, that's a link to a SNL clip. And there's already a thread for the grocery store "credit". www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=31210
  4. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's Thanks Allibuns!
  5. Totally awesome TRs you did there, Jahan! Your captions were hilarious! BTW, do you know what's better than riding Big Thunder Mountain? Riding it at night, with the fireworks going!
  6. Six Flags Marine World Paramount's Great America (CFGA?) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Traintown Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Knott's Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Cedar Point Geauga Lake Hmm, I think that's it. My list will keep growing!
  7. Wouldn't it be something if they build it at PGA after they took out Stealth? I wouldn't mind.. X-Flight was my favorite coaster at GL!
  8. Happy Birthday Allanbuns! You're really a great guy. Hope you have a fine day at work!
  9. I feel inclined to see the movie, since last year I read the book and did a report on it in English class. I'm glad the movie isn't a documentary-type like the book was.
  10. ^Notice when this poll was first made. I'm still trying to choose between CF and Disney.
  11. It's raining and I just got my chemistry test back...51 out of 60, 85%! For that class, that is really good!
  12. I had a pretty good year. I went on my first out-of-state coaster trip, to Ohio for Cedar Point and Geauga Lake. We also went down to DLR / DCA for a few days. I had 2 nights of Fright Fest at SFMW. PS - I went credit whoring at Traintown in Sonoma!
  13. Nice pics, thanks for posting! I'll probably get some of ours up soon.
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