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  1. Glad you finally made it out to CP. And yeah, that one pic is way too big.
  2. Wow good job. I don't have the patience to do stuff like that lol.
  3. Lol your card was full but you only posted 12 photos? Glad you all had fun at the party. Those were some good pics Evan.
  4. Right, your "brother" . It's okay Zack, you can admit your fears to us.
  5. ^ Umm....nice? I get glasses at WallMart.
  6. CA Screamin' at DCA Magnum XL-200 at CP. I liked being right on the beach like that.
  7. I'm So Sick by Flyleaf Getting ready to see them tonight!
  8. ^^ That sounds so funny I'm going to try it next time I can't sleep! Whenever I can't get to sleep, I go and take a couple Tylenol PM. I know you say you've tried it..but that's what I do. I'm sure you're not one year old..so I don't know your real age..but this is probably just a phase that you'll get over soon. Maybe try going out and doing stuff during the day so you're more tired at night.
  9. Here's me and my sister on Tower of Terror. It's a crappy picture taken with my cell phone off of the TV thing..but whatever. I'm in the black shirt..we're looking down at the penny I was holding and when we dropped it went flying up and hit the ceiling and landed on the ground haha.
  10. It doesn't look too enjoyable. It's a credit, but now something I'd go running back in line to do again probably.
  11. Flying sucks! I know there's all this new security and stuff because of those dumb terrorists, but they are a little overboard! Okay so I flew out of OAK to Long Beach on Tuesday morning. We had to leave at 4AM! Going through security, I was lucky enough to get a "random private screening". It was so weird, the guy was like groping me. Well anyways we got there and had a fun trip, and coming back after our flight home I notice my lock is off of my checked bag. I'm thinking "...okay wtf? I know it was locked!" So I open it and there's a slip of paper saying that my bag was again "randomly" inpected further than the x-ray machines. Oh but it's okay...they can go right ahead and invade my privacy and break off my lock! Like I said..flying sucks! Also, I hate when people say you said something, when you really didn't just to get people mad at you!
  12. I'm not sure how fair my vote is, since I've only been on 6 of them...but I voted for Raptor. My second choice would probably either be SLCs or Wicked Twister (back row).
  13. My first whole 8 years of living were coasterless. The longest in between coasters was October '05 - July '06. It was horrible lol!
  14. Maybe you shouldn't wear them to SFMM. There's a reason I get $10 aviators from Wal Mart.
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