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  1. Zonga (SFMW) Stealth (PGA) Greased Lightnin' (PGA) I think that's all.
  2. You got some nice pics in there. What makes your Freefall the "best in the world" ? I hope that's not a stupid question, but I've never been there so I wouldn't know!
  3. I saw watching it with my dad and when that came on we laughed so hard!
  4. I thoguht you always said your schooly / city was "ghetto" ? From those pictures, it looks pretty nice! And you've got some hot friends haha! I remember back in the 7th grade, we always made fun of my math teacher (I feel bad about it now...) but anyways on the last day of school my "Partner in Crime" and I took a picture next to her, making a funny face. I miss those days! Anyways, I always thought about doing a PTR from school...I'm not surprised you did you do one for nearly everything!
  5. Nice TR! Kong isn't that bad, I really like it. Good to know Medusa is still running awesome. I haven't been since last October, but I'll be going a couple of times for Fright Fest!
  6. Hehe I love Costco's pepperoni pizza. I really love all pizza though since it's my favorite food. Costco gives out huge slices though just for like $1.99!
  7. Floorless coasters have an inverted feel to me. That being said, Medusa at SFMW has a nice dive loop.
  8. I was going to say X's lifthill too because it's nice being able to see nearly all of SFMM. Best view..Millennium Force and Magnum, those are sure hard to beat!
  9. Killgreedy by Lollipop Lust Kill. Thanks Allan!
  10. Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day!
  11. I'd do it. I think that's a cool idea...sure it'll be gross for a minute or two, but then no lines!
  12. ^ Like he said, Kong amd Medusa will have the longest waits. Usually on Saturday they run 2 trains on everything...but I'm not sure about the Sunday. The waits shouldn't be too bad, I don't think.
  13. Haha damn, the one year I don't get a season pass. Oh well...yeah I really don't think you'll be needing 2 days either. Medusa is my favorite floorless, be sure to ride in the back row for some nice airtime on the drop! Too bad they took out Zonga before you got there.
  14. Happy Birthday Nicole! Have a great day!
  15. Mike told me something like they don't have the money to reopen it now, and that the lifthill blew or something. I'm sure he'll write up in here.
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