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  1. Wow that looked like a lot of fun. Good luck with your haunt stuff!
  2. Well then, it's a good thing gay men don't generally get pregnant! *realizes that a certain TPR member's screen name is rather irnoic* My AIM? That sounded pretty funny, the whole "next phase in your 'sinful act' is to eat your own offspring."
  3. I'll be at Solace and West Coast Bash, but not the after party. We'd like to go but we need to leave at that time to come home.
  4. Mmm food. I hope you rode the Tornado! P.S. - Where was the beach?
  5. Age: 16 Middle Name: Niel Pet Peeve: "I could care less"...it's "couldn't"! Color of your bathroom: blue/green Best Movie of ALL time: Austin Powers Best Song of ALL time: Warhead by Otep / Dear Mr. President by Pink Best TV Shows: Joan of Arcadia or Springer Favorite Band/Artist: The Distllers Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Tower of Terror, Space / Big Thunder Mountain Yummiest Ice Cream: Cookie Dough If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: Cameron Morning Person or Night Person: Night Pets: 2 dogs Favorite Color: Black Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Concert Coke or Pepsi: Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Yum Best Vacation Spot: Theme parks, duh! Cook or Go Out: Cook Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains Favorite coaster: Millennium Force Favorite videogame: RCT Favorite boardgame: Ouija Favorite book: My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler Favorite magazine: // Non Coaster Passtimes: Music, computer Wishes: // Films I'm looking forward to : Black Christmas. What a joke. Favourite inversion: Zero-G Rolls Favourite ride (non-rollercoaster): Drop rides Favourite type of car: I like driving my mom's Durango.
  6. That was a nice PTR Pete! Too bad you're selling that POS, I bet you've got awesome memories from it! That area looks nice..even with the snow!
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