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  1. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend Yay for people leaking the song before it's even on radio!
  2. I saw a man doing this when I was in line outside Target at 5:30 AM the day after Thanksgiving. I guess it's nice, it can really make someone's day.
  3. ^ I am pretty picky, but I find lots of things to eat. I really love oranges at the moment, and mac and cheese. Pizza is always a winner with me too.
  4. I voted babies, but it was a tough call between that and "I don't eat pork."
  5. Aw what a cool dog! And she's the complete opposite of mine! When we get ready to go out, he runs into his crate. But of course when we come back, the couch is warm form where he was laying..
  6. Jahan that was awesome! Your captions are so funny! I got a free ride on Matterhorn like that one night too, it was sick!
  7. Most likely an aftershock. This thread is from the quak from the summer...there was an after shock around 6:50 this morning, but I didn't feel it though.
  8. There was another one this morning just before 3:30AM. It was 3.8 in Glen Ellen.
  9. Here's the ticket form. knotts.com/special_events/wcs07.htm
  10. Kong at SFMW...an SLC! I was 8 and hated it, I think I even cried...but I tried it again and loved it!
  11. This wasn't lastnight, but a few days ago I dreamed I was at a Kittie concert and my neighbors were in the row in front of us, and the band was playing all Otep songs. It was weird.
  12. Black Christmas As a Christmas movie it was awesome! My second favorite, just behinf Nightmare Before Christmas. As a horror movie it was horrible. It was a huge disappointment, but made me laugh quite a few times! I don't suggest seeing it in theatres, unless you're rich and want to just waste money..but it's worth renting.
  13. Hola! Oh you crack me up Carlos. Your campus looks really nice! And your family's dog is cute haha. Glad you had a nice holiday season. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Here's a good video from google. Link. I think it looks like you can see way too much of the track. Good thing it's temporary!
  15. ^ Read the first post on this page. I checked the Knott's site either yesterday or the day before, and it still said the event was the 3rd, so this must be a very recent change.
  16. ^ I like your sunglasses. Okay in this pic of me we were at Chinatown and there was this Asian God thing that looked like it was wanting to touch ... me... Hehe.
  17. Ghostflowers by Otep. I can't wait for their next album!
  18. ...What? It's not my business what your or anyone else's sexual preferences are, so please leave me out of this if it'll turn into an argument.
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