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  1. I've gone to both this year.. this is how I look at it.. Ghostrider > Grizzly Drop Zone > Supreme Scream Invertigo > Boomerang Top Gun > Silver Bullet Xcelerator > Everything They were both nice parks though and you should have fun at either. I personally thought KGA's coasters were less thrilling.
  2. I rode V2, Medusa, and Boomerang at SFDK lastnight. Boomerang was last.
  3. I went in the morning to buy donuts and when I got home my dad said "Holden, Six Flags just called... something went wrong with the power lastnight and the whole park is closed today!" And it was early (and I was tired) .. I believed him..
  4. I heard V2 should open this weekend... don't take my word for it though.
  5. Awesome pics! Sorry about Boomerang, it opened late and only stayed open less than two hours.
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