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  1. On wooden roller coasters I like the front rows better because it's less jerky and bumpy, but I love the airtime the back rows get.
  2. I wast there last Saturday from 10-6 and we did all the rides we wanted with lines from 10 - 20 minutes. A Friday there will be extremely short lines. I go during the summer on weekdays and they let us stay on the rides because there are no lines.
  3. Was Medusa closed all day? That's weird, it's usually open when I go. I went on Saturday 4/30 and Zonga was closed.
  4. I downloaded No Limits Fair Grounds today and installed it but when I tried to start the game, nothing happened. Does anyone know what I should do to make it work?
  5. My first roller coaster was Matterhorn at Disneyland and my first upside down roller coaster was Kong at Six Flags Marine World.
  6. I hate Zonga at Six Flags Marine World and also Psyclone at Six Flags Magic Mountain was pretty rough, but then again most woodies are. ADMIN EDIT: Fixed spelling and grammar. Please make sure you proofread your posts before you hit "submit."
  7. I just remembered I went on Freefall at Magic Mountain, I don't know if that counts though
  8. I have only been on Maliboomer at CA Adventure and Supreme Scream at Knott's...This year I get to do Drop Zone at PGA, Double Drop at Beach Boardwalk, and ToT at CA Adventure
  9. I love common county fair rides..Zipper is my faovirte!! http://helmandsons.brinkster.net/images/Zipper.jpg ADMIN EDIT: Removed HUGE image. Did you ever read our TOS? If you want to post a link to an image that big, fine, but don't set an IMG tag for it to show up in the boards.
  10. I had a season pass to MW last year and went a lot during the summer and it was always open. It was closed for an occasional hour or two here and there but that happens with a lot of rides. I have seen it run two trains but that was on one Saturday when the park was very crowded. I noticed they rotated which trains were in operation also, sometimes purple, sometimes red, or sometimes blue. I haven't gone this season yet but I will in the next couple of weeks and see how Zonga is (weather if its open or not, I most likely will never ride again)
  11. 15 times on Medusa at Six Flags Marine World last summer on a week day with no lines and well over 20 rides on the Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in 2004 for ERT with ACE.
  12. I think they could have gotten a better sign..I'm going to Disneyland in August woo hoo
  13. It didn't work so what should I do to make it work?
  14. I enjoy floorless coasters a lot but I've only been on Medusa at MW and Scream! at MM...out of those two I like Medusa more.
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