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  1. I must have missed this. Which park is getting a condor?! The only condor news I know about is Hershey taking theirs out for a smaller version of Power Tower. While a bunch of new coasters would obviously be awesome, 2017 seems to be taking a different route and that's cool too. I haven't ridden a Justice League but am excited for that at SFGAdv. The closest I've been on is KD's Boo Blasters and BGW's DarKastle which are both fun when they're actually working properly. However, I'd give up 2 years of any ride additions whatsoever if it meant SFGAdv would make their bathrooms a bit nicer. Same for some of KD and CP's bathrooms especially the one by Skyhawk. At those and other parks I'd like another tarp or two put up in certain queue lines, maybe some more benches put around, and trees/flowers. Sprucing the place up here and there goes a long way and I'm hoping that'll be some of the case for 2017. If there aren't any new large coasters announced in the next couple months it'll make for a more boring/quiet off-season here for sure, but that doesn't mean I won't still enjoy the chat on TPR. We were able to go to Carowinds for the first time this year, twice, to try out Fury and next year will get to Dollywood for the first time when LR is hopefully running more consistently. SO has never been to Kennywood and we may stop there. I'll be going to SFMM for the first time in 17 years in March. Sometimes not having a major new hotness means a less packed park and/or trying out other places you haven't been before like someone else mentioned. Either way, I enjoy the speculation! The Condor is going to Worlds of Fun, along with a Troika.
  2. I like the idea! I'm not sure how it would work, but it sounds promising. Although once, I had a dream where they RMC'd a boomerang and it still sucked...
  3. States I've been to and spent time in: Pennsylvania (home) New York New Jersey Vermont Florida Illinois North Carolina South Carolina Kentucky Maryland States I've driven through: Ohio Virginia Georgia West Virginia Minnesota Indiana Iowa
  4. Yeah, 2017 will be a bit of a slow year. Here's hoping that this year's drought leads to a great year in 2018!
  5. Parks I know I am going to: Hersheypark All of the WDW parks Parks that I will likely go to: Dorney Park (not sure if I will renew my pass yet) Universal Studios Orlando Parks that I have heard as a possibility, but is unlikely: Cedar Point SeaWorld Orlando
  6. My avatar is a custom photo I made describing Dorney Park's ride collection.
  7. Expedition Everest @ Animal Kingdom, coming in around $100,000,000. Where is the most recent SLC located?
  8. Wow, looks like the park is slammed tonight! Better luck next year! Hey, at least the flume is open.
  9. Getting arrested for throwing basketballs at oncoming Full Throttle trains. What's worse than a colonoscopy?
  10. This describes about 90% of my amusement park dreams. I get to a park (with a name but nowhere near the same layout) and either don't ride any rides, wake up when the ride begins, or something else. I know I got on Dominator at KD but blacked out for the entire ride. The only ride that I can remember riding in a dream is a mostly exact copy of Mako. (Neither coasters are ones I have ridden). Everything up to the MCBR was the same, but the MCBR kicked on like Titan at SFOT. After that it went into an odd overbanked turn where it almost stalled, then right into the break run. The airtime was there, but the overbanked turn felt weird.
  11. On the bright side, you didn't throw up all over yourself mid-ride! School begins tomorrow
  12. ^ Are the Six Flags parks across the globe going to be named Six Flags (insert location here), or have a completely different name, like La Ronde?
  13. I wish you didn't say that. I didn't notice the spelling error at first but now it annoys the hell out of me.
  14. The Incredible Hulk at Universal Studios Orlando Name translates to "what the hell" in English, among other things
  15. ...you're a bit late. Giving us the link on what every park is getting after everything has been out for hours really doesn't help anyone.
  16. A floorless standup, or as I like to call it, "Balls of Steel"
  17. I know this is a double post but I'm surprised someone hasn't posted this one yet: Yes. I predict that many enthusiasts will feel entitled and butt hurt at the same time.
  18. Honestly, it makes some of the darkest days of the KD thread seem a little more reasonable! I can't tell if I should look in the thread myself and expose myself to the thread or ask someone else to go in for some quotes. All of the posts revolving around that troll have been deleted (so about 90% of recent discussion in the VF thread). All it was was some guy complaining that Valleyfair doesn't get anything and using the term "Matt 'Disney' Ouimet". It was pretty bad.
  19. In regards to the Six Flags 2017 announcements for La Ronde
  20. Yes, it makes riding Stinger very depressing when you start imagining yourself at King's Island. Do you have a pet other than a cat or dog?
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